Experience Enchanted Tales with Belle at Disney World's Fantasyland

December 17, 2012

Ready to experience the “tale as old as time?”  At Enchanted Tales with Belle, located in the new Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom, park goers can step into the world of Belle and the magic of Beauty and The Beast.

The Walt Disney World attraction is a combination walk-through experience and sit-down show.  Visitors make their way to the Enchanted Tales with Belle by walking through Fantasyland Forest to Maurice's (the father of Belle) cottage. Upon entering the cottage, numerous trinkets and inventions can be seen, including a gold-framed mirror prominently on display in the middle of the room. 
The mirror is an important element of the attraction as it magically transforms into a door through which guests are transported to the Beast's castle.  Once the second room has been entered, a merry greeting from Madame Wardrobe begins the next phase of your experience.  Animatronic yet incredibly realistic, Madame Wardrobe sets the stage for the playacting that is about to unfold. With the help of cast members, she assigns roles, such as the Beast and Mrs. Potts the teapot, to volunteers from the audience.  Each volunteer is given a prop and is prepped to meet Belle and "surprise" her by helping her tell the story of when she and the Beast met.
Lumiere begins the third phase of Enchanted Tales with Belle.  He, too, is animatronic and is perhaps even more astonishing to behold than Madame Wardrobe.  Lumiere summons guests to Beasts Library and the volunteers from before gather at the front of the room, while the rest of the audience sits on benches to watch the proceedings.  After everyone is in their places, Lumiere the Candelabra calls in Belle.  Coached by Belle, Lumiere, and cast members, the volunteers perform their roles and bring the story of Beauty and The Beast to life. 
Interactive and engaging, Enchanted Tales with Belle is a treat for kids and adults.  Plus, the volunteers who participate in the show receive a bookmark and a photo op with Belle. Purchase Disney World tickets to see all that is new at Fantasyland.

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