Purchasing Policy

The following purchase policies are designed to ensure your understanding of the purchase process on this site. If you have any questions about the information below, please contact us.

E-Tickets/Travel Vouchers

For every activity or accommodation, you purchase, you will receive a related E-Ticket or Travel Voucher displaying the booking information, date, times, number of tickets or rooms and the confirmed order number. Please refer to each E-Ticket or Travel Voucher for redemption instructions. Some activities or accommodations may require a printed version be presented upon arrival.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards, to include; MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. Debit cards, displaying the same brands are also accepted. Gift cards, however, due to the lack of proper billing address verification, may or may not be approved. All monies for all products are collected at time of purchase.

All charges are posted as Tripster on your billing statement.

Availability and Terms

Each product sold on our website has set their own booking policies, such as cancellations, and availability. Limitations of capacities, available rooms, or tickets for any given date, time or event, are managed directly by the products. We work with the product to ensure the content is accurate but cannot guarantee its accuracy. In the event the content is not accurate, we will work with the product to remedy any booking error as a result.

Tax Recovery and Processing Fees

We have pre-negotiated rates with the products found available on our website and through our affiliate websites where these rates are also sold (collectively "Website"). Using the Website constitutes your acknowledgement that a service has been provided by us in order to make available and fulfill your booking to which a fee is associated (the "booking fee"). The rates displayed on the website are a collective total of the pre-negotiated rate and the booking fee retained by us for our services. Use of the website authorizes us to book a reservation on your behalf which includes the pre-negotiated rate, the applicable taxes on that rate, and the service fee retained by us.

Furthermore, you acknowledge that the taxes and fees displayed on our Website include the applicable tax charged by the product on the pre-negotiated rate and a recovery fee collected by us to offset portions of the credit card transaction costs related to the booking, and that we do not collect taxes for remittance to taxing authorities. Instead, the products sold on the Website invoice the pre-negotiated rate and applicable tax to us and are themselves responsible for remitting any applicable taxes collected from us on your behalf to the taxing authorities.

Cancelled Services

Occasionally, hotels, theater shows or attractions are cancelled or closed due to weather conditions or situations affecting the property, performer, staff or audience. When this occurs, we make every effort to ensure you receive a prompt refund of the ticket price or admission. If a hotel, show or attraction provides an alternate or was moved or rescheduled, they may set refund limitations.

Cancellation/Change Policy

Cancellation deadlines, if allowed, will vary for each item purchased based upon the guidelines of the products you have selected. The cancellation date for each selected item in your order is displayed prior to purchase in the Cart and Checkout Pages. After purchase, you can locate these dates on your E-Tickets/Travel Vouchers and Order Receipt.

You may make changes or complete cancellations to one or all of the products in your order so long as the change or cancellation is made by the cancellation date posted on your receipt and E-Ticket/Travel Voucher. Any changes or cancellations made after the allowed cancellation date are subject to penalty or complete forfeiture.

Refund Policy

In the event of cancellation, and the cancellation occurred by the allowed cancellation date, the value of the resulting credit will be placed on your customer account. You may use that credit to make future bookings or, if your cancellation was less than 90 days from your original charge date, you may elect to receive a refund of your credit back to your original form of payment. Any unused credit will expire 24 months after the original charge date.

Refunds are processed 5-7 business days from the date of your refund request.