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No matter the product, every commodity needs as many outlets as possible in order to compete in today's intense marketplace. Travel products are no different and Tripster has developed several affiliate programs designed to broaden the distribuition of our Travel Supplier's products while offering travel related sites the opportunity to earn real profits from providing reservations services on their own sites.

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Affiliate Programs

Current Tripster affiliates range from actual participating Travel Suppliers who desire their own product from their site, destination websites looking for a complete destination sales tool they can brand with their own design, and travel agent websites looking to capitalize from their client who may desire to make their own online reservation while they still earn a commission. Tripster offers the following programs:

  • Standard Affiliate - Ideal for general or travel information sites looking to earn commissions by offering a link to the destination reservation system.
  • Advanced Affiliate - A custom link for Travel Suppliers to offer real time reservations for their own products while earning a commission from additional destination purchases.
  • Private Label - A simulated reservation portal branded to match the design of the Affiliate's website. Ideal for destination and Travel Supplier websites wanting to offer reservation services without losing their brand identity as though the reservation system was their own.

Real Time Availability

All affiliate accounts dynamically utilize the Tripster reservation exchange database, REX, which means all the content, availability and pricing are consistent with all Tripster outlets in real time. Reservations are processed seamlessly without any direct involvement by the affiliate themselves and adding a Tripster destination link to your site is quick, easy and FREE! Select your destination and get started today!


Revenue sharing programs are the driving factor behind affiliate partnerships and Tripster offers an aggressive program to ensure long term relationships and continued destination development. Our booking engine offers the highest possible conversion rate through complete destination planning and booking of multiple product types increasing overall yield for higher returns per visit. Additionally, customer purchases captured through an affiliate website are identified on future purchases for ongoing profits.