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Date Service Rating Customer Review
12/2/2021 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
They were extremely helpful and i would definitely buy from them again!
12/2/2021 Ticket Purchase
Very Nice course. It is kept up very well. Course was challenging for all ages and skill levels. Our family had a really great time.
12/2/2021 Ticket Purchase
It was easy to make reservations, gave my card number and I was good to go.
12/2/2021 Ticket Purchase
I would absoultly recommend using Tripstar.
12/1/2021 Ticket Purchase
It worked…but, the validation code is exceedingly difficult to deal with on an iPad.
11/30/2021 Ticket Purchase
Fast, easy and best discounted price.
11/29/2021 Ticket Purchase
What service? They are a waste of time. Just get your tickets and bookings advantage of going through them..then they lock you in and screw things up.
11/29/2021 Ticket Purchase
Everything went well without a hitch! Used ticketless for the first time and it was convenient, quick and I didnt have to keep up with papers. We had to change things twice and it was a no hassle experience. I will do it again!
Tripster Response: Rollinda, thank you for the review! We're delighted you had such a great experience using Tripster. We can't wait to help you plan your next vacation. We have thousands of things to do in over 30 destinations!
11/28/2021 Ticket Purchase
Easy to navigate and no issues at checkout
11/28/2021 Ticket Purchase
Didn't inform me that I need to make reservations on Disneyland to specify which date I want to use. Almost failed to let me in!
Tripster Response: Thank you for reaching out. I do sincerely apologize that the instructions for reservations weren't clear for you. We provide information (and a link) on Tripster's Disneyland ticket page informing our guests to check Disneyland's Thempark reservation availability. I'm relieved to know that you were able to gain admittance to the park and enjoy your time. We hope to see you traveling again in the future!
11/27/2021 Ticket Purchase
I love to save money and Tripster had the best price that I found. It was easy to navigate, even for a senior. I liked the bundle pricing.
Tripster Response: Thanks for the review! We want our website to be user-friendly for all! We're delighted you found a great deal using our packages. Tripster has thousands of things to do in over 30 destinations and can't wait to help you plan your next trip. Cheers!
11/26/2021 Ticket Purchase
It saved us! Dollywood was at max tucker sales. I found 4 from Tripster! I was nervous at 1st to purchase but this is a trusted site. Our tickets worked & we were able to enjoy our trip.
Tripster Response: Carleen, thank you for the review! Yay for snatching up those Dollywood tickets! We are so glad you were able to enjoy your trip to the Smoky Mountains. Be sure to check Tripster when it's time to plan your next getaway.
11/26/2021 Ticket Purchase
Because we are on Thanksgiving holiday we purchased vouchers not tickets. However SOH was nice enough to accept even though we didn’t remit them for the tickets.
Tripster Response: Douglas, thank you for the review. We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving trip to the Ozark Mountains.
11/25/2021 Ticket Purchase
Very easy transaction
11/25/2021 Ticket Purchase
The ticket purchase was quick and easy. Email came quickly with pdf of tickets. No issues at all.
Tripster Response: Thank you for the review! At Tripster, our goal is to get our guests to the fun faster. We hope you enjoyed your trip and we hope to help you plan the next one! We have thousands of things to do in over 30 destinations.
11/25/2021 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Booking ticket purchase etc. Yes I would recommend
11/25/2021 Ticket Purchase
It was quick fast and easy
11/22/2021 Ticket Purchase
Very easy to use and had the best prices on tickets. Nearly $5.00 cheaper than the box office and the box office was offering a first responder discount!
Tripster Response: Thank you for the review! We are delighted you were able to find the best deal with Tripster. Be sure to check back when it's time to plan your next getaway. We have thousands of things to do in over 30 destinations!
11/22/2021 Ticket Purchase
yes, response for good.
11/20/2021 Ticket Purchase
Had a late start to our vacation but the Dollywood customer service agent was amazing and super accommodating. Explaining everything and was super patient as my brain was fried from traveling. I wish I would have remembered her name so o could giver her a shout out. We are Disney pass holders and even at the best place on earth, Dollywood customer service may have them trumped.

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