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Date Service Rating Customer Review
1/28/2020 Ticket Purchase
It worked very easy. Tripster was the cheapest for Disney world tickets and they say you can cancel right up to your ticket dates. I received my ticket voucher immediately and was able to link my tickets to my Disney account. I will definitely use Tripster again.
1/28/2020 Hotel Booking
Very easy to navigate and I felt secured booking using my credit card.
1/26/2020 Ticket Purchase
Fast, friendly and convenient
1/24/2020 Ticket Purchase
Good way to save a few dollars, although savings are not as much as they claim verses buying directly through disney..
1/20/2020 Ticket Purchase
Good prices
1/20/2020 Ticket Purchase
Tripster's website was clear and concise. I knew exactly what I was purchasing and they made it easy to compare my options.
1/19/2020 Ticket Purchase
No issues here
1/18/2020 Ticket Purchase
Easy to navigate and quick and easy to use.
1/17/2020 Ticket Purchase
Good deal and easy to use website
1/16/2020 Ticket Purchase
Service très facile et rapide à, me semble-t-il, un bon prix par rapport au site officiel.
1/15/2020 Ticket Purchase
Great prices. I researched all options and the tickets they offered were $300 less overall than other sites. I did have to call them the next day to confirm the purchase and then had to contact my credit card company to verify the amount which was unexpected. I believe it’s to prevent fraud but a heads up on the process would be good. Tickets were emailed to me immediately after the call.
1/15/2020 Ticket Purchase
Best price I found anywhere. Got an email with the voucher immediately and have already added to My Disney Experience.
1/15/2020 Ticket Purchase
Easy to use, was the best price for the tickets I wanted.
1/15/2020 Ticket Purchase
Quick and easy to save some cash
1/15/2020 Ticket Purchase
First best prices I looked all over the internet , everyone was saying go here or there . Then I came across them by accident , they are beating some people by $200 to $100 on Disney park 4 day tickets for 2 . And easy to navigate there site .
1/15/2020 Ticket Purchase
Very good and fast service.
1/15/2020 Ticket Purchase
Todo muy correcto. De hecho, tuve que cancelar un show y cambiarlo para otra fecha y no he tenido problemas de ningún tipo. Siempre compro con ustedes en mis viajes a Orlando!
1/13/2020 Ticket Purchase
Excellent costumer service
1/9/2020 Ticket Purchase
Easy purchase. I like the fact that we can cancel up until the day of the event just in case something comes up. Which I hope nothing does. But, it gives us peace of mind.
1/7/2020 Ticket Purchase
porque es una forma eficiente y confiable

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