Customer Reviews for Tripster by Feefo

Date Service Rating Customer Review
2/26/2021 Ticket Purchase
Cheapest price I could find for these tickets. Definitely using tipster again!
2/20/2021 Ticket Purchase
Confused with sales
2/18/2021 Ticket Purchase
Everything appears to be explained well. Prices are good.
2/14/2021 Ticket Purchase
Si los recomiendo. Aunque fue un poco tedioso el tema de comprar online y verificar la compra. Si no confían en las tarjetas de crédito que integren paypal en su página para facilitar la compra.
2/12/2021 Ticket Purchase
Very easy, fast and safe way to buy discounted tickets. Highly reccomend using Tripster, I know I will in the future.
2/11/2021 Ticket Purchase
The purchasing w a s very easy and hassle free!
2/9/2021 Ticket Purchase
Fast, easy and good value.
2/7/2021 Ticket Purchase
Very easy to book, very easy to present my tickets to the activities we booked, and love the ability to use Affirm for payments!
2/7/2021 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Made booking a trip smooth with their package deals. I did have to cancel and rebook my initial reservation, yet they responded so promptly I had nothing to complain about
2/5/2021 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Great customer service! Booked four trips thru Tripster, had one be cancelled due to the Covid-19. The other 3 was amazing, had a wonderful time. Customer service was there to help during the cancellation, they answered every question that I had.
2/4/2021 Ticket Purchase
Yes I'd reccomend them. Easy purchase and half price of the site i was going to use.
1/27/2021 Ticket Purchase
1/27/2021 Ticket Purchase
i hae used tripster many times very easy to get tickets and a few bucks savings print tickets from home only ever had trouble with comedy barn
1/26/2021 Ticket Purchase
Easy processing. Linked tickets to app and was able to pick up tickets at will call office with no problem. Recommend!
1/23/2021 Ticket Purchase
Inmediatle response, effective service, and discounts. I recommend it
1/18/2021 Ticket Purchase
Easy purchase, good price.
1/15/2021 Ticket Purchase
The cabin was beautiful! ❤️ Everything we needed was already there. The driveway is steep but other than that it was a wonderful experience!
1/13/2021 Ticket Purchase
would use again.
1/13/2021 Ticket Purchase + Hotel Booking
Extremely easy to navigate through the various packages. Also allowed us to use affirm to pay for our trip!
1/12/2021 Ticket Purchase
They never processed our tickets to the museum. Which became a problem when we got there. And was told they wouldn’t honor them. Until I got a little upset. And then they honored him. But it was very difficult. Poor service. The hotel was quite unacceptable too!

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