When is the Best Time to Visit Los Angeles?

November 15, 2018

Check our our helpful guide to see the best time to visit Los Angeles!

Ah, Los Angeles. Sunny skies, gorgeous weather, and endless crowds of tourists…

Between grabbing Disneyland tickets and seeing the Hollywood sign, there are ample things for tourists to see and do in LA. As a result, they all flock to the city for the chance to see their favorite celebrity pop-up in the Grove. If you’re not a fan of crowds, you’re likely wondering when the best time to visit Los Angeles is.

Or, you might be concerned with sticking to a travel budget (aren’t we all?) There’s a right and wrong time to travel to LA if you’re trying to save money, too.

Ultimately, the best time to visit Los Angeles depends on your travel goals and personal preferences. I’ve put together this guide to help you navigate LA’s peak and off-peak seasons and plan your trip to the West Coast.

busy street in los angeles

When Should I Visit Los Angeles for the Smallest Crowds?

If you’re like me and despise standing around in crowds, the best time to visit Los Angeles is during any off-peak season.

Los Angeles’ typical peak season is the summer, from about late May to the beginning of September. During this time, schools are on break, parents have ample vacation time to use, and everyone wants to enjoy LA’s picture-perfect weather.

To steer clear of these crowds, visit any other time of the year. Try to avoid scheduling your vacation around major holidays or school breaks. While the crowds may not be as massive as the summertime, these periods of time still tend to draw traffic to the area (as if LA needs any more traffic…)

Also, try to avoid touristy attractions if you’re not a fan of crowds. Like any major city, Los Angeles is home to hundreds of non-touristy things to do. You can skip the theme parks and tours and head straight to the local’s favorite haunts.

exterior view of Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland in Los Angeles, California, USA

When Should I Visit Los Angeles Theme Parks?

Los Angeles theme parks offer a variety of festivals all year long, meaning crowds tend to be pretty steady throughout the year. Tourists come from all over the world to experience the Disney Festival of the Holidays or Knott’s Scary Farm with a Knott’s Berry Farm ticket. You can’t forget about Hollywood Horror Nights at Universal Studios either!

While the parks do experience the most crowding during peak summer months, you’re better off visiting on a weekday in the off-season. The theme parks tend to experience a high volume of tourists on weekends during the off-peak times of the year, as well.

women splashing through beach with santa monica pier in background

Which Season Has the Best Weather in Los Angeles?

Although Los Angeles is known for sunny skies and ideal temperatures, it’s not always like that. Believe it or not, Southern California does have a rainy season. During the winter months, Los Angeles experiences their fair share of rain storms.

If you plan to head to the beach during your vacation, the best time to visit Los Angeles is either in the spring or fall. From March through May, the temperatures are in the low to mid-70s with sunny skies and minimal smog. Between September and November, smog levels are low again with temperatures ranging in the mid-70s to mid-80s.

Plus, with tourists either back in school or work, you’ll have plenty of space on the beach to lounge and enjoy the perfect spring and fall weather.

airplane wing and sun behind clouds

When Are the Best Los Angeles Travel Deals Available?

Depending on where you’re traveling from, flights to Los Angeles can be expensive! Traveling during the summer (peak tourist season), can also drive flight, hotel, and theme park rates up.

For those who are interested in stretching their travel budget as far as it will go, your best time to visit Los Angeles is in the winter. Sure, it’ll be colder and the chances of rain are higher, but the prices are far lower. Be sure to pack a poncho and an umbrella, too!

Of course, if you must travel during a more expensive season, take advantage of Bundle it! from Reserve Los Angeles. Bundle it! allows you to combine your theme park and activity tickets with your choice of hotel room for additional savings. No matter when you visit LA, you’ll reap the rewards.

And, if you’re a super frugal traveler, you can always take advantage of the free things to do in Los Angeles. There are hundreds of options!

skyline of downtown los angeles during the daytime

When is the Ultimate Time to Visit Los Angeles?

For affordable rates, gorgeous weather, and little to no crowds, the best time to visit Los Angeles is either between March and May or September and November.

Remember to avoid scheduling your trip around any school breaks or national holiday for an overall better price and vacation experience.

Ultimately, the best time to visit Los Angeles will depend on your agenda, budget, and travel preferences. If you have to travel during the peak season so your whole family can go, do it! Do your research to find the greatest discounts on hotels and attractions and you’ll be all set—no matter when you go to LA.

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