Best Time to Visit LA – In-Depth Seasonal Guide

Planning a trip to the City of Angels? Discover what you need to know about LA to decide when the best time is to visit!

Ah, Los Angeles. Sunny skies, gorgeous weather, delicious food, and endless crowds of tourists… Follow along as we shine a spotlight on the best time to visit Los Angeles!

Between grabbing Disneyland tickets, shopping along Rodeo Drive, traipsing along the Hollywood Walk of fame, and hiking to see the Hollywood sign, there are ample things for tourists to see and do while in Hollywood. As a result, this city, albeit sprawling, can sometimes feel stiflingly busy. If you’re not a fan of crowds, you’re likely wondering when the best time to visit LA is.

Or, you might be concerned with sticking to a travel budget (aren’t we all?) Keep in mind, there is a wrong time as well as the best time to go to LA if you’re trying to save money, too.

In the end, the best time to travel to Los Angeles depends on your travel goals and personal preferences. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you navigate LA’s peak travel time and off-peak seasons and plan your trip to the beautiful West Coast.

A sunset that fades from like blue to orange with palm trees infront of it and people standing on the pier and watching at Venice Beach near Los Angeles, California, USAWhen to Go to Los Angeles for the Smallest Crowds?

If you despise standing around in crowds, the best time to visit Hollywood California is during any off-peak season. However, crowds are simply a part of a Los Angeles vacation. We don’t want to mislead you into thinking off-peak season is desolate in Tinsel Town.

So, when is peak season? High season Los Angeles is the summer, from about late May to the beginning of September. During this time, schools are on break, parents have ample vacation time to use, and everyone wants to enjoy LA’s picture-perfect weather.

To steer clear of these crowds, visit any other time of the year. Try to avoid scheduling your vacation around major holidays or school breaks. While the crowds may not be as massive as the summertime, and it’s not the worst time to visit Los Angeles, these periods of time still tend to draw traffic to the area.

Also, try to avoid touristy attractions if you’re not a fan of crowds. Like any major city, Los Angeles is home to hundreds of non-touristy things to do. You can skip the theme parks and tours and head straight to the local’s favorite haunts like Venise Beach or the pier!

aerial view of cars driving on downtown los angeles freeway during daytime sunlightBest Time of Year to Go to Los Angeles Theme Parks?

Los Angeles theme parks offer a variety of festivals all year long, meaning crowds tend to be pretty steady throughout the year. Tourists come from all over the world to experience the Disney Festival of the Holidays, 4th of July, or Knott’s Scary Farm with a Knott’s Berry Farm ticket. You can’t forget about Hollywood Horror Nights at Universal Studios either! There really is no one best season for Los Angeles theme parks!

While the parks do experience the most crowding during peak summer months, you’re better off visiting on a weekday in the off-season. The theme parks tend to experience a high volume of tourists on weekends during the off-peak times of the year, as well.

view of Millennium Falcon Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland CaliforniaLos Angeles Theme Parks and Attractions

Speaking of theme parks, Los Angeles has a bevy to choose from! Read on to discover what Tinsel Town adventures await you, no matter when you visit!

Universal Studios Hollywood

Wizards, Mummys, and Minions, oh my! Spend your days immersed in movie magic while at Universal Studios Hollywood. First, fly high with Harry Potter through the grounds at Hogwarts while on the Forbidden Journey™. Then, sip on ice-cold Butterbeer while perusing the shelves for magical items at Dervish and Banges™ store.

Race along a Jurrasic river to survive as T-Rex dinosaurs stalk you after breaking out of their enclosures. Next, team up with the Autobots to save the allspark and defeat the Decepticons to save Earth!

Universal Studios entrance and red carpet with palm trees lining it at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, USA
photo credit: Universal Studios Hollywood via Facebook


It wouldn’t be a trip to Southern California without visiting the “happiest place on Earth!” Head to Frontier Land and Sail the high seas with Captain Jack while becoming an honorary Pirate of the Caribbean then hop aboard Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and race through red rock canyons and caverns. Next, make your way to Tomorrowland and soar amongst the stars inside the iconic Space Mountain.

Make like the Millenium Falcon and smuggle your way into Galaxy’s Edge. Explore Black Spire Outpost and sample blue or green milk. Dine on other Battuu delicacies like Endorian Fried Chicken Tip-Yip or a Felucian Kefta & Hummus Garden Spread at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo.

Join the Resistance at their secret base and work to defeat the First Order. Then, head to Savi’s Workshop to create your own custom handbuilt lightsaber!

Little boy with Mickey ears hat holding donald duck stuffed toy sitting on mother's lap in Disneyland in Los Angeles, California, USASix Flags Magic Mountain

Searching for the ultimate Southern California thrill ride experience? Look no further than Six Flags Magic Mountain! From nostalgic family-friendly rides like the “Scrambler” to absolute adrenaline insanity like “Full Throttle” where you’ll experience, not one, not two, but three separate stomach-dropping launches. Speed from 0 to 70 in no time flat. Loop 160 feet into the air two times. This is the tallest and fasted roller-coaster in the world. Do you have what it takes to go Full Throttle?

Dine on classic theme park novelties like giant soft pretzels and cotton candy at Cheetos® Shack. Hungry for a slice? Grab some of the cheesiest classic crust pies at Carlini’s Pizzeria. Need a meal with more substance? Head to Ace O’ Clubs, where you’ll experience finger-licking good BBQ in Metropolis.

Pssst.. read Six Flags Magic Mountain Promo Code – Ultimate Guide to discover how to score the cheapest tickets before heading to the park!

People riding Tatsu at Six Flags Magic Mountain - Los Angeles, California, USA
photo credit: Six Flags Magic Mountain via Facebook

Los Angeles Hotels

After you’ve decided when the best time to visit Los Angeles is, you’ll need to secure your room nights. Trust us, nothing is better than diving into a pile of fluffy pillows and cool sheets after a day at a Los Angeles theme park.

With world-class amenities and price points to suit any traveler, our myriad of choices makes it easy for you to take five! And as always, rest easy knowing you’re getting our best rates online.

Check out a few of our favorite Los Angeles hotels below:

Los Angeles Packages

Save a bundle when you package your room nights with theme parks and other great Los Angeles attractions and experiences. Spend sun-soaked days with your pals at LEGOLAND California Resort and Disneyland all while saving up to 19% when purchased as a package! Take a look at some of our other great savings options offered below!

Disneyland Vacation Package – SAVE up to 29%

Six Flags Magic Mountain Package – SAVE up to 19%

Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood Vacation Package – SAVE up to 11%

Kids walking with LEGOLAND characters at a meet-and-greet in San Diego, California, USAWhich Season Has the Best Weather in Los Angeles?

Although Los Angeles is known for sunny skies and ideal temperatures, it’s not always like that. Believe it or not, Southern California does have a rainy season. During the winter months, Los Angeles experiences their fair share of winter rains and storms. Have you heard of “June Gloom”? Thankfully, Los Angeles’ summer months are sunny and relatively clear!

Wondering when the best time to go to Santa Monica Pier is? Or when is the best time to visit Los Angeles beaches? Keep reading!

If you plan to head to the beach during your vacation, the best time to visit Los Angeles is either in the spring or fall. From March through May, the temperatures are in the low to mid-70s with sunny skies and minimal smog. Between September and November, smog levels are low again with temperatures ranging in the mid-70s to mid-80s. Los Angeles beaches are one of the best places in California to visit in September.

Plus, with tourists either back in school or at work, you’ll have plenty of space on the beach to lounge and enjoy the perfect spring and fall weather.

Wide view of Santa Monica Pier at sunset with the Ferris wheel in the center near Los Angeles, California, USAWhen Is The Cheapest Time to Visit LA?

Depending on where you’re traveling from, flights to Los Angeles can be expensive! Traveling during the summer (peak tourist season), can also drive flight, hotel, and theme park rates up.

For those who are interested in stretching their travel budget as far as it will go, your LA best time to visit is in the winter. Sure, it’ll be colder and the chances of rain are higher, but the prices are far lower. Be sure to pack a poncho and an umbrella, too!

Fun Fact: Winter months are the perfect time to go whale watching! These magnificent mammals migrate through the warm Pacific Ocean waters!

Of course, if you must travel during a more expensive season, take advantage of the great deals on tickets and packages from Tripster. Packaging allows you to combine your theme park and activity tickets with your choice of hotel room for additional savings. When the savings are this good, the best month to go to Los Angeles could be any! You’ll reap the rewards no matter the season.

And, if you’re a super frugal traveler, you can always take advantage of the free things to do in Los Angeles. There are hundreds of options!

aerial view of the hollywood sign in Los Angeles, CaliforniaWhen is the Best Time to Go to Los Angeles?

For affordable rates, gorgeous weather, and little to no crowds, the best time of year to go to Los Angeles County is either between March and May or September and November. Spring is also awards season in Southern California! Make your way to the Walk of Fame to try to catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity as they walk the red carpet at the Academy Awards!

Remember to avoid scheduling your trip around any school breaks or national holidays for an overall better price and vacation experience.

Ultimately, the best month to visit Los Angeles will depend on your agenda, budget, and travel preferences. If you have to travel during the peak season so your whole family can go, do it! Visit the sunny beaches, theme parks, and attractions while enjoying every minute!

Find the best discounts on hotels, attractions, and packages on Tripster, you’ll be all set—no matter when you go to LA.

When is Your Favorite Time to Visit Los Angeles?

Do you have any tips, advise, or insight to share? Leave us a comment below!

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