Ultimate Guide to Six Flags Magic Mountain: Coupons, Discounts, and Deals

July 15, 2022

An all-inclusive theme park sounds like a fun but pricey way to spend a day. With our handy savings tips, penny pinchers can have their (funnel) cake and eat it too at Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Situated in sunny Southern California, Six Flags Magic Mountain is the ultimate amusement park. Hop in the car and drive less than an hour from Los Angeles, California, and you'll arrive in the park's hometown: Valencia, California. All that will be left to do is put our Six Flags Magic Mountain discounts and savings tips to use!

Six Flags Magic Mountain offers an impressive portfolio of topsy-turvy rides. Whether you're in it for the roller coasters or the water slides, there's a ride right up your alley! Refuel with turkey legs and Dippin' Dots in between.

The whole family can live it up on the cheap with our Six Flags Magic Mountain discounts. So spare your budget without sacrificing any of the fun! Keep reading to cash in on these Six Flags Magic Mountain savings today.

Discounted Tickets

Before you pack up for your day of thrills, you'll need to snag Six Flags Magic Mountain discount tickets from Tripster! With deals like ours, you won't even need any Six Flags Magic Mountain coupons. All that extra moolah can go toward more snacks, other attractions, or your next visit! The possibilities are numerous. 

Another perk of purchasing from Tripster is that there are no processing fees for online orders, unlike when you purchase directly from the Six Flags Magic Mountain website. As if this wasn't enough, convenience is another bonus! You'll simply receive the tickets in your email to show on your phone upon your arrival or print them off before you leave the house. 

Pro Tip: The Six Flags Magic Mountain season pass includes tickets for friends on select days!

aerial view of rides surrounded by trees with mountains in distance at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California, USA

photo credit: Six Flags Magic Mountain via Facebook

Included With Your Ticket

When you purchase a ticket for Six Flags Magic Mountain, your all-inclusive pass includes access to the theme park's heart-racing thrill rides, in addition to the water park called Hurricane Harbor! So if you're hitting the park on a hot day, this theme park and water park combo is the ultimate solution to beat the heat.

Photo Alert: Round up your crew at the park entrance before you hop in line! This will likely be the easiest time of day to snap a few photos to remember the trip forever. If you wait, you'll all have wind-blown, water-soaked hair in the pictures but wide smiles nevertheless!

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On the list of rides, you can't miss are classic coasters Apocalypse, Ninja, and Goliath. If you're looking for a taste of skydiving, get in line for Dive Devil. The new WONDER WOMAN Flight of Courage is nothing but a pure adrenaline rush!

Once you've had your fill of theme park thrills, it's time to cool off at the water park! Alternatively, you can begin your day here so you can spend the cooler evening hours at the theme park. Either way, you're in for a watery, refreshing treat on water slides Taboo Tower or Black Snake Summit!

Challenge the family to some friendly competition on Bamboo Racer. Then, chill out on the leisurely River Cruise. For the littles, Castaway Cove and Splash Island offer kid-friendly fun!

people aboard WONDER WOMAN Flight of Courage roller coaster during cloudy day at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California, USA

photo credit: David Wong via Facebook

Food Savings

While it's no secret that Six Flags Magic Mountain serves up some tantalizing tastes throughout the park, we can't forget that theme park food tends to be hard on the budget. Keep in mind that outside food and drink are not allowed inside the park.

Pro Tip: The only exception to the outside food and drink policy is water bottles. We recommend freezing a few bottles overnight and stashing them in your bag so you'll have plenty of cold H2O all day! Otherwise, you'll have to spend a pretty penny on this essential, thirst-quenching liquid. 

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Consider packing a picnic to eat in your car! Get a re-entry stamp before you leave, and you'll be allowed to get right back in the park. Alternatively, stop for lunch or breakfast before your visit. Then, save your appetite for dinner outside the park afterward.

However, if you're going to splurge on something, we recommend spending the money you'll save thanks to your discounted tickets on food. You can even purchase a dining plan to save on your meals! There are so many options to choose from in the park.

Need some recommendations? We've got you!

  • For lunch, chow down on one of several burgers at Big Belly Burger.
  • Homemade orange chicken at Chop Six is perfect for dinner.
  • A funnel cake sundae from Captain Cook's is the perfect sugary end to your day at Hurricane Harbor.
close up of Maxd Out Mac and Screaming Spuds dish at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California, USA

photo credit: Six Flags Magic Mountain via Facebook

Hotel Savings

Take a short drive to nearby Los Angeles, and you'll be in for some sweet dreams knowing you got a great deal on your hotel stay! Tripster comes in clutch with a myriad of hotel discounts.

Check out some of our favorite picks:

Transportation & Parking Savings

Paying for parking can undoubtedly drain your spare change, but it's necessary to keep in mind when planning your trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain. General parking costs $35, and preferred parking costs $40. However, when you purchase a season pass, free parking is included!

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Pro Tip: Don't forget to grab your credit or debit card on your way out the door! Cash is not accepted for parking. We recommend paying online before you go to make the process even smoother. 

wide shot of rides during sunny day at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California, USA

photo credit: Six Flags Magic Mountain via Facebook

Savings on Other Attractions

During your time in La-La Land, don't just stop at Six Flags Magic Mountain! There are countless things to do and see. Skip the travel agent and plan your trip at a bargain with Tripster's help!

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Here are some of our favorite ways to spend a day (or a few) in LA:

Additionally, don't forget to bundle tickets when you can! Tripster offers many different packages so you can save big. This is the best way to make the most of your money!

people aboard CraZanity attraction at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles, California, USA

photo credit: Six Flags Magic Mountain via Facebook

More Ways to Save

Did you know? There's a Six Flags Magic Mountain military discount! You'll need to register with ID.me

We recommend checking the main website for Six Flags Magic Mountain coupon codes and any special promo codes that might pop up!

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Ready to rack up the Six Flags Magic Mountain savings? 

The Thrill Capital of the World is ready and waiting with a slew of classic amusement park thrills and chills. If you've got the budget on your mind, we're here for you! With Tripster's help, you can save on everything, including Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets and hotel stays.

In addition, take advantage of our attraction deals and insider advice to help you plan the rest of your stay in Los Angeles. Vacation planning has never been so easy!

Do You Have Any Go-To Savings Secrets for Six Flags Magic Mountain?

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