Zipline Hawaii Big Island: 5 Ways to Save Up to 5% Off

Whether you’re more like Tarzan or George of the Jungle, let your jungle call out as you zipline through the trees of Hawaii! Ziplining in tropical paradise is the ultimate high-flying experience.

Sure, you could go for a hike beneath the treetops. Or, you could forget slow, humid strolls through the trees and immerse yourself in the tropical forests of Hawaii with the help of a zipline! Feel the wind rush through your hair as you zip and dip over a sea of lush green. If you’re looking to zipline, Big Island zipline tours deliver Hawaii jungle views like you’ve never seen before!

There are two discounted options for this fan-favorite outdoor activity:

Both Hawaii zipline tours will get you high above the tropical treetops for the adventure of a lifetime. So if you’re ready for the adrenaline rush, keep reading to learn how you can book your own discounted zipline Big Island experience today!

Zipline Hawaii Big Island Discount Tickets

Book tickets online ahead of time for a smooth process on the day of your adventure! These ziplining experiences may be priceless, but that doesn’t mean you can’t scout out a good deal. Simply add the tickets to your cart and quickly check out when you book with Tripster! 

Zipline Hawaii Big Island reservations are a piece of cake with the help of Tripster. Throw worries of extra booking fees and long waits in line aside!

Kohala Waterfalls Adventure
This adventure is great for those of all ages.

About Zipline Hawaii Big Island

Biologists originally used forest ziplines to study the environment without bothering it. Observe Hawaii’s wonder-filled botanical world for yourself! It’s time to take to the sky on the ziplines Big Island Hawaii lays claim to.

If you’re on the hunt for the best zipline in Hawaii Big Island, we have multiple options for you! During the Umauma Falls Zipline Experience, fly high over the rushing Umauma River and Umauma Falls on the Hamakua Coast.

On the Kohala Zip Dip experience, zipline above the sweeping forest canopy. Then, follow the adrenaline rush with a relaxing lunch on the edge of the tantalizing Pololu Valley.

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Photo Alert: The Pololu Valley is an unrivaled background for your next profile photo. Pose with the whole family or go solo. Either way, we have to admit — the valley will steal the show!

photo credit: Kohala Zipline via Facebook

Finally, a refreshing dip beneath a waterfall is the perfect way to end the day! A Hawaiian Big Island zipline waterfall tour means you’ll get to double-dip on spectacular Hawaii views. Additionally, suspension bridges are another way to encounter the natural beauty at Kohala Zipline.

It would be hard to have a great time on these zipline adventures without first noting the safety measures each ziplining company takes. Ziplining through the forest is fun, but falling in the forest is not!

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Pro Tip: Those who are scared of heights can rest assured! Safety is a priority for both ziplining experiences. Of course, you’ll be strapped securely in a harness the entire time you are ziplining.

On top of harnesses, these zip lines implement dual-braking and smooth-stop braking systems. Knowledgeable guides will also be on-site to help you at every step of the way! To get things started, they’ll aid you in putting on the right gear. Moreover, guides are First Aid and CPR-certified. So, you can have peace of mind as you zipline.

Now that we have the safety information out of the way let’s talk about how exhilarating the ziplines truly are! The Umauma Falls Zipline Experience features a whopping nine ziplines. The longest one is over 2,200 feet long. If you’re a daredevil, reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour on the Kohala Zipline Adventure!

Family Hiking Over Bridge at Kohala waterfalls in HawaiiZipline Hawaii Big Island Coupons and Discounts

Big Island ziplining can come with a hefty price tag. However, it doesn’t have to! Below, we’ve gathered up as many deals as possible, so you don’t have to.

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Zipline Hawaii Big Island Military Discount

At this time, there is no known military discount for either experience. However, we suggest asking the zipline companies about any current discounts.

Zipline Hawaii Big Island AAA Discount

There is no AAA discount for the Kohala Zipline Adventure or Umauma Falls Zipline Experience. To get a deal, book with Tripster instead! 

photo credit: Kohala Zipine via Facebook

Zipline Hawaii Big Island Senior Discount

Currently, there are no senior discounts available for either ziplining experience.

Zipline Hawaii Big Island Group Travel Deals

There are currently no group discounts for these ziplining experiences. However, if you are coming with a small group and want a private tour, Kohala Zipline has an option that allows you to bring a maximum of eight guests!

Zipline Hawaii Big Island Vacation Packages

To save big, bundle up! Zipline Big Island Hawaii vacation packages mean you can get more for your money.

  • The Kohala Waterfall and Zipline Adventure combo ticket packs in as many awe-inspiring Hawaiian sights as possible! An eight-hour round trip through the rainforest is the ultimate taste of Hawaiian tropical flair. Of course, you’ll also get to go ziplining too!
  • The Umauma Falls Zip N Dip package is a deluxe outdoor adventure. Experience a triple threat of thrills: ziplining, kayaking, and paddle boarding! 

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Hotels Near Zipline Hawaii Big Island

Sweet dreams, Hawaii tourist! Follow a satisfying day of adventure with a full night of rest. When you zipline on Hawaii, Big Island, you will need it!

Book one of these Big Island hotels ahead of time to get the best deal:

photo credit: Aston Kona by the Sea via Facebook

Big Island Attractions

It’s no secret that trips to Hawaii often mean spending the big bucks. However, dropping cash is a little more bearable when you know you’re making the most of your money! One way to do so? Plan as many once-in-a-lifetime Hawaiian experiences as possible, so you know you aren’t missing out on anything while you’re there.

Once you’re done ziplining in Big Island, there is plenty more to do! Dive into the sparkling Pacific Ocean or bask beneath the glory of a Hawaiian night sky. 

Pro Tip: The Big Island is only one island of Hawaii! There are eight islands in total.

Big Island Stargazing

Admire the trees below on your zipline tour. Then, admire the stars above on a Big Island stargazing tour!

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Set off from Kona or Hilo. Spend the evening beneath the glimmering night sky, then end it with a warm drink in hand.

photo credit: KapohoKine Adventures via Facebook

Hilo Waterfalls Kayak Tour

If the Kohala Waterfall and Zipline Adventure leaves you craving even more watery wonder, embark on a waterfall kayak tour! Seasoned guides know all the hidden waterfall spots.

Catamaran Sails

Whether snorkeling or sunset chasing is on your list (or both!), you can get the job done on a catamaran boat! Choose from two catamaran tours.

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Mix and mingle among vibrant tropical fish on the snorkel sail, or leisurely sip a drink as you watch a fiery sunset burst to life on the sunset sail!

Catamaran in the ocean at Sunset
photo credit: Pixabay

Insider Zipline Hawaii Big Island Tips

What to Bring

When it comes to zip lining, a little preparation is key. First, closed-toe shoes are essential. 

Next, remember this when choosing your outfit: you want to avoid skin contact with the harness. So, this means no short-shorts or tank tops. Instead, wear pants to be on the safe side! If you wear a t-shirt, we recommend bringing an overshirt along too. 

Pro Tip: Bring a swimsuit if you’re embarking on the Kohala Zip Dip tour. You’ll have the chance to take a dip beneath a waterfall!

We also suggest bringing a water bottle and some sunscreen along. Spending your time high in the trees means you’ll be even closer to the hot Hawaiian sun!

Check out The Ultimate Hawaii Packing List: What to Bring and What to Skip to ensure nothing gets left behind!

Can I Bring Food When I Zipline?

Zipline Big Island Hawaii adventures are bound to leave you a little hungry. If you’re doing some midday ziplining, the lunch munchies will probably hit. Luckily, some of the tours include lunch! For example, food is provided on both the Umauma Falls Zip N Dip tour and the Kohala Zip Dip adventure.

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The Umauma Falls Visitor Center includes a cafe complete with plenty of snacks. Additionally, get your caffeine fix at the full espresso and coffee bar!  

photo credit: The Umauma Falls Experience via Facebook

Zipline Hawaii Parking

If you opt for the Kohala Zipline Adventure, park at the yellow Kohala Sugar Co. building. For the Umauma Falls Zipline Experience, park at the visitor center.

Zipline Hawaii Big Island Reviews

So, you’ve never been ziplining before. Or, at least not in Hawaii! Want to know what the brave adventurers who have paved the way before you have to say about their own experiences?

Then check out the most recent Big Island ziplining reviews. Click the tour you’re interested in and scroll down. We recommend comparing the two options!

photo credit: The Umauma Falls Experience via Facebook

Get Away From the Concrete Jungle and Into The Actual Jungle via Zipline! Big Island, Hawaii, Zipline Tour Adventures Serve up Gorgeous Forest Views.

You’ll be seeing green — in a good way! Swing from tree to tree in a setting so surreal you’ll be pinching yourself. Race past vivid colors and textures that will simply take your breath away. This Hawaiian experience is one for the vacation books!

Speaking of your vacation, don’t be a tacky tourist during your time in Hawaii. Instead, plan a seamless trip to the Big Island with the help of our travel guide secrets, attraction deals, and hotel discounts! Before you know it, you’ll be scouting out the best Hawaiian beaches, forests, and volcanoes like a pro.

Which Zipline Adventure Will You Embark on?

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