Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Big Island Spectacular Experience

October 13, 2016

With this in mind, the vast variety of sights make a tour with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Big Island captivating year-round.

The absolute best way to see the beauty of the Big Island is with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. Board one of their Eco-Star or A-Star helicopters for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Take to the sky to see magnificent sheer cliffs, waterfalls and even a volcano. [soliloquy id="1536"]

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Big Island offers two tours--the Kohala Coast Adventure and the Big Island Spectacular. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience you can't beat the Big Island Spectacular tour. Rated the “World’s Best Helicopter Thrill” by the Travel Channel, the tour boasts sights such as the Hawaii Volcanoes National park, including the famous Kilauea volcano, the Hamakua and Kohala Coast, breathtaking waterfalls and towering sea cliffs. It's kind of the best thing ever to add to a Big Island vacation. Don't beleive me? Follow along as I detail my Big Island Spectacular tour for further convincing.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Big Island Spectacular

I recommend arriving at the Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Big Island Waikoloa office about 45 minutes prior to your departure. This gives the office adequate time to check passengers in and present a quick safety briefing.


Blue Hawaiian Helicopters does the utmost to ensure your safety. Therefore, operators arrange seats assignments for equal weight distribution. Two passengers are placed up front, along with the pilot, while four others are seated behind them. However, there's no need to worry about getting a window seat.

My seat is on the inside of the four passengers. Even though I don't have a true window seat, fairly quickly I realize it doesn't matter. Because the views are amazing. Like, couldn't put my camera down amazing.

Unbelievable Scenery

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Big Island gets you closer to the sights than ever possible by land. As a result, the unparalleled access leads to some of the most breathtaking scenery anywhere. Some of the unbelieveable sights include:

  • Kilauea volcano steaming and spewing red, vibrant lava
  • Valleys featuring numerous waterfalls cascading from lush mountains
  • Emerald green splendor of the Hamakua Coast with waterfalls descending into the bright blue ocean waters
  • Waipio Valley, home to the breathtaking Hi’ilawe Waterfall, which drops an amazing 1,600 feet
  • Mountains and valleys of the Kohala Coast
  • Lush, tropical rainforest and cliffs of the Big Island’s northern most point

Kohala Coast Cliff and Waterfalls



A quick note about photos: be sure to wear shirts that are neutral in color. If not, the camera picks those colors up in the reflection of the window. Unfortunately, this can really mar some of your gorgeous shots.

Flight Details

During the flight, which is so smooth, everyone has a headset and microphone. Therefore, feel free to ask questions and interact with the pilot. My pilot is knowledgeable and engaging, even joking about how he was going to have to charge us extra for all of the extraordinary rainbows we were witnessing. Truly, every 10 minutes we were flying through or over another rainbow, which added a magical touch to the experience. The banter made the trip even more memorable.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tour Over Volcano and lava - The Big Island, Hawaii, USA


Accordingly, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Big Island records the entire flight, both visually and aurally. In fact, you can purchase the DVD after the flight for $25. In my opinion, the charge is totally worth it. I mean, how many times are you going to go on a coast-to-coast helicopter tour of the Big Island? The DVD includes footage from an exterior camera, while interspersing interior cabin shots and audio from the tour. It's a souvenir with a totally “we were there” vibe.

The full two hour tour gives you an in-depth look at the contrasting landscapes of the Big Island. From the sheer sea bluffs to the lush valleys and rainforests to the dry, stark lava fields and volcanic craters, the Big Island Spectacular tour takes you on a journey to the island’s most impressive sights.

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