Alla Vita

Chicago's neighborhood Italian eatery Alla Vita, in the city's West Loop, offers chic décor and incredible Italian cuisine.

Alla Vita provides a casual, family-friendly dining experience where guests sit back, relax and enjoy delicious Italian fare. The wood-fired crust is chewy, and the pillow gnocchi is silky.

In Italian, "Alla vita" is a toast meaning "to life." The theme is overcoming life's challenges and creating memorable experiences. And Alla Vita offers just that with its vaulted ceiling, Italian floral prints, beautiful wood flooring, and gorgeous, spacious dining hall.

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In addition, the restaurant also features outdoor patio seating and hand-crafted cocktails. Meanwhile, the Alla Vita bar delivers just the right note of elegant ambiance. Similarly, Alla Vita's wine list concentrates on small, more obscure wineries and provides an extensive list of wines by the glass.

The Boka Restaurant Group owns Alla Vita in partnership with Executive Chef Lee Wolen. Wolen and his culinary team pride themselves on serving fresh, delectable Italian food made with the best ingredients; high-quality cheeses, vegetables, olive oils, and balsamic vinegar.

Wolen, a Michelin-starred chef, is known best for his chicken. Meanwhile, the restaurant's pastry chef, Kim Mok, takes sweets to a new level with Italian classics like Tiramisu and the Dark Chocolate Budino.

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Locals and tourists alike praise Alla Vita for its affordable, informal dining. Some favorites are the Margherita wood-fire pizza along with the mushroom lasagna. These dishes are packed with flavor and simple ingredients.

Other entrees include the decadent Ricotta dumplings lightly covered in a cacio e Pepe sauce. In addition, Woolen's featured menu item- juicy chicken parmesan in a fire-roasted tomato marinara. Similarly, other specialties include Frito Misto, a lightly battered shrimp and calamari dish served with lemon-Calabrian chili aioli. And the Wood-Fired Bread, a tasty appetizer topped with taleggio orange blossom honey and black pepper.

Restaurant Hours

Open daily from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Pro Tip: Staffers encourage booking reservations, so book early and plan accordingly!

Special Events

In addition, Alla Vita caters for corporate events, rehearsal dinners, parties, and holiday celebrations and can accommodate between 100 to 200 guests.

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