Fiesta Broadway: 2024 In-Depth Guide

Los Angeles is once again set to sizzle with Latin energy as the grand Fiesta Broadway makes its triumphant return! Who’s ready to eat, dance, and celebrate?

Cheers to the return of our favorite Latin American extravaganza, the Fiesta Broadway Los Angeles 2024!

Each year, the vibrant metropolis of downtown Los Angeles transforms into a lively hub of colors, music, and flavors as the city gears up to host the Fiesta Broadway festival. Known as the largest Cinco De Mayo celebration in the world, Fiesta Broadway paints the city with the rich and diverse hues of Latin American culture.

As the calendar flips to the Fiesta Broadway 2024, the city’s air gets infused with the delectable aromas of expertly prepared local cuisine while the sound of vivacious performances echoes from some of the most renowned Latin American artists.

Whether you’re a passionate participant or a charmed spectator, the Fiesta Broadway delivers a stunning array of entertaining activities that guarantee a memorable journey. So, get ready to plunge into the delightful Latin cultural fiesta that wonderfully showcases the rich cultural mosaic that downtown Los Angeles is loved for. The best part? The event is free!

Follow along to learn about all the big moments that will take place at Fiesta Broadway 2024.

Let the Festivities Begin: Fiesta Broadway Dates

Fiesta Broadway 2024 is taking over the city on Sunday, April 28, 2024.

Where the Magic Begins: Dive into the Festive Venue

Fiesta Broadway is held along Broadway and around the streets of City Hall, which is at 200 North Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90012.

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Get Ready to Party: Explore Fiesta Broadway Activities

The Fiesta Broadway 2024, renowned as one of the largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the United States, promises to make a spectacular splash in Downtown LA.

Celebrating the historical Mexican victory at the Battle of Puebla, this tradition never fails to allure attendees with an engaging exhibition of Mexican heritage and remarkable performances from popular Latin American artists.

Fiesta Broadway’s itinerary is crafted to entertain all ages. The festival features a dedicated children’s zone ensconced on Spring Street, filled with a host of games and enticing prizes awaiting the young visitors.

Food enthusiasts can also give free rein to their taste buds, diving right into the authentic gastronomical pleasures of LA and Latin American cuisine served by local vendors. The palette of choices includes tempting delicacies from empanada to churrasco, as well as Asado.

In addition, there is an array of interactive engagements for those craving more at the Fiesta. Participants can join amusing activities like classic piñata-breaking and show off their bat-swinging prowess amidst the festive cheers.

Being a part of this event is not just a promise of a memorable day bursting with joy and entertainment. It’s also a golden opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Mexican and Latin American cultural experiences, enhancing your appreciation for their vibrant festivals.

Explore the abundance of festivities to enjoy at Fiesta Broadway 2024:

Culinary Delights

Experience the vibrant culinary delights of Latin America! From the spicy savor of sizzling tacos to the irresistible allure of sweets and the invigorating punches of refreshing beverages, there’s a taste sensation for everyone. A food lover’s paradise awaits at Fiesta Broadway Los Angeles! Check back later for the full menu.

Live Performances

Prep yourself for an unforgettable celebration at Fiesta Broadway! Experience the pulsating rhythm of Latin tunes and iconic performers that will make you groove and leave you captivated. It’s a haven for those passionate about music, an experience not to be missed.

Check out the concert lineup. The schedule and venue for the event will be announced soon.

Alex Lora – Gran Mariscal

Alex Lora is a revered Mexican musician and composer best known for his unique rock n’ roll style influenced by the lively Latin American music scene. His legendary status in the music industry is chiefly due to his all-time popular songs “Triste Cancion de Amor” and “Las Piedras Rodantes”.

Pablo Montero

Known for his iconic and passionate performances, Pablo Montero is ready to perform at the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Broadway. His notable songs, such as “¿Dónde Estas Corazón?” and “Hay Otra en Tu Lugar,” will echo through the streets of Los Angeles, bringing an unparalleled vibrant energy to the event.

Graciela Beltran

Graciela Beltran, the esteemed Latin American artist, is known for captivating audiences with her enchanting voice. Two of her most famous songs that resonate with fans include “Es Cosa De El” and ” La Salud De Graciela,” which are representative of her unique style and musical prowess.

Chaparro Chuacheneguer

Chaparro Chuacheneguer is a noteworthy name that resonates deeply with the vibrant festivities. Renowned for the energetic display, he adds another exciting layer to Fiesta Broadway.

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Jessica Diaz

Jessica Diaz is a talented musician best known for her soulful performances that captivate audiences across the globe.

Two of her renowned songs that never fail to evoke emotion in listeners include “Heartstrings in Havana” and “Echoes of Broadway”, which are expected to be featured in this year’s Fiesta Mexicana Broadway.

Juanito El Millonzuki

Juanito El Millonzuki captivates audiences globally with his impressive vocal range and dulcet tones. His passionate, rhythm-infused song “Serenade of the Sun,” along with the heart-wrenching ballad “Moonlit Echoes,” showcases his outstanding musical skills.

Rocio La Dama De La Cumbia

Expect waves of fans as Rocio La Dama De La Cumbia, known for her hit “La Vida es un Carnaval,” graces the stage at Broadway Fiesta  2024.

Pilo Tejeda

Pilo Tejeda is a notable contemporary singer who has made a name in the Latin American music scene. Get ready to hear his hit songs, including “La Muchachita,” which gained widespread recognition and became a staple in many fiestas.

Karen Moon

Karen Moon’s unique style and undeniable talent ensure she always leaves audiences wanting more.

Carlos Sarabia

At Fiesta Broadway 2024, Carlos Sarabia is going to deliver an electrifying performance that promises to be a showstopper. A crowd favorite, his tunes typically carry the event’s lively atmosphere to new heights, leaving spectators eager to return for more every year.

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Gil Ortiz

Gil Ortiz’s soul-stirring ballads are music to our ears, his unforgettable melodies carving a special place in the heart of every music enthusiast.

Leonardo Torres

Leonardo Torres will grace the stage at this year’s festival, exciting attendees with his vibrant, Latin-inspired performances. His unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles promises to bring an air of exuberance and culture to the heart of downtown Los Angeles at the Fiesta Broadway celebration.

Fiesta Broadway Tickets

Fiesta Broadway is free for all! 

Other Attractions in Los Angeles

No matter what your perfect vacation looks like, the City of Angels boasts an unmatched lineup of attractions and amusements.

After enjoying Fiesta Broadway 2024, continue your journey by booking exploring tours with Tripster to capture the city’s vibe. There’s so much to see and do in this city!

Complete Your Fiesta Broadway Experience

Thousands of festival-goers attend Fiesta Festival Broadway each year. Book your accommodations early at our recommended hotels and inns below:

Join the Party at Fiesta Broadway: LA’s Largest Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Fiesta Broadway 2024 is poised to be an exciting celebration of Mexican culture, becoming a must-visit destination in Los Angeles. As one of the most anticipated events in downtown Los Angeles, LA Fiesta Broadway attracts thousands of visitors from far and wide, who come to revel in live music from popular Latin American artists and express their love for Mexico’s vibrant, colorful culture.

Much like the celebratory festivities in San Antonio and Santa Monica, we can expect to see heart-pumping activities and performances from favorite acts and bands. Those seeking culinary pleasure can sample and sip authentic Latin cuisines. Others may choose to explore the excitement that is interspersed around the streets of City Hall.

There’s no shortage of enjoyment to be found at Fiesta Broadway, with every corner promising a unique experience. If you find yourself wanting more of the fiesta spirit, remember that downtown LA is always ready with its diverse cultural scenes and popular landmarks like Los Angeles City Hall providing the perfect backdrop.

Head to Los Angeles if you’re ready for a lively, unforgettable celebration.


Start Date:

April 28, 2024

End Date:

April 28, 2024




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