Adults at Disney: The Grown-Up Guide

Disney World may be synonymous with childhood dreams, but it also holds a special place for the young at heart seeking a magical experience.

Walt Disney World Resort has long been hailed as the epitome of childhood wonder and enchantment. However, it’s time to dispel the notion that The Happiest Place on Earth is only for kids. Follow along to learn how to have the perfect vacation at Walt Disney World for adults.

So, is Disney World fun for adults? Absolutely! In fact, this enchanting wonderland offers a wealth of experiences and attractions specifically designed to delight and entertain grown-ups.

From thrilling rides and world-class dining to immersive shows and unique character interactions, even the most avid Disney fan can have an unforgettable sojourn while embracing their inner child.

So, get ready to embark on an adventure to the iconic world of Hidden Mickeys as we reveal the secrets to crafting the ultimate adult Disney vacation.

Where to Stay at Disney World for Adults

When it comes to choosing the best Disney World Resort for adults, it’s all about finding the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and enchantment.

While some of the on-site hotels are all about kids, Walt Disney World knows how to pamper adults with its selection of deluxe resorts such as:

The beach clubs are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a touch of beachside paradise. Among them is Disney’s Yacht Club Resort which provides a tranquil escape within the magical world of Disney.

With top-notch amenities and impeccable service, these resorts truly deserve earning the title as the best vacation spot Disney for adults. Once you’ve selected your ideal Disney World Resort, it’s time to plan out the details of your adult vacation and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Pool and Exterior View of Disney's Yacht Club Resort - Orlando, Florida, USAThings to Do on a Walt Disney World® Vacation for Adults

While indulging your inner child at the theme parks is always an option, there’s a whole world of adult-friendly experiences waiting for you in Walt Disney World®.

Say goodbye to the dilemma of deciding which Disney World park is best for adults, and instead immerse yourself in the enchanting world of fine dining, exquisite cocktails, and sophisticated entertainment.

Walt Disney World Nightlife

Disney Springs, formerly known as Downtown Disney, is a vibrant hub of entertainment, shopping, and dining that caters to guests of all ages, including those seeking an adult Disney World getaway.

Immerse yourself in the excitement of Paradiso 37 Entertainment, indulge in the soulful sounds of House of Blues, and savor the flavors of Raglan RoadTM Irish Pub and Restaurant.

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Looking for the perfect destination for a memorable Disney for adults experience? You’ve found it! Head to Disney’s BoardWalk, a lively waterfront area offering a variety of shopping, dining, and nightlife options specifically tailored to adults. Don’t miss the chance to visit Jellyrolls and AbracadaBar, where you can enjoy enticing cocktails, live entertainment, and delectable cuisine.

And while you’re there, make sure to take in the breathtaking views of EPCOT from the BoardWalk bridge, a prime spot to witness the theme park’s enchanting nightly fireworks celebration.

couple standing by water watching fireworks over Disney's Boardwalk in Orlando, Florida, USA

Shows, Shows, and More Shows

Embrace the wonder and excitement of a Disney World vacation for adults by indulging in the whimsical and entertaining shows offered throughout the resort.

At Disney Springs, secure your tickets to the mesmerizing Cirque Du Soleil, a captivating experience that transcends age and leaves audiences in awe. Witness astounding displays of strength and agility, immersing yourself in the magic of the performance.

Alternatively, treat yourself to a delightful combination of dining and movies at the Dine-in AMC Theater. Indulge in mouthwatering cuisine while enjoying the latest blockbuster films in a comfortable and immersive setting.

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But the enchantment doesn’t stop there. Across all four Walt Disney World theme parks, adults can immerse themselves in captivating shows that showcase the magic and creativity behind the resort. Experience the thrill of the daring “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular” or be captivated by the wonderment of “Fantasmic” and more.

These theatrical performances remind us that age is no barrier to appreciating the magic that Disney World has to offer. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness these incredible shows on your next trip to Disney World!

Close up photo of actors performing aerial stunts at Drawn to Life by Cirque du Soleil in Orlando, Florida, USA
photo credit: Drawn to Life by Cirque du Soleil + Disney via Facebook

Tour Walt Disney World Behind the Scenes

Unlock the secrets and magic of the Disney theme parks with exclusive tours during your Disney vacation for 2 adults or more loved ones. Immerse yourselves in the enchantment as you reserve your spot for these extraordinary and one-of-a-kind guided experiences:

  • Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour — Have you heard about Magic Kingdom’s underground tunnels? Discover if the urban myth is true.
  • Backstage Magic Tour — Wondering how Walt Disney World® produces magic on a daily basis? You’ll find out how on this tour.
  • Backstage Tales Tour — Go behind the scenes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and meet the 1,500 furry, scaly, or slimy residents of the park.
  • Epcot Seas Aqua Tour — Snorkel in a massive Epcot aquarium and meet sea turtles, sharks, angelfish, and other stunning aquatic life. You might even find Nemo!

Adult Adventures Beyond the Parks

When the moment arrives for you to embark on your long-awaited adventure to visit Walt Disney World, remember that you have the freedom to create a truly personalized experience. While the enchanting Disney theme parks are undoubtedly enticing, there’s no rule that dictates you must attend them every single day of your exploration.

Lucky for you, this expansive resort offers an array of exclusive non-theme park activities tailor-made for adults to ensure a well-rounded vacation.

After immersing yourself in the magic of the theme parks for a few days, it’s essential to allow yourself some well-deserved relaxation. Indulge in the ultimate pampering session at one of the luxurious spas scattered throughout the Walt Disney World resorts.

Senses at the Grand Floridian Resort beckons you into a world of tranquility, offering an exquisite range of spa treatments, massages, and moments of pure serenity. Treat yourself to one of their indulgent facial packages, designed to revitalize and replenish your skin after the excitement of the parks.

For those who appreciate the art of the swing, venture onto the fairways of the renowned Walt Disney World golf courses. Immerse yourself in the scenic beauty and challenge your skills amidst the meticulously manicured greens. Or, if you seek a more lighthearted and carefree golfing experience, Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Mini Golf provides delightful entertainment for all ages and skill levels.

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In addition, take the time to embrace these highly recommend things to do in Disney for adults and make the most of your escapade to this enchanting destination:

  • Enjoy romantic carriage rides through the stunning Walt Disney World resorts.
  • Soar to new heights with Characters in Flight, a helium balloon ride that offers breathtaking views from 400 feet in the air.
  • Experience the magic of Movies Under the Stars, where you can unwind and enjoy beloved films at various resort locations.
  • Indulge in relaxation and leisure by lounging by the pool at your chosen Walt Disney World resort.

woman resting at the Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa with a glass of water in Orlando, Florida, USA

Where to Eat and Drink in Walt Disney World

Disney Dining Reservations

If you’re having Disney World vacations for adults without indulging in the culinary delights offered at the resort’s world-class restaurants, then you’re missing out on a truly magical experience. Join us on a gastronomic journey and discover the exquisite flavors at

Attention, foodie adventurers! When it comes to dining reservations at Walt Disney World®, it’s a wild culinary race. Guests eagerly secure their spots months in advance, anticipating the ultimate gastronomic experience during their Walt Disney World® vacation for adults.

To outsmart the crowds, savvy adults opt for late-night reservations, dodging the family rush between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

But fear not if your dream restaurant is fully booked! We’ve got a sneaky trick up our sleeves. The day before your reservation, give the original restaurant a ring. Who knows? A sprinkle of pixie dust might have opened up some coveted spots.

If Lady Luck smiles upon you, swiftly cancel your existing reservation and snatch up those seats at your desired eatery.

Pro Tip: You can cancel reservations without a pesky cancellation fee up to the day before!

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Pssst… Don’t let those delectable dishes slip away! Did you know that if you’re staying on Disney property, you have the power to make dining reservations up to a whopping 180 days in advance of your trip?

Yes, you read that right! The early bird catches the delicious worm, so the sooner you dive into the reservation game, the higher your chances of scoring a coveted spot at your dream restaurant.

Couple Dining in a tropical setting

Eat and Drink Around the World at EPCOT

Get ready to embark on a global gourmet adventure like no other at EPCOT! Once you’ve savored the delights of fine dining at Walt Disney World®, it’s time to unleash your taste buds and indulge in a culinary journey around the world at this excellent dining option.

From the tantalizing flavors of Japan to the exotic aromas of Morocco and beyond, EPCOT offers an international feast for all your senses. Prepare to be whisked away on a mouthwatering expedition as you sample exquisite meals and sip on strong libations from every corner of the globe. Just remember, it might be wise to skip the high-speed thrills of Test Track after your epicurean adventure!

If you can, plan your Walt Disney World vacation for adults during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. Brace for an outstanding (and delicious!) trip that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy. Bon appétit!

couple standing with food in epcotTips and Tricks for the Best Walt Disney World Vacation for Adults

Read on to learn some more helpful tips and tricks for a phenomenal Disney World adult vacation!

Book Your Vacation for the Off-Season

Maximize your adult experience at Disney World by selecting the ideal time to visit. Find the best time for adults to go to Disney World. It’s a smart move to plan your visit during the off-season, which spans throughout the year.

Double-check your vacation dates before booking your trip to ensure you take advantage of the better rates and crowd sizes.

Beat the Crowds at The Parks

Escape the crowds and make the most of your enjoyment at Disney World as an adult by strategizing your park visits.

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Arriving early in the morning or staying late at night allows you to enjoy shorter ride wait times and smaller crowds. And if you’re a guest of a Disney World resort, use your Extra Magic Hours for exclusive access to the parks during designated times.

Download the My Disney Experience App

Enhance your Disney trips for adults with the convenience of the My Disney Experience App. This powerful tool puts your entire Walt Disney World vacation at your fingertips. Easily manage reservations, access park tickets, check ride wait times, and even track Walt Disney World® bus transportation.

The My Disney Experience App gives you everything you need for a seamless and enjoyable adult getaway at your favorite theme parks.

family at world of disney springs
World of Disney at Disney Springs

Go Ahead. Meet the Characters!

Who says adults at Disney can’t have fun meeting their favorite Disney characters? Whether you’re longing for a meet-and-greet with Donald Duck, Peter Pan, Rapunzel, or any of the beloved classics, go ahead and make it happen.

For a seamless meet-and-greet experience, check out our Character Meet and Greet Disney World: Your Guide to the Magic.

 Disney For Adults FAQs

Is it possible to visit Disney as an adult traveling alone? A solo trip provides opportunities for securing outstanding dining experiences, encountering unusual characters, and exploring more. Even beyond the parks, a myriad of activities await at the various resorts and shopping districts within the property.

Your trip's purpose ultimately determines the best choice for you! If thrilling rides, fewer crowds, and a bit of tipsy fun are your priorities, Universal Studios fits the bill. But, Disney comes out on top for those who enjoy indulging in unique culinary experiences, appreciate intricate details, and aren't bothered by the presence of more youngsters, plus, they offer a wider variety of park options.

Book a Walt Disney World Vacation for Adults

With these opportunities for adults to indulge their inner child, hopefully, you’ve been fully convinced that Walt Disney World is not just a dream destination for kids. It’s a marvelous place where adults can rediscover their sense of wonder. While embarking on a magical journey filled with enchantment, joy, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Before you embark on your magical adventure to visit Mickey and Minnie Mouse, here’s one last valuable tip. Bundle your Disney World tickets with a hotel. Be it on-property or off-site, you’ll unlock extra discounts! By combining your accommodations and park tickets; you can enjoy even greater savings on your exciting Disney adult vacation.

Book your Walt Disney World adventure with Tripster today! Prepare to embrace the magic that transcends ages in The Happiest Place on Earth!

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