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15 Splash Country Water Park Tips to Know Before You Go

Featuring an 8,000-sq.-ft. lagoon-style leisure pool, a 25,000-sq.-ft. wave pool, interactive children’s play areas, and extreme water slides, Dollywood’s Splash Country water park is the crown jewel of the Smoky Mountains.

Much like any amusement park or attraction, there are a few things you should know before visiting Dollywood’s Splash Country for the first time. For the best day ever, keep these helpful tips in mind!

Splash Country Water Park

1. Dress Appropriately

As a family-friendly environment, Splash Country water park does enforce a dress code. This dress code is also in place for the safety of guests. The attire policy is as follows:

  • Only swimsuits are allowed on the water attractions. Shirts, shorts, and footwear are not permitted on rides or water attractions.
  • Swimsuits with buckles, rivets, or any sharp objects, no denim, corduroy or cutoffs are not allowed.
  • Cotton shirts are not permitted on the body slides (no exceptions).
  • No revealing (such as “cheekster” bikini bottoms, thongs or transparent clothing) swimwear is permitted.
  • Clothing with distracting words and/or pictures will not be permitted inside the park.

As for footwear, flip-flops are your best choice. Do note that you cannot wear footwear such as Chacos on certain waterslides and attractions including Mountain Scream, Wild River Falls, SwiftWater Run, The Butterfly, Fire Tower Falls, and Bear Mountain Fire Tower.

It is highly recommended that guests wear a hat and sunglasses to block the sun. However, these items are not permitted on waterslides, for safety reasons. If you must wear sunglasses or glasses while on rides, make sure you have a safety strap attached.

2. Bring Your Own Towels

While some water parks offer towels free of charge or for rent, Dollywood’s Splash Country does not. Do your best to bring your own towels to the water park. If this is not possible, towels are available for purchase at the gift shop.

3. Be Prepared for the Parking Fee

To park at Dollywood’s Splash Country, guests must pay a $15 fee for all standard length vehicles or $18 for oversize length vehicles such as RVs and trailers. Guests can pay this fee with cash or credit/debit card.

4. Outside Food is Not Allowed

Splash Country water park does not allow outside food, beverages, or coolers to enter the park. This means hungry families must take advantage of the several quick service food establishments at the water park or pack a picnic to enjoy in the parking lot. While the food at Dollywood’s Splash Country is delicious, the price can add up fast, especially for families. Be sure to include food and drinks in your travel budget for the day.

Guests with special dietary requirements or allergies can call the park and request the ability to bring their own food to the park. In addition, several gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and vegetarian meal options are available for purchase.

Also, if your family doesn’t prefer to drink soda, juice, or other beverages, don’t waste your money on plastic water bottles. Dollywood’s Splash Country offers free water cups for all guests. All you have to do is ask for it at the counter.

Splash Country water park

5. Wear Sunscreen!

Since you’ll be in the Smoky Mountain sun all day long, lather up that sunscreen. You’ll want to bring ample sunscreen to use and re-apply throughout the day.

If by chance you forgot your sunscreen at home, don’t worry. The gift shop has sunscreen for purchase.

6. Rent a Locker

If visiting Dollywood’s Splash Country water park with family or friends, you’ll want to rent a locker. Lockers provide guests with peace of mind knowing their valuable items are safely stowed away while you splash around all day.

Regular lockers are offered for $10 per day while family size lockers are available for $15. These lockers are available on a first come, first served basis, so arrive to the park early!

7. Request a Life Jacket

Whether you have small children or inexperienced swimmers in your party, be sure to request a life jacket. Life jackets at the water park are free of charge! Should you decide to bring your own life vest, it must be USCG approved and in good condition. Keep in mind, water wings, flotation seats, or bubble packs are not allowed in the park or any of the attractions.

8. Bring or Rent a Stroller

If your family needs a stroller, you can bring your own. With 35-acres of fun, the little ones might need a break from walking every now and then.

Or, if you’d rather skip the hassle, Dollywood’s Splash Country offers strollers for rent. Single strollers are available for $10 per day plus tax on a first come, first served basis. Again, arrive early if you need to secure a stroller for the day.

Splash Country Water Park

9. Review Height and Weight Requirements

For the safety and security of visitors, each Splash Country water park ride and attraction has a specific height and/or weight requirement. To avoid the potential disappointment of little kids, be sure to review this information beforehand. That way, you’ll know exactly what rides your children can enjoy.

The height and weight requirements are:

  • Bear Mountain Fire Tower®: No height or weight restriction.
  • Big Bear Plunge®: At least 36″ tall.
  • Downbound Float Trip: All guests measuring less than 36″ tall must wear a lifejacket and be accompanied by an adult 16 years or older.
  • Fire Tower Falls: At least 48″ tall.
  • Little Creek Falls: Guests over 48″ must be accompanied by a child less than 48″.
  • Mountain Scream: At least 48″ tall.
  • Mountain Twist: At least 36″ tall.
  • Mountain Waves: No height or weight restriction.
  • Raging River Rapids: At least 36″ tall.
  • RiverRush: At least 42″ tall.
  • Slick Rock Racer: At least 42″ tall.
  • SwiftWater Run: At least 48″ tall.
  • TailSpin Racer: At least 42″ tall.
  • The Butterfly: At least 48″ tall.
  • The Cascades: No height or weight restriction.
  • Wild River Falls: Guests under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult at least 16 years old.

10. Take Advantage of the Calming Area

Parents of children with sensory issues or other situations know just how stressful a water park trip can be. To ensure that all parents and children can have a memorable water park experience, Dolly Parton made sure that Splash Country also had a calming area for those who need it.

The designated calming area includes:

  • Rocking chairs
  • Trees with wind spinners
  • Sensory toys
  • A weighted lap pad
  • Benches under shady trees
  • Noise reducing headphones
  • A magnetic chalkboard
  • Curtains for privacy or shade
  • A sand table
  • And so much more

By visiting the Splash & Dash shop and asking an employee for directions, you can access this quaint little area with an abundance of activities and quiet spaces.

11. Rent Your Own Retreat

If you plan to spend the whole day at Splash Country water park, you’ll likely need a break at some point. To escape the sun or to kick back and relax, consider renting a retreat or canopy. These private areas of the park must be rented in advance of your trip, but offer a wealth of amenities including:

  • Satellite TV
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Dining Table and Chairs
  • Lounge Chairs
  • Storage
  • Food Delivery
  • And More

For families with children or who prefer to take the day at their own pace, the canopies and retreats may be exactly what you need.

Splash Country water park

12. Enjoy Exceptional Health Standards

Some people consider water parks to be gross. However, this isn’t the case at Splash Country. With Dolly Parton’s unwavering commitment to family fun, she’s made sure every square inch of the park is spotless and the water is held to the highest of standards. In fact, staff members are required to rigorously test the water every 60 minutes!

When you visit Dollywood’s Splash Country, you can have confidence knowing you’re enjoying a safe day of never-ending fun in the Smoky Mountains.

13. Return to the Park Later

If for whatever reason you have to leave the park, you can return within operating hours. Be sure to have your hand stamped on the way out. Whether you need a nap or are running back to the hotel to pick up something you forgot, you don’t have to pay double admission. All it takes is a quick hand stamp.

14. Get Your Rain Check

In the Smoky Mountains, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. If by chance the weather becomes severe enough for the Splash Country water park to halt operations, ask for a Rain Check. You can request a rain check at any ticket window on your way out. These rain checks are valid until the end of the operating season.

Now, do note this only applies to severe weather. A little bit of rain won’t stop the fun, so rain checks will not be distributed for a light rain shower.

15. Experience a Wheelchair Accessible Water Park

Again, a testament to family fun for all, the majority of Dollywood’s Splash Country is also wheelchair accessible. The walkways are level to gently-rolling, making it ideal for wheelchair access.

In addition, those who require a wheelchair can rent one at the water park for $12 per day.

Splash Country water park

Ready to Visit Dollywood’s Splash Country Water Park?

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