The 5 Best Dollywood Rides for Kids

August 7, 2018

Curious about which are the best Dollywood rides for kids? Read on.

There’s no doubt about it—Dollywood tickets are a fantastic way for families to have fun. The Pigeon Forge theme park is host to entertaining shows, unique festivals, and plenty of attractions that are just right for kids. There are even whole sections of Dollywood devoted to kids, so parents can be certain their little one won’t miss out on the family fun.

1) The Country Fair


is a special area of the park designed with kids in mind. Some of the best Dollywood rides for kids are found here. Families can hop aboard the Amazing Flying Elephants, fly atop the Busy Bees, go for a leisurely spin on Lucky Ducks and then join the Piggy Parade. With the theme County Fair strongly in place, rides like the Scrambler, Ferris Wonder Wheel and a Shooting Star drop tower ride seem right at home. The mild thrills are ideal for kids and promise familiar fun parents can trust.

2) FireChaser Express

Relatively new to the Dollywood attraction line-up, FireChaser Express promises roller-coaster thrills but at a slower pace. This, along with a height requirement of only 39 inches, ensures every member of the family can participate. Even though speeds reach only 34mph, the coaster adds unique touches like blasting riders forwards and backward, as well as “trick track” section where the passenger trains twist from side to side.

3) Rockin’ Roadway

Lucky Ducks at the Country Fair

Rockin’ Roadway you don’t have to be 16 to drive. Kids can climb behind the wheel of a classic Corvette, Thunderbird or even a Cadillac and take parents for a spin. Don’t worry parents—the speeds are kept at a minimum! The track is themed as a scenic route down a country road from the 1950s with pop culture Shave billboards dotting the roadside.

4) River Battle

Kids love this ride! Climb aboard one of eight themed water rafts, equipped with powerful soaker guns, and prepare for a river battle! Riders can shoot water at other passengers as well as over 100 targets along the way. Beware, though, some of the targets shoot back! You can also shoot at observers along the banks of the ride. They can shoot back, too, adding to the squirt-gun fun.

5) Village Carousel

River Battle at Wilderness Pass

Village Carousel offers nostalgic family fun. Those of all ages can ride this beautifully painted carousel, featuring more than 60 distinct animals including a lead horse named “Dolly.” Whether you share a ride with your little one or let them gallop out on their own, the memories made are priceless.

So Much Fun for Everyone!

These are some of the best Dollywood rides for kids. Add them to your day at Dollywood and you’re sure to see smiles all around!

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