Dollywood Kids Rides: A Parents’ Complete Guide

Dollywood is a family-friendly attraction you can’t miss on your next family trip to the Smokies! Check out these delightful kiddie rides and insider tips to help you plan the perfect family day out at Dollywood Pigeon Forge.

A Smoky Mountain adventure isn’t complete without at least a day at Dollywood, especially if you’re traveling with young ones in tow. While it’s true that Dollywood is a haven for thrill-seekers, it’s also a dream come true for the younger crowd. Keep reading to discover Dollywood kiddie rides!

Dollywood rides for kids span two sections of the theme park, ensuring a day packed with excitement and fun. And for those wondering if it’s suitable for the little ones? These rides are perfect for kids aged 4 and up!

Follow along as we dive into some of the most popular kiddie rides (including the best Dollywood kid roller coaster!) and provide essential tips to ensure your family gets the most out of this adventure.

Popular Dollywood Kiddie Rides

Firechaser Express

Location: Wilderness Pass
Minimum: Height Requirement: 39 inches

When it comes to roller coasters, Dollywood doesn’t disappoint. With nine fantastic rides, there’s something for every thrill level. But when talking about the best kid roller coasters, the crown jewel among them is the Dollywood Firechaser Express.

So, what’s the hype? Firechaser Express Dollywood is the nation’s first dual-launch family coaster, offering a thrilling experience as it propels riders forward and backward! Given its popularity, especially among Dollywood rides for 8 year olds, it’s a good idea to get in line early.

If your kiddo loves coasters, this is one of the kid rides at Dollywood you won’t want to miss.

People Riding FireChaser Express at Dollywood - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USAShooting Star

Location: Country Fair
Minimum Height Requirement: 36 inches

For those little adventurers ready to kick it up a notch, the Shooting Star is a perfect pick. Regarded as one of the top Dollywood rides for 6 year olds, this attraction offers just the right blend of thrill and fun. Kids at this age often crave that extra jolt of excitement, and the Shooting Star doesn’t disappoint.

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You will be hoisted up, legs dangling, as you ascend slowly towards the sky. And just when you feel you’re about to touch the stars, the Shooting Star sends you on a thrilling yet completely manageable descent back to terra firma. It’s a cosmic journey kids and adults will adore!

Lucky Ducky

Location: Country Fair
Minimum Height Requirement: None

Are the kids dreaming of riding ducks with steering wheels? They can at Dollywood’s Lucky Ducky! Imagine the joy as they hop onto ducks equipped with steering wheels, letting their imaginations run wild.

As these adorable “duck” cars loop around in a delightful circle, youngsters can pretend they’re steering through their own fun-filled adventures. And parents, have those cameras at the ready – this charming ride promises heartwarming snapshots, perfect for the Pigeon Forge family vacation album!

kids riding a duck ride in dollywood

Busy Bees

Location: Country Fair
Minimum Height Requirement: None

Busy Bees is an absolute delight for the tiniest thrill-seekers. As soon as they spot the cheerful yellow bees from afar, you’ll hear their excited shouts, eager to hop on! This charming ride features classic bumble bee cars that whirl around, offering giggles and smiles with every spin.

With each bee accommodating up to four kiddos, it’s a fantastic spot for sibling bonding or sharing laughs with new friends.

Village Carousel

Location: The Village
Minimum Height Requirement:

Some of the best rides in Dollywood are the timeless rides, like the Village Carousel. This nostalgic carousel showcases 60 exquisitely painted animals, with the standout being the lead horse affectionately dubbed “Dolly” for its flowing blonde mane.

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Whether parents are reminiscing by choosing their own steeds or assisting thrilled first-timers, this ride is perfect for basking in the age-old magic of a carousel spin.

Close up of the horse on the Village Carousel on a sunny day at Dollywood
photo credit: The Gatlinburg Lodge at via Facebook

The Amazing Flying Elephants

Location: Country Fair
Minimum Height Requirement: Under 46 inches must be accompanied by someone 16 or older

Country Fair Dollywood is home to a number of rides specially designed for little tots. It is also home to The Amazing Flying Elephants, the only one of all kids rides at Dollywood inspired by the magical Dumbo.

For kids unfamiliar, a pre-visit movie session is a fun idea! Once at the park, they’ll eagerly climb into the “elephant” cars. Parents, you can hop on too! Get ready to soar, swaying up and down, ’round and ’round, as these “elephants” whisk you on a delightful journey. It’s pure imagination come to life!

Rockin’ Roadway

Location: Jukebox Junction
Minimum Height Requirement: Under 42 inches must be accompanied by someone 14 or older

Rockin Roadway is a dream come true for car enthusiasts! Hop behind the wheel of iconic cars like Corvettes, Thunderbirds, or Cadillacs. Then, feel the breeze and relish the sun as you cruise a picturesque 1950s country road, complete with classic Berma Shave billboards. The little ones claim the shotgun seat on this delightful journey back in time!

Close up of two kids in a silver car on the Rocking' Roadway at Dollywood on a sunny day
photo credit: Dollywood via Facebook

Piggy Parade

Location: Country Fair
Minimum Height Requirement: None

The Piggy Parade is considered one of the happiest Dollywood rides for 5 year olds who enjoy a pleasant ride round and round. For a unique touch, no matter the season, a towering scarecrow keeps a friendly vigil over the Piggy Parade year-round.

It’s an enchanting blend of fun and imagination, perfect for those just exploring the joys of theme park rides!

Know Before You Go

Head Straight to Country Fair & Wildwood Grove

While Timber Canyon is known for its adrenaline-pumping Dollywood rides for adults (we’re talking top-tier thrill rides here), families with younger children should make a beeline for Country Fair and Wildwood Grove.

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These two areas are tailor-made for the kiddos. They’re packed with attractions that have minimal or no height requirements and offer gentler thrills. For little ones still dipping their toes into the theme park world, these zones are the perfect spots.

So, if roller coasters aren’t on your youngest’s to-do list just yet, head to these areas for back-to-back fun and adventures!

Close up of two little girls sitting near a garden at Dollywood eating popcorn on a sunny day
photo credit: Dollywood via Facebook

Explore More Dollywood Kiddie Attractions

Beyond the dozens of Dollywood kids rides, there’s a treasure trove of non-ride attractions to explore! For instance, you have the Firehouse Fun Yard, a paradise for imaginative play. Here, kids can don the hats of firemen and dive into a world of pretend.

This dynamic play zone boasts features like refreshing pop-jet water sprays, a soft play structure where they can slide and explore, a block table for budding builders, and a chalkboard wall, perfect for young Picassos. It’s a blend of play and creativity that’ll keep them engaged for hours!

Get the Height Check Wristband

Dollywood kid rides height requirements are posted in front of each ride to make it easier for little ones to be measured before they are granted pass. However, this process can be tedious if you have to go through it every ride.

To skip this, get the height check wristband. Available at the park’s entrance, this service lets kids get officially measured once. They’re then given a wristband indicating their height, eliminating the need for rechecks at each ride.

For added convenience, you can preview Dollywood rides by height on Dollywood’s official website, ensuring your little adventurers get the most out of their visit.

toddler skipping in front of Fire Station Number 7 at DollywoodRegister for the Pre-K Imagination Season Pass

While many theme parks start charging admission at age 3, Dollywood gifts you an extra year! That’s right, parents don’t have to pay an additional ticket until the child’s 4th birthday. To unlock this perk, simply register for the Pre-K Imagination Season Pass on Dollywood’s official website.

This pass grants young adventurers an entire year of FREE access to both Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country. Imagine the endless kiddie rides at Dollywood your little one can enjoy without costing a dime!

Use the Dollywood App

Before your visit to the family-friendly theme park in the Smokies, don’t forget to download the Dollywood App. This handy tool not only updates you on Dollywood new rides but offers accurate wait times for top attractions, ride height requirements, and a map to help you navigate acres of fun.

Additionally, you’ll find dining menus and schedules for the park’s festivals and events. It’s your ultimate guide for a seamless Dollywood experience!

Close up of two kids playing at Dollywood with Miss Lillian on a sunny day in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USADollywood Vacation Package

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This special deal allows you to handpick the number of Dollywood discount tickets you require. Plus, you can bundle them with tickets to other attractions and select your preferred Pigeon Forge lodging. It’s all about having the best experience without breaking the bank!

Which Dollywood Kiddie Rides Will Your Tiny Tyke Ride First?

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