5 Savvy Tips for Walt Disney World Souvenir Shopping

August 17, 2018

Use these tried and true tips for Walt Disney World souvenir shopping to make the most of your purchases.

What makes a Disney World vacation even better? A Disney souvenir, of course! You’re going to make magical memories while on your Disney vacation. Remember them with a special keepsake all your own. At Disney World, there are more than 200 shops to browse, where everything from mouse ears to t-shirts to costumes and décor on sale.

1) Buy the Mickey Ears

Walt Disney World Souvenir ShoppingIt may seem cliché but nothing quite sparks the memory of Disney World quite like a pair of Mickey Ears. Whether you customize your hat, go for a new design or keep with tradition, this item is worth the average price of $13.95. When it comes to Walt Disney World souvenir shopping, this is the most iconic purchase you can make.

2) Pack Your Princess Gear

Want to add a bit more sparkle to your child’s day by playing dress up? If so, plan on packing your princess gear. This will save you a lot of cash as you won’t have to be a new dress at a premium price at the theme parks.

3) Utilize Merchandise Delivery Servicetwo adults trying on Mickey Mouse hats inside a store at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, USA

Why schlep your shopping bags through the park when you can don’t have to? Day guests of the park can use the Package Pickup program, where you have your purchases sent to a location at the front of the park for later pickup. Staying at a Disney Resort? You can have your shopping goods sent directly to the hotel's gift shop. Best of all: both services are totally free to use.

4) Pickup International Goods at World Showcase Pavilion

Wander around Epcot World showcase and you’ll find an array of eclectic goods from around the globe. Each pavilion is dedicated to a specific country, in which items representing each region are for sale. Specialty salsas are for sale in Mexico; perfume in France; and kimonos in Japan. And that’s just the start of the unique shopping available.

Girl in costume standing with Elsa and Anna of Frozen at Walt Disney World - Orlando, Florida, USA

5) Visit Disney Springs for One-Stop Shopping

At Disney Springs the mecca of Disney souvenirs awaits--World of Disney. This store, the largest in the world, is dedicated to all things Disney. Over 12 rooms are spread out over 50,000 square feet, so make sure you leave enough time to navigate through them all. Most of the merchandise can be found throughout the parks, but this is an easy one-stop shopping store.

Walt Disney World Souvenir Shopping Tips for Every Visitor

With these five tips, you're ready to not only conquer Disney World--even if you're a first time visitor--but also be at the top of your shopping game. Do you have a favorite souvenir shopping tip we missed? Let us know about it in the comments.

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