Toy Story Land’s Newest Feast: Everything You Need to Know About Rodeo Roundup BBQ

It’s a woody, sunny day in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, your pistol-twirling cowboy hat jauntily sitting on your head. There’s the familiar aroma in the air, a perfect blend of mesquite smoke, and the inviting smell of slow-cooked brisket.

You follow the scent trail past towering Lego blocks and beneath a string of oversized Christmas lights. And there it is, the newest feast of flavors drawing you in like a moth to a flame. Yes, welcome to Roundup Rodeo BBQ!

Imagine, if you will, a kaleidoscope of enticing aromas wafting from the rodeo arena to greet your nose. Mouthwatering hand-sliced beef brisket tantalizingly named after your favorite Toy Story characters… tender chicken brined for 48 hours and rubbed with a secret backyard BBQ spice… even fall-off-the-bone smoked ribs that might just turn you into a cowboy on the spot.

It’s not just a restaurant; it is an unforgettable dining experience, an epicurean journey deeply flavored with the essence of the wild, wild west.

All these are offered in family style, which means bucketfuls of fun and a hearty, stick-to-your-ribs kind of meal that will fuel your adventures in the magical land of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Whether it’s snap-worthy photos, the quirky and delicious Cupcake à la Forky, or even a plant-based treat for our vegan siblings, you’ll find it all here. Get ready to dig into our comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about the scrumptious Roundup Rodeo BBQ.

Rodeo Roundup BBQ: An Unmissable Dining Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Roundup Rodeo BBQ restaurant at Walt Disney World is more than just a restaurant; it’s a unique dining experience steeped in beloved stories and characters from the Toy Story franchise.

Set in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this immersive family-style restaurant transports guests into a lively rodeo arena, where they enjoy an array of sizzling smoked BBQ delicacies.

Picture this: All around you, there are vibrant rodeo roundup BBQ photos capturing cherished moments from the beloved animation. The atmosphere buzzes with subtle hints of smoked meat, mac & cheese, and pies, evoking the nostalgic scents of a traditional family BBQ.

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Discover the Sizzling Delights of Goat’s, Rex’s, Gruff’s, Prospector’s, and Billy’s Beef Brisket

Imagine a slow-cooked, juicy, and tender beef brisket that’s been smoked to perfection. If you’re salivating just thinking about it, then you’ll love the delicious offerings at Roundup Rodeo BBQ in Toy Story Land.

Meet Goat’s, Rex’s, Gruff’s, Prospector’s, and Billy’s Beef Brisket—each has a story, each has a flavor, and each brings a unique twist to the classic barbecue staple.

They’re each prepared with meticulous care, hand-sliced, and slow-cooked to ensure every bite you take is a burst of smoky, tender flavor.

The prospector’s beef brisket is smoked to perfection and the secret backyard BBQ spice rub on the chicken that’s brined for 48 hours is sure to make your taste buds tingle. To put it simply, the delights will have you coming back for more at this table service restaurant.

What’s more, every single beef brisket dish, while prepared similarly, shares a unique flavor detail – a hint of a secret sauce, a slight twist on the smoking wood, or a dash of a special spice that lets each character tell their unique Toy Story.

At Buttercup’s Beef Brisket, for instance, expect a sour tinge that balances out the smokiness of the brisket, courtesy of a secret ingredient that Buttercup would rather keep hush.

With the very first bite, you’ll know why these five mouthwatering briskets have become the talk of the Rodeo Arena, and undoubtedly, the star attractions of the Roundup Rodeo BBQ menu.

Evil Dr.’s Smoked Ribs: The Fall-off-the-Bone Delight You Can’t-Miss

A trip to Roundup Rodeo BBQ remains incomplete without experiencing Evil Dr.’s smoked ribs. This delicacy is carefully cooked to perfection in an onsite smokehouse that imbues the flavor of smoked hickory into the fall-off-the-bone pork ribs.

You’ll be transported straight to a delicious, tantalizing fantasy world as you dig into these slow-cooked ribs that have been left to mingle with the smokehouse flavors for hours on end. Their pull-apart textures and smoky taste offer a dance of flavors that any meat enthusiast will appreciate.

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Many reviews of the rodeo roundup BBQ menu affirm the delightful experience promised by the Evil Dr.’s smoked ribs, stating this smoky wonder as one of the highlights.

For those who are fans of rib dishes, the immense flavor, tenderness, and succulent barbecue shine through, making these ribs an unmissable dining treat. Though the beef brisket may have received mixed reviews about being a bit dry, the ribs are an uncompromising delight!

Couple on Rock N' Roller Coaster in Disney World - Orlando, FL USA

Vegan-Friendly Delights: Exploring the Plant-Based Options at Rodeo BBQ

As a haven for all food enthusiasts, Roundup Rodeo BBQ goes the extra mile to curate an inclusive menu satisfying various dietary preferences.

For our vegan friends, fear not! This rodeo arena dishes out plant-based delights that are just as sumptuous and satisfying as their carnivorous counterparts.

With a symphony of fresh and flavorful salads to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The Rootin’ Tootin’ Tomato Salad, loaded with freshly picked tomatoes, is a magnifique option for those seeking a light yet lip-smacking appetizer.

For a touch of green goodness, don’t miss Rex’s Romaine and Kale Salad. This nutrient-dense option, sprinkled with arrays of colorful veggies and drenched in a tangy vinaigrette, is a feast for the eyes and the palate!

And as summer continues to peak, cool down with Wheezy’s Watermelon Salad, a refreshing combination of juicy watermelon chunks and mint, sprinkled with a touch of feta and balsamic drizzle. Whether you’re a diehard Toy Story fan, or you just appreciate a quality meal, Roundup Rodeo BBQ is sure to leave you coming back for more.

space shuttle with Alien character from Toy Story attached to seat of the Alien Swirling Saucers ride in Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida, USA
photo credit: Disney

Tips and Tricks for Securing Your Roundup Rodeo BBQ Reservations

Just as Woody rounded up his gang in Toy Story, you too have to be quick and smart about securing your reservations at the notorious Roundup Rodeo BBQ. This spot is notorious for filling up faster than you can say “Yeehaw!” But don’t worry, we’re here to help with some insider tips and tricks!

To begin, always make your Roundup Rodeo BBQ reservations in advance. The dining experience at Toy Story Land’s newest restaurant is a hot ticket item. This is most especially among families seeking an unforgettable dining experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Consider booking your reservation right when the restaurant’s booking window opens. That’s usually 60 days in advance, and reservations can be made online or over the phone starting at 7:00 a.m. EST.

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Mind the accuracy of the timing, as restaurant bookings fill up quicker than you might expect, particularly during peak tourist seasons. If your first attempt comes up short, do not lose hope.

Keep checking back regularly for cancellations. Last-minute tables can pop up, and you might just snag one. Using the My Disney Experience app or the Disney website can make this process straightforward.

Green Army Patrol performers interacting with a child at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida, USA
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Feeling the Heat: Rodeo Roundup BBQ Reviews (What are Customers Loving Right Now?)

When you mosey on down to Roundup Rodeo BBQ, every bite is a flavor-packed journey. Grab your place at the rodeo, and join in for a feast of sizzling delights. Roundup Rodeo BBQ has garnered lots of positive reviews, especially in terms of breading, pickles, grilled street corn, and their feast of meats. Now let’s delve a little deeper into the roundup.

What has tongues really wagging is their range of signature briskets. Named after well-loved Toy Story characters, Goats, Rex’s, Gruff’s, Prospector’s, and Billy’s beef briskets are hand-sliced, smoked, and then slow-cooked to juicy perfection. Whether you’re a brisket connoisseur or a first-timer, you’re in for a treat.

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Have a taste for poultry instead? Sink your teeth into a chicken that’s been brined for 48 hours, rubbed with a secret backyard BBQ spice, and smoked until it is tender and juicy. The flavor alone will have you reaching for seconds before you’re even finished with your first.

But it’s not a real barbeque without some tasty sides, right? Roundup Rodeo BBQ’s take on the classic Mac & Cheese is a huge crowd-pleaser alongside the Plant-based options that can satisfy even the most particular palates.

Of course, any club worth its salt has a few secret weapons under its belt. In this case, it’s the Evil Dr. Smoked Ribs. These fall-off-the-bone pork ribs are slow-cooked for hours in their onsite smokehouse and the result is nothing short of mouthwatering.

Do your tastebuds favor the sweeter side of things? End your meal on a high note with their unique cupcake à la Forky.  It perfectly balances with the creamy sweet filling under a crumbly crust. Yum!

Accompany your meal with a selection of specialty beverages such as the Whinnyin Whiskey Lemonade. This thirst-quenching drink features Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, Aperol Liqueur, strawberry puree, lemonade, and basil.

So round up your family, and dig into this dining experience. Many grateful customers have dubbed the Roundup Rodeo BBQ as a must-visit at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Toy Story Land.

close up of sliced smoked meat at smoke shack bbq in San Antonio, Texas

Roundup Rodeo Hours, Location, and Directions

Planning a visit to the Roundup Rodeo BBQ in Disney’s Hollywood Studios should be stress-free and filled with anticipation. To do so, you need key information on when to go, where it’s located, and how to get there.

The Roundup Rodeo BBQ is typically open from park opening to park closing, providing you ample time to relish in this unique dining experience. But remember, the exact operating hours may vary, particularly if you’re visiting during peak seasons or holidays.

It’s always a worthwhile idea to consult the Disney World website. You can also refer to the My Disney Experience app for the most accurate, day-to-day operation times.

Location-wise, the Roundup Rodeo BBQ is set strategically within the vibrant and ever-enticing Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Imagine dining among larger-than-life playsets and toys, supplying you with full immersion into the world of Woody and Buzz Lightyear!

For directions to the restaurant, if you’re already in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, make a beeline towards the Animation Courtyard. From there, Toy Story Land—and the Roundup Rodeo BBQ—are a short walk west.

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If you’re coming from outside the park, here’s a rough guide! Once you enter Disney’s Hollywood Studios, walk straight along Hollywood Boulevard until you reach the Chinese Theatre. Turn right onto Animation Courtyard then left to Pixar Place and you’ve arrived in Toy Story Land.

Remember to have your Roundup Rodeo BBQ reservations at hand to ensure a seamless entry!

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Rodeo Roundup BBQ FAQs

While affordability can be subjective, the pricing at Roundup Rodeo BBQ is set at $45 for adults and $25 for children, offering a substantial quantity of food that may be considered reasonable for a dining experience at Walt Disney World Resort. Compared to other family-style restaurants in the area, the feasts at Roundup Rodeo BBQ are acclaimed for their value, given the quality and portion sizes.

Yes, Roundup Rodeo BBQ offers table service. As a treasured guest, just sit back, relax, and enjoy their meal while the restaurant staff takes care of the rest.

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