15 of the Best Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Rides

With so much to do during your visit, it’s best to start your day with the top Six Flags Discovery Kingdom rides. This allows you to take advantage of shorter wait times and get to the front of the line faster.

Boasting more than 40 rides and attractions, it’s safe to say Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is the thrill capital of Northern California. Plus, the park offers animal encounters and attractions, lively entertainment, endless shopping, and more.

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Thrill Rides

Adrenaline junkies rejoice! Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is a roller coaster fanatics dream come true. From dual looping coasters to 150-foot drops, these thrill rides are sure to leave you breathless (literally.)

1. Medusa

Get ready for the ride of your life! Medusa is the longest and highest coaster in Northern California at 3,937 feet. This floorless coaster races through a 150-foot hill and a 150-foot drop at 65 mph, along with a 128-foot vertical loop. Much like the snakes in Medusa’s hair, this track winds and turns with sharp inversions, loops, and turns.

  • Top Speed: 65 mph
  • Elevation: 150 feet
  • Length: 3,937 feet
  • Duration: 3 minutes, 15 seconds
  • Key Features: 7 inversions, World’s ONLY sea serpent roll

2. Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth

Located near two of the park’s top coasters, SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight and The Joker, Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth takes riders on a spinning journey to new heights. Get ready to white-knuckle it through the entire ride as the spins reach speeds of up to 70 mph!

Up to 40 riders can fit on this attraction as it swings back and forth while rotating counterclockwise. And, as it swings higher and higher, you’ll feel weightless as you reach heights up to 147 feet in the air!

3. V2: Vertical Velocity

At first glance, you may wonder why V2: Vertical Velocity is among the greatest Six Flags Discovery Kingdom rides. Its minimalist track design makes it appear in line with any other coaster in the world. But then you see the 60+ mph launch… and the twisted tower… and the reverse track. After watching, you’ll know why it’s one of the best rides in the park!

Oh, and did I mention you go through the track three times? Don’t forget to breathe!

  • Top Speed: 60 mph
  • Elevation: 15 stories
  • Length: 630 feet

4. SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight

What’s more iconic than Superman? SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight is a record-breaking roller coaster featuring red and gold tracks, 60+ mph launches, loops, and more hair-raising fun. As you glide through the track with such smoothness, it’ll feel like you’re flying. Just like Superman would!

SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight packs an entire day’s worth of thrills into just 60 seconds. Meaning, you’ll want to ride it again and again and again.

  • Top Speed: 62 mph
  • Elevation: 15 stories
  • Length: 863 feet
  • Duration: 60 seconds
  • Key Features: Launch coaster using electromagnetic propulsion, two upside-down twists, two vertical rolls. Tallest inversion west of the Mississippi, ranked alongside the top tallest inversions in the world.


Longtime fans of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will remember the wooden roller coaster, Roar. Built in this location is the brand-new JOKER coaster. This hybrid roller coaster combines steel and wood tracks for a maniacal ride featuring sudden twists and turns, a step-up under flip, and a breaking wave turn. Clearly, this ride was modeled after the Joker’s ever-changing personality.

  • Length: 3,200 feet of dual-colored purple and green track
  • Top Speed: 53 mph
  • Duration: 2 minutes
  • Height: 100 feet tall
  • Key Features: First ever step-up under flip, 3 inversions, a wild Zero G barrel roll, Breaking wave turn, Asian camel hump, 15 extreme airtime moments, 78-degree drop, and a 180-degree stall.

6. Kong

It’s easy to go ape on one of the best Six Flags Discovery Kingdom rides: Kong. This monstrous ride is a steel suspended looping coaster, allowing your feet to dangle below you and the track.

Almost immediately, you’ll plunge down a 108-foot hill followed by a heartline loop which will really get your heart racing. Next, get ready for sidewinder loops, seemingly endless twists and turns, and more as Kong keeps you on your toes the entire time! Are you sure you know which way is up?

  • Top Speed: 55 mph
  • Elevation: 115 feet
  • Length: 2,170 feet
  • Duration: 2 minutes, 5 seconds

7. Dare Devil Chaos Coaster

If you’re a daredevil and love looping roller coasters, this is the ride for you. Standing at 7 stories tall, Dare Devil Chaos Coaster takes riders on continuous 360-degree revolutions with insane suspended hangtimes. The single circular track makes for one epic ride!

Don’t let the blood rush to your head… too much.

Family Rides

Whether you’re not a fan of roller coasters or want a ride the entire family can go on, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has those, too! Add the top family rides to your theme park itinerary.

8. White Water Safari

If you thought White Water Safari was a lazy river ride, think again! This river rapids ride sets you loose down the raging rapids where you’ll meet unpredictable currents, gushing falls, and endless splashes. Get ready to be soaked!

Plus, there are four coin-operated hoses right outside the ride. Meaning anyone on the shore can blast you with water as you pass on by. But hey, depending on the weather forecast, you might welcome a splash or two… or ten.

The Joker Roller Coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom9. Monsoon Falls

Keeping with the trend of getting absolutely soaked, Monsoon Falls plummets riders 60-feet down a waterfall right into the lagoon below. Of the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom rides, this one is guaranteed to get your heart rate up and your clothing wet! And, if you’re standing in the right (or wrong depending on your outlook) place outside the ride, you’ll get soaked too.

10. Monkey Business

After riding Monsoon Falls and White Water Safari, you’ll need to dry off. Go through the spin cycle on Monkey Business. This triple-spinning teacup style ride allows you to control your individual vessel’s rotation, while it spins in a group of three, along with the entire floor spinning. You might not be able to walk in a straight line afterward, but at least your clothes will be dry!

11. Ark

Hop aboard this classic pirate ship ride at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. While the ride starts off in smooth and calm waters, suddenly your ship is cast up a giant wave—rocking you back and forth at extreme heights.

While this is a family ride, do note that riders must be 42″ tall to ride with a parent or 48″ tall to ride alone.

Kiddie Rides

Although the majority of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom rides are thrill rides or designed for families, there are plenty of attractions just for the little ones. Bring the younger kids to areas of the park including Looney Tunes Seaport, Seaside Junction, and Tava’s Jungleland for appropriately sized rides such as:

12. Foghorn’s Seaport Railway

For a friendly and leisurely train ride, hop onto Foghorn’s Seaport Railway. The conductor, none other than Foghorn himself, guides kids through a scenic tour of the barnyard. This relaxed ride is ideal for all young guests, including those who are a bit timid about attractions.

13. Congo Queen

If you have a little adventurer on your hands, the Congo Queen is the perfect mild ride for them. This tugboat tugs, scoots, swivels, and swirls across the waves. The ship slides up and down the track while spinning, resulting in a wobbly ride.

14. Road Runner Express

Is your child ready to ride their first roller coaster? If so, Road Runner Express is a great starter coaster. With only 262 feet of track, this short coaster features a 13-foot-tall hill, a small drop down a mini-dip, and a swerve around an easy spiral. Not too scary, but just the right amount of thrill for little daredevils!

15. Taz’s Typhoon

Last on our list of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom rides is Taz’s Typhoon. This classic carnival swing ride is built just for kids—meaning it’s not too fast, high, or scary. With Looney Tunes graphics throughout, your kids will feel like they’re going for a spin with Taz!

40+ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Rides are Waiting for You

Of course, this is only a handful of the rides available at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Get your tickets and experience them all!

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