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A Local’s Guide to the Best Rides at Knott’s Berry Farm

Some people go to theme parks for the shows, and some people go to escape to a fantasy world, but I go to theme parks mainly for the rides and junk food. That might not be the best pairing, but somehow, it gets me right in the heart. I love a good thrill!  If you do too, follow my personal guide to the best rides at Knott’s Berry Farm.

1. The Xcelerator

Xcelerator Knotts
The Xcelerator

Without a doubt in my mind, The Xcelerator is hands-down the best ride at Knott’s. It’s fast, and the drop is really high. It starts off going from 0-82 MPH in 2.3 seconds up hundreds of feet before diving straight down. Your stomach will drop, you might lose your breath and maybe your eyesight for a split second, but the adrenaline rush is unparalleled!

2. The Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet_Knotts_1
Silver Bullett

My second favorite ride is The Silver Bullet. It reminds me of a cartoon bullet that goes crazy chasing its victim all around. You’ll flip, twist, turn, and drop. The ride is inverted, which means that your feet hang; so don’t wear your flip-flops on this one. Within 2 minutes, you will have gone upside down 6 times!

3. Timber Mountain Log Ride

Timber Knotts
Timber Mountain Log Ride

My third favorite ride is the Timber Mountain Log Ride. As you ride in the log, you’ll pass scenes of a 19th century lumber camp. The characters are extremely real looking, and you won’t want to blink in case you pass something funny. The sounds, smells and sights take you back in time, and the drop at the end is just the icing on the cake! I didn’t get as wet as I thought I would, which was a bonus.

4. Supreme Scream

Supreme Scream

I also really love the Supreme Scream, which is a tower with a ring of seats around it. You sit as the ride slowly pulls you up to 252 feet in the sky. The views are amazing from up there, and then you drop all the way down. Actually, it’s more like being power launched down. You will feel weightless for a couple of seconds, but it’s also a weird feeling because you’re not just falling, but literally being pushed down. It’s exhilarating!

5. Montezooma’s Revenge

Montezoomas Revenge_1
Montezooma’s Revenge

My fifth favorite ride is Montezooma’s Revenge. This ride is near and dear to my heart because I would ride it time and time again when I was a kid. You’ll go 0-55 MPH in 3 seconds straight into a loop straight up, and then come down the way you came, backwards to another straight up stop before ending. I love the feeling of going backwards, the flips, and the speed of this rollercoaster.

6. The Waveswinger

Wave Swinger

I have to say after all of the crazy loops, twists and turns, I also like to relax and feel free on rides. The Waveswinger is amongst my favorites because it makes me feel as though I’m flying. The ride is a huge contraption with swings suspended from the top. It starts to turn quite fast, and pushes your individual swing up and up. If you close your eyes, and put your arms out, it’s like you’re flying!

After all is said and done, I love rides. Whether I’m at the county fair, or a theme park like Knott’s Berry Farm California, I’m going to do my best and ride every single ride available to me. It’s difficult to do that at Knott’s because there are so many rides. You can get a fast pass to make the wait go faster, and if you can, visit during the slow season when school is in session. Otherwise, just go and make a list of the rides you think you’ll love the most. I hope my list helps you plan your visit!

Bianca is a San Diego native, and prides herself on her knowledge of her city. As a professional tour guide, she offers food and drink tasting tours through her company: So Diego Tours. With 8 years in the tourism industry, she brings you updates on how to make the most out of your time, money and energy in her city.
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