A Night of Nefarious Fun: Disneyland Villains Night

When the sun’s away, Disneyland’s most wicked villains come to play. Find yourself partying with Prince John, Jafar, the Old Hag Witch, and all your other favorite baddies at Villains Night Disneyland!

Get ready to rub elbows with Disney’s most enigmatic evildoers at Villains Nite Disneyland, a riveting after-hours extravaganza. This is an unmatched opportunity to truly indulge and celebrate your inner darkness.

Prepare to mingle with Disney’s most notorious ne’er-do-wells at Villains Night Disneyland. Only at Disneyland Villains Night can you come face-to-face with your favourite Disney bad guys and gals. They’re not only lurking the shadows, but can be found ruling over the rides, performing live, and even posing for unforgettable photos.

This captivating event also pampers your taste buds, featuring an array of themed cuisines designed specifically to commemorate the audacity of Disney villains. You’ll be exposed to some of the most tantalizing as well as hair-raising delicacies that are as audacious as the villains they draw inspiration from.

Plus, the event allows magical interactions with some of Disney’s most cursed creatures. Leading the league are notorious characters like Captain Hook, Maleficent, and Ursula. Ready your shrieking voices for the Evil Queen’s menacing chuckle or Cruella de Vil’s  temper. Prepare to share a laugh with the sly Hades or engage in a witty verbal joust with cunning Jafar.

Remember to dress to impress, wearing your wicked best is an integral part of this unforgettable villain-themed soirée.

Follow along to find out about all the frightful enchantments at Villains Night Disneyland 2024.

Evil Awaits: Disneyland Villains Nite Date and Details

“When is Villains Night at Disneyland?” you may ask. Unfortunately, the official dates for Disneyland Villains Night 2024 have not been announced. Always check the Disneyland website for the latest information.

Where Darkness Reigns: Disneyland Villains Nite Location

Rendezvous for a wickedly fun Disneyland After Dark Villains Nite, conveniently located at 1313 Disneyland Dr Anaheim, CA 92802.

Villains Nite Disneyland Tickets

Disneyland Villains Nite is a separate ticket event. Just like last year, there’s no theme park reservation required. The word on the street is that Disneyland Villains Night 2024 tickets will go on sale to the public soon, so check back later for more information.

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Enjoy Other Disney After Dark Events While You Wait

Before the much-awaited Disney Villains Nite graces us with its presence, why not delve into the variety of other Disney After Dark events? Extend your excitement and experience with the following experiences.

Disneyland After Dark Sweethearts Nite

When: Jan 23 25 30, Feb 1 6 8 12 & 14, 2024, at Disneyland Park

Love and magic float in the air at Disneyland Resort with Disneyland After Dark Sweethearts’ Nite. Celebrate love with your significant other through heart-fluttering attractions and entertainment, such as rare character meet-and-greets, specially themed food, the royal ball, and a fireworks display.

Every corner of the park is an invitation for you to immerse yourself in Disney’s beloved narratives of love and friendship. From “Lady and the Tramp” to “Tangled”, “Sleeping Beauty”, and “Aladdin”, unique photo stages let you become part of these iconic tales.

Witnessing the transformation of the park under the spell of mesmerizing lights and magnificent projections is purely magical.  As per Disney’s website, you are encouraged not to overlook the “divine lighting fabulous projections and the music of Disney love songs create the ultimate atmosphere for romance friendship and family throughout the park.”

For couples who want to make the Sweethearts Nites experience even more romantic, hop aboard the Mark Twain riverboat and cruise the dazzling Rivers of America. You won’t be able to help but swoon!

Disneyland After Dark: Disney Channel Nite

When: Mar 5 7 2024 at Disneyland Park

Step into a time machine and revisit your favorite childhood memories with Disneyland After Dark: Disney Channel Nite. This specially themed event highlights the golden days of Disney Channel, complete with rhythmic beats, beloved characters, engaging events, unforgettable photo ops, and so much more!

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You are also in for these treats on the Disney Sweetheart Nite:

  • Lose yourself in the nostalgia during a High School Musical pep rally, dancing its way down the avenues of the Disneyland park
  • Show off your best moves at the “Phineas and Ferb” dance extravaganza on the Tomorrowland stage
  • Become the standout star as you pose in settings from beloved classics, including ‘Lizzie McGuire,’ ‘The Cheetah Girls Teen Beach Movie’ and beyond
  • Feast upon an array of specially curated dishes throughout the night, including the delectable mini banana burritos and refreshing tropical banana punch served at Red Rose Taverne. Be sure to also savor the mouthwatering descendants at Red Rose Taverne plus chili cheese loaded nachos and s mores donut skewer from Café Daisy. Fancy having a specially packaged dining experience? Stay tuned! More information on our specialty dining packages will soon be available on Disneyland.com.

Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite

When: June 18 20 2024 at Disneyland Park

We couldn’t host a Disney celebration without the main mouse himself, could we? Prepare for the dazzling Pride Nite Cavalcade featuring Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Clarabelle Donald Daisy and Goofy dressed in special attire. Join them throughout the night, and enjoy an unforgettable party that’ll fill your heart with Disney magic. Plus, get ready to swing and sway with country line dancing at the Golden Horseshoe.

Don’t miss out on Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite! Always visit the Disneyland website, as PT tickets will go on sale soon.

Disneyland After Dark: Star Wars Nite

When: April 16 18 23 25, 30, May 2, 7 & 9, 2024 at Disneyland Park

If you’re a fan of interstellar escapades, buckle up because Star Wars Nites are making a triumphant return! Boasting a higher number of events than previous years, these special nights are set to rocket you into a world of extraordinary galactic adventures. Scheduled during Disneyland’s Season of the Force, you won’t want to miss out on this installment of Disneyland After Dark: Star Wars Nites.

Begin your journey by rubbing shoulders with your favorite Star Wars characters. From the commanding stature of Darth Vader to the endearing charm of R2-D2 and C-3PO, you never know who you might bump into.

Perfect your Jedi moves at the Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple. This interactive show invites you to face off against adversaries like Darth Vader and Kylo Ren. With the guidance of Jedi Masters, you can harness the powers of the Force and bring villains to their knees.

Disneyland Discount Tickets

Pack those mouse ears and be entranced by attractions and entertainment at the Happiest Place on Earth during the Villains After Dark Disneyland event. Double the carefree fun by saving some dough with these discount tickets from Tripster:

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Disneyland Vacation Packages

With two amazing theme parks packed with spectacular rides and nostalgic adventures, Disneyland is the place to create lasting memories with your family.

Once the Disneyland Villains night is over, embrace Disney’s wholesome magic and other Los Angeles California treasures with these vacation packages:

Experience Villains Night Disneyland

Brace yourself for an electrifying venture into the thrilling universe of Disneyland’s Villains Nite. This singular event is much more than a casual evening among Disney’s most notorious nemeses. You’ll have the rare opportunity to rub elbows with some of the most vicious villains in Disney lore.

Whether it’s the irresistible immorality of Maleficent, Loki’s luscious treachery, the deemable ruthlessness of the notorious Queen of Hearts, or even Mother Gothal’s unique brand of wit and wickedness, you’re in for a night of devilish delights.

Among the many highlights of this event, you’ll find a multitude of photo opportunities, each setting offering a step into the world of your favorite villains. Grab the Unlimited Digital Downloads of Disney PhotoPass Photos to take home treasured mementos of your encounter with the characters and of the fun-filled night.

Live entertainment further amplifies the night, including activities like an underworld dance party, guaranteed to tickle your spooky fancy.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there!

As part of the festivities, guests are encouraged to come dressed in their best evil costumes, emulating any vile characters from your favorite Disney channel shows or movie.  Take inspiration from the most despicable personalities of Disney lore, styling your attire to create a wicked look that will stand out in the night.

What are you waiting for? Add Disneyland After Dark events, especially Villains Nite Disney, to the top of your itinerary. While at it, make the most of your trip with Disney California adventure packages.


Start Date:

March 1, 2023 @ 8:00 pm CST

End Date:

March 10, 2023 @ 11:30 pm CST



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Anaheim, CA 92802 United States


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