When is the Best Time to Visit Orlando?

November 9, 2018

Learn the best time to visit Orlando, FL!

Did you know a record 72 million tourists visited Orlando in 2017? Insane, right? With that many people visiting the theme park capital each year, it’s not hard to see why people wonder when the best time to visit Orlando is.

Between peak travel seasons and popular festivals, Orlando can be a madhouse of tourists at times. But, if you plan your trip just right, you’ll take advantage of lower hotel rates, fewer theme park crowds, and picture-perfect Florida weather.

That is, if you follow my advice!

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Cinderella's Castle in Disney World - Orlando, FL USA

When are Orlando’s Busiest Seasons?

While it shouldn’t come as much of a shock, Orlando’s peak tourist seasons are positioned around school breaks and holidays. The busiest times of year are:

  • The first week of each year.
  • President’s Day weekend.
  • Spring break (Mid-March through early May).
  • The entire summer season, from June through August.
  • Mid-November through the Christmas holidays.

Since the majority of Orlando tourists are families with kids, school breaks are prime opportunities for vacation. The area theme parks see a huge spike in attendance during these times.

During peak seasons, theme parks with day-by-day ticket pricing tend to be at their highest, along with airfare and hotel nightly rates. Keep this in mind if you choose to visit Orlando in the busy months.

palm tree and spring flowers with Epcot and Walt Disney World Monorail System tram in the background in Orlando, Florida, USA

When Should I Visit Orlando for the Nicest Weather?

Depending on where you live, any time of year will be the best time to visit Orlando for sunny weather. Escape the cold weather and enjoy the bright Florida sunshine!

However, Orlando has varying seasons that may impact your travels. For instance,  Orlando’s hurricane season runs from about June to November. One minute it could be scorching hot and sunny, the next, a massive thunderstorm!

The winter season isn’t terribly hot and boasts plenty of sunshine. This is why if you’re traveling to escape the cold weather, your best bet will be to visit Orlando from January through April. Of course, you’ll encounter a rain shower or two (it is Florida, after all), but nothing severe!

view of orlando florida skyline and lake

When to Visit Orlando for Lower Prices

Naturally, everyone wants to save money when traveling. To do so, the best time to visit Orlando is in the off-season. Try visiting when school is in session, such as early autumn, or when it’s not a prime travel season.

As a result, some of the best times to travel to Orlando include:

  • Mid-January through mid-February (Before President’s Weekend)
  • Late-February through early March
  • Late August through mid-November
  • Weekdays from late-November to early January

Throughout these months, you’ll take advantage of lower prices and fewer crowds. It’s a win-win! And, with many Orlando theme parks such as Walt Disney World now embracing day-by-day pricing, you can plan your trip around the lowest ticket prices.

In the late winter months, spring, and autumn, you’ll also find the lowest airfare prices as well as hotel rates.

When is the Best Time to Visit Orlando?

With all of this in mind, the absolute best time to visit Orlando is mid-January through mid-March. Throughout these months, you’ll be able to visit Orlando for an affordable price, encounter little to no crowds, and bask in the sunshine.

Many families also prefer to visit in the fall, due to the various festivals at theme parks and throughout Orlando. However, keep in mind that this is hurricane season! While you’ll take advantage of excellent travel rates, the weather may be a gamble.

However, all this said, the best time to visit Orlando all depends on your family’s schedule, travel budget, and vacation goals. Take the time to figure out what your family wants to do in Orlando, when you can feasibly travel, and how much you’re willing to spend on a vacation.

Family Watching SeaWorld Orlando Manta Roller Coaster Go By

Quick Tips for Visiting Orlando

To make the most of your Orlando vacation, follow these easy tips:

If You Want to Go, Go!

Yes, peak seasons will be expensive. But if it’s the only time your entire family can travel together or there’s a festival you’ve been dying to attend, go! Make a plan that works for your family and you’ll have the time of your life.

Don’t worry about crowd sizes or the weather. Focus on spending time in Orlando with your friends and family. That’s what truly matters! You’ll figure out a way around the crowds (Hello, FastPass+!) and how to deal with the weather (pack sunscreen and a poncho.)

Research Travel Promos and Discounts

If you plan to travel during the peak season, search for promotions and discounts to save money. And, if possible, be flexible in your travel schedule and details.

For example, when booking a flight, play around with different dates and departure times. Perhaps you’ll come across a great price! Also, take advantage of Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando’s new ticket prices to organize a vacation around lower rates.

One of the top travel discounts available for Orlando travelers is Bundle it! You can combine your theme park, activity, tour, and show tickets with your choice of hotel for instant savings in addition to the already discounted tickets. You’ll be able to build your own Orlando vacation package choosing the resort, tickets, and shows your family wants. It’s a no-brainer.

Look for Free Things to Do

No one said a trip to Orlando had to include theme parks. There are plenty of activities to do in Orlando besides theme parks. And, better yet, many of them are free!

Explore the great outdoors. Go on a sightseeing tour. Roam through the entertainment and shopping districts. The choice is yours and it won’t break your budget!

Check Out Orlando Events and Festivals

Many travelers believe the best time to visit Orlando is during any of the renowned festivals and events. Visitors come from all over the world to attend these events. From Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival to the Orlando Film Festival, there are hundreds of events to experience. Why not plan your trip around one?

The Best Time to Visit Orlando is Whenever You Want

While the early months have phenomenal weather and great rates, the best time for an Orlando vacation is whenever works best for you! Take advantage of excellent savings by planning your trip today.

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