Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights: 2024 Discount Tickets and Guide

Classic monsters from yore, serial killer dolls, and some raging roller coasters. Think you are brave enough to weather the terrors of Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Hollywood?

Summon up every last ounce of courage, and prepare to scream yourself silly when you attend Universal Studios Hollywood’s spookiest soiree. Follow along to learn all the ins and outs of Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights.

Round up your nearest Halloween fiends and friends, because you won’t want to experience Southern California’s scariest event on your own.

Hop aboard the Terror Tram for an otherworldly ride featuring disturbing twists and turns. Or, make your way through eight terrifying haunted houses based on sinister characters from your favorite scary movies and TV shows.

Watch the devil work his evil as he possesses the bodies of two sweet missing girls or try to resist Vecan’s curse as you reunite with Eleven to save Hawkins from the clutches of the Upside Down.

Chow down on some cinnamon-dusted churros before you make a beeline for the Jurassic World Ride, or catch an electrifying live performance of the Jabbawockeez.

Ready for your evening of blood-curdling entertainment and thrills?

Jump to the section you’d like to check out or read on to get all the deals and details on Horror Night Universal Studios Hollywood.

About Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights

Curious about the history of Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights? Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights is an annual themed event at Universal Studios theme parks. The event initially began as a three-night experience at Universal Studios Florida and then caught on at the Hollywood, Japan, and Singapore park locations.

In fact, Hollywood Horror Nights has an illustrious history in Hollywood that dates back to 1986. In both 1986 and 1992 Universal Studios Hollywood featured Halloween attractions.

While the 1986 attraction was little more than a spooky tram tour, by 1992, Universal Studios Hollywood was piggybacking on the success of Fright Nights at Universal Studios Florida the year before. Finally in 1997, Universal Studios Hollywood would officially launch.

A scary actor in a mummy skull costume scaring two womenSince 2006, it has returned yearly as a seasonal event featuring scare zones, frightful attractions, and themed haunted houses. True Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night fans know that each year Universal Studios changes up the themes of the event to include new and popular terror icons.

Past wacky Halloween Horror Night theme houses have included Bugs: Eaten Alive and Revenge of the Tooth Fairy. In addition to heaps of spine-tingling entertainment offerings, the event also includes a live stage show, specialty food, drink, and merchandise for purchase.

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights Dates

Wondering just when you’ll be able to pencil in your appointment with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Before you steady your nerves and summon your scream squad, let us give you the 411 on the Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights dates and times.

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Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights will run on select nights from September through October.

An scary leprechaun waving a large club while scaring two peopleUniversal Studios Hollywood

Not much for scary movies and screams? Don’t worry! Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights is a specially ticketed event, and if things that go bump in the night aren’t your thing, you can easily indulge in all of the cinematic thrills of Universal Studios Hollywood during the day.

Accio your Nimbus 2000 and ride on over to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for journeys to the Forbidden Forest with Harry, Hermoine, and Ron. Or, receive your very own wand from Ollivanders and sample some fresh Pumpkin Juice.

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Switch out broomsticks and robes for magic mushrooms and plumbers, with a stop to the brand-new Super Nintendo World. Or, get your adrenaline pumping when you are transported to the prehistoric past on a Jurassic World thrill ride.

Watch in awe as apex predators Indominus and Tyrannosaurus Rex battle it out in the jungle. Need some more kid-friendly fun? Join the Minions for a groovy dance party and satisfy your sweet tooth with a giant Simpson-themed pink iced donut from Lard Lad.

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights New Haunted Houses

Are you a Hollywood Horror Nights veteran? Never fear, as every year Universal Studios injects this epic after-hours event with fresh horror, gore, and chaos. Are you craving an apocalyptic encounter with the fungi-crawling Clickers from The Last of Us?

Perhaps you’ve been waiting all year to face off against classic monsters such as the Hunchback of Notre Dame and the Invisible Man? Either way, every square foot of Universal’s Haunted Houses are guaranteed to make you scream.

Dive into the devilish details of every new Haunted House below*:

Very tall scary looking scare actor with horns and a bloodied animal face in a black robeThe Exorcist: Believer

The ultimate evil is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood this October. This retelling of the classic Exorcist tale will leave you questioning reality.

Two innocent girls have gone missing and when they return they have no memory of what transpired. Immerse yourself in this chilling chain of events as you witness the dark depravity of scenes from the movie, coupled with mazes, demonic portals, and more. It just may take an exorcism to save your soul…

Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count

This doll is thoroughly up to no good! Chucky may be only 28 inches tall but don’t let his petite stature fool you. This crazed doll is 100% serial killer and is ready to shed some blood. Guard your loins, as Chucky is determined to turn this house of horrors into a bloodbath. Keep your wits about you and you just may survive his horrific hijinks and ultimate kill count.

Universal Monsters: Unmasked

Prefer your screams with goosebumps with a side of classic literature? Enjoy some throwback monsters from the depths of the Universal catalog with Universal Monsters: Unmasked. This classic Halloween Horror House will be filled to the brim with all manner of creatures, beasts, and villains.

Begin your adventure in the inky dark underground of the Catacombs of Paris, where you will explore crumbling burial grounds. More than just ancient tombs, true evil, and sinister secrets lie beneath this hallowed ground. Be on the lookout for foe from your favorite books and movies including The Phantom of the Opera, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), and The Invisible Man.

These bloodthirsty characters are on the hunt for vengeance and will stop at nothing to make sure you never see the light of day! Don’t forget to tune in to the very special original score created by Grammy Award-winning musician, SLASH, for this Universal Studios Hollywood haunted house.

Terrifying scarecrow scaring two womenStranger Things 4

Grab that Kate Bush cassette because it’s time to run up that hill and protect your adopted home of Hawkins, Indiana. Time travel to the 1980s and give Eleven a hand, when you become part of the scariest season of Stranger Things yet. Come together with your ragtag group of AV club misfits as you conspire to fight mega villain Vecna.

Listen up, and you’ll hear the ominous ticking of the giant grandfather clock. In the battle to protect the real world from the Upside Down, every second matters. Watch as giant black spiders overflow into Vecna’s blood-red Mind Lair and try to claw your way to safety.

The only way to emerge triumphant from this edifice of terror, demo bats, and curses is to face your fears. Team up with Max, Lucas, Will, Mike, Eddie, and more as you travel through recreated scenes from the hit TV show.

The Last of Us

Creepy cordyceps might be the very end of all of us! Brace yourself for the untold frights of a future world with this brand-new haunted house based on the best-selling video game. A zombie apocalypse like you’ve never seen before, brave guests will need to keep their boots on the ground and their mouths shut if they wish to survive this overgrown world of Clickers.

Meander through the post-pandemic ravaged city of Philadelphia as you attempt to make your way to safety. Malevolent mushrooms aren’t your only challenge, as you’ll need to outsmart Stalkers, Runners, and the hostile Hunters group.

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Navigate the Quarantine Zone and explore iconic locations from the Naughty Dog video game, such as the abandoned Hotel Grand and a labyrinth of dark tunnels. Put your faith in the hands of your fast-talking protagonists, Joel and Ellie, and you might just avoid infection.

Scare actor in a skull costumeEvil Dead Rise

Bet you didn’t think pure evil could invade your own L.A. apartment! Prime yourself for blood-splattered walls, ancient curses, and the Book of the Dead, when you enter Evil Dead Rise. This is what happens when unimaginable evil comes home…

Monstruos: The Monsters of Latin America

Monsters in paradise? Explore the lore of Latin America and experience three times the fright with Monstruos: The Monsters of Latin America. Armed with only the La Muerte as your guide, you and your scream squad will have to face a trio of terrifying legends: the blood-sucking Tlahuelpuchi, owl-faced witch La Lechuza and bone-ripping El Silbón.

Holidayz In Hell

It’s the most gruesome time of the year! Tap in for a night of holly jolly horror with Holidayz in Hell. Watch as your most tender memories turn tearful, as monsters from New Year’s Eve to Thanksgiving invade your dreams. Ready to enter hell? Only enter if you dare complete this fear-long celebration.

Still fiending for more chilling Haunted House reveals? Stay abreast on the latest Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night announcements and news when you sign up for their newsletter here. As well as being the first to learn about the latest Haunted House drops and themes, you’ll be first to receive Universal Studios Hollywood’s special offers and deals.

*Please note that Haunted House themes are subject to change.

guests posing with performers in costume at Halloween Horror Nights Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, USA
photo credit: Halloween Horror Nights – Hollywood via Facebook

Past Horror Night Highlights: Terrifying Haunted Houses

While we still may be waiting for final confirmation on the complete list of eight chilling Haunted Houses, true terror geeks can get a sense of spooky scares yet to come when they take a peek back into our archives.

Study the eerie hands-on experiences of Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights past, and you may glean an inkling of horrors yet to come…


Step into the menacing world of Michael Myers and hope you get out alive. No true horror fanatic can resist the allure of a Halloween-themed house of horror. Grab a group of friends to clutch onto as you make your way back in time to that terrifying night in 1963.

Keep your eyes peeled, as you’ll need to escape the knife-wielding clutches of the mentally disturbed Myers.

If you haven’t seen the Halloween franchise, be sure to pop some popcorn and settle in for a full movie marathon before you arrive.

photo credit: Halloween Horror Nights – Hollywood via Facebook

Universal Horror Hotel

Watch your fantasy of flappers and the Charleston be ripped to shreds when you take part in this 1920s-themed nightmare. Check into the Hotel from Hell, where a string of true crime murders and suicides appear stranger than fiction at this thoroughly alarming Universal Hollywood Haunted House.

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The hotel proprietor here was indicted for the murder of his wife and sentenced to the gas chamber. During his gory execution, it is claimed he began to maniacally laugh and stated “I’ll be back.” Now, Hotel Universal’s infamous original owner is a serial killer waiting and ready with your room key.
If you happen to be searching for year-round Hollywood thrills, check out this In-Depth Guide to Rides at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The Weeknd After Hours Nightmare

Prepare for another nightmare of fright as you enter the mind of The Weeknd. This all-night music rave has bandaged maniacs on the loose and grotesque mannequin zombies. Strike a move as you jam out to catchy tunes, and try to save your flesh from the ravenous hoard of crawling undead creatures.

photo credit: Lisa at Looking Glass Travel via Facebook

Horrors of Blumhouse

Straight from the Blumhouse Production Company, get ready for a double feature of horror as visitors face off against a serial killer from the film Freaky and an evil kidnapper from The Black Phone.

Universal Monsters Legends Collide

It’s The Wolf Man vs. Dracula vs. The Mummy. Summon every last iota of strength as you prime yourself to emerge victorious from this doomsday battle against the three most classic Universal monsters. In the fight of Legends vs. Humans, who will win?

photo credit: Universal Parks News Today via Facebook

Killer Klowns

Painted faces, oversized shoes, and squirting flowers. Clowns are truly terrifying! If these masters of chuckles cause you to break out in a cold sweat, you might want to skip this house of hijinks. These Killer Klowns, based on the 1988 cult film, trap their victims in a funhouse of horror. Shield your eyes, as this maze of madness might just drive you insane.

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Pro Tip: For Hollow Eve die-hards, a Frequent Fear Pass may be the way to go. Skip the regular lines at each haunted house and participating attraction to experience more fear each night you attend. Express access is a separate line with a shorter wait at each house/ride/attraction. Please note that this special access does not apply to food and retail locations or shows.

Scarecrow the Reaping

Don’t think farm life is that scary? Hold on to your overalls, because this relatively new addition to the scare scene will have you shrieking through the cornfields.

Rally your scream squad, because it’s all hands on deck when you prepare to take on an abandoned Depression-era farm where the scarecrows ravage the lands. Keep these straw-filled monsters at bay and try to emerge victorious from the attacks of these horrendous winged creatures.

photo credit: SkywalkingAdventure via Facebook

La Lorna the Weeping Woman

Ghosts abound in this frightful house where a woman drowned her children and herself. Based on a Mexican urban legend, this vengeful spirit is not to be trifled with. Said to haunt bodies of water looking for her next kill, you’ll need to keep on swimming to avoid becoming just another body in her long list of victims.

Terror Tram

Let’s not forget the celebrated Terror Tram that started Horror Nights. Last year’s tram journey took us into the mind of one of today’s most renowned horror film directors, Jordan Peele. This year, the extreme fear ride is positively crawling with creepy horrors.

Sadistic souls can hop aboard this death trap and be swarmed by tons of homicidal flies, larvae, and worms. Tour guide Larry Larva is looking for fresh meat, and his bug-headed exterminator is determined to try out the efficacy of his killer pesticide.

Attempt to worm your way to safety, and conclude your night of slithering frights with a walk-through of Jupiter’s Claim from Jordan Peele’s film NOPE.

Past Sinister Scare Zones

Had your fill of Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights Haunted Houses? Hold on to those britches, as there are still boatloads of beastly scares to encounter. Scare Zones are one of the trademark attractions of any Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night and it would be criminal to not pass through for a cheeky scream or two.

Here you can expect scare jumps, interactions with costumed creatures, and maybe even a chainsaw-wielding maniac, or two. While the ghoulish entertainment for this year has yet to be announced, you can take a gander at the petrifying details of the 2022 Scare Zones below:

El Pueblo del Terror

From La Llorona to El Chupacabras, the most terrifying myths of all time converge in one tiny village where la Muerte is your only escape.

Sideshow Slaughterhouse

This zone will send shockwaves down your spine as you step into a seedy sideshow where murderous geeks and freaks take revenge.

photo credit: TLEV Media via Facebook


All faintheartedness aside…If you’re ready to face your phobia and step into a room with demented chainsaw-wielding clowns, we applaud you. If not, keep scrolling!

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Past Outrageous Live Attractions


Jabbawockeez is an integral part of Halloween Horror Night live entertainment. Visitors can expect an all-new show featuring a unique mix of laughs, special effects, music, and creepy dancing.

Universal Studios Hollywood Rides Open During Hollywood Horror Nights

Enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ and face all the Potter demons that keep you up at night. Travel into the depths of darkness when you escape with Harry Potter on a Forbidden Journey™ and the Flight of the Hippogriff™. Ready to really feel Voldemort’s presence?

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Spot a group of Death Eaters, roaming through Hogsmeade™ village looking for others willing to show loyalty to the Dark Lord’s cause. Don’t forget to keep those ears pricked as last year visitors could even hear the unsettling hiss of Parseltongue. Be sure to have that camera at the ready as the Hogwarts Castle will also be boasting special spooky projections.

Of course, there are also signature rides and attractions like Water World™, Revenge of the Mummy℠, and Transformers™-the Ride-3D. Need some dino excitement? Encounter the Indominus Rex as she stalks you through the Jurassic World™-the Ride. For a light-hearted palate cleanser, take a break from the scary stuff, when you swing by Springfield with Homer on the Simpsons Ride.

Visitors should note that the normal Studio Tour will not be running. Additionally, regular Universal shows, such as Kung Fu Panda and Despicable Me Minion Mayhem will be closed.
Consequently, we have the inside track to help you better navigate this Hollywood amusement mecca.

Check out the Insider’s Guide to Universal Studios Hollywood and the Ultimate Guide to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights Discount Tickets

Binged every last scary movie? Take your thrills from the silver screen to real life, when you make a plan for Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights this season. The first step in your daunting journey of blood, grit, and gore is securing your Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights tickets.

Hollywood Horror Nights is a separately ticketed event, as a result, if you wish to enjoy the park during the day you will need to purchase a regular Universal Studios Hollywood admission here.

For all other Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night ticket options, see below:

Single Night Tickets

  • General Admission – The standard general admission ticket allows for entry on one select date of your choice. Daytime admission to the theme park is not included. Also, access to Super Nintendo World during Halloween Horror Night is not included. Entry begins at 7:00 p.m. and does not include any early event access.
  • Universal Express – Looking to get a jump on your night of terror? Guests who spring for Universal Express will enjoy all of the benefits of a General Admission ticket plus one-time (per day) express access to each haunted house, ride, and attraction.*
  • Universal Express Unlimited – Think you want multiple chances to vanquish a Demogorgon with the Stranger Things cast? Up the ante with a Universal Express Unlimited pass. Guests with this pass can reap the benefits of unlimited express access (per day) to each haunted house, ride, and attraction*
  • After 2 PM Day/Night – Want a full day of Universal Hollywood adventure? An After 2 PM Day/Night ticket keeps the fun flowing from the afternoon to the wee hours of the night. Intrepid visitors can enter the park after 2:00 p.m. and enjoy same-day evening General Admission to Halloween Horror Nights event. This ticket also includes same-day access to Super Nintendo World from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.** plus early event access to select haunted houses starting at 5:30 p.m. Please be aware that depending on the crowd levels, Virtual Line reservations may be required to enter Super Nintendo World.

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  • After 2 PM Day/Night Universal Express – Save on time with the After 2 PM Day/Night Universal Express. This nifty pass includes all the benefits of After 2 PM Day/Night entry plus one-time (per day) express access to each ride, attraction, and seated show during the day. Furthermore, guests with this Universal Express pass can also savor spine-tingling one-time express access to each haunted house, ride, and attraction during Halloween Horror Nights.
  • R.I.P. Tour – Call yourself a real Halloween Horror Night VIP? Get the pass to match, when you upgrade yourself to a thoroughly thrilling R.I.P. Tour. Chock full of little luxurious touches and perks, this is the ultimate way to see behind the Universal Hollywood Horror Nights curtain. This ticket includes a guided walking tour of the event, one-time R.I.P. entry to each haunted house as well as select rides and attractions. R.I.P members will also be privy to reserved VIP seating at a live show (based on tour itinerary) while on the tour with R.I.P. Tour Guide, and Universal Express Unlimited access (with R.I.P. Tour credential) at select haunted houses, rides, and attractions for the night of their tour. Furthermore, these grave-digging guests will be blessed with an
    exclusive Universal Backlot Halloween experience complete with private VIP trolley transportation, a gourmet dinner in the private VIP dining room (alcoholic beverages excluded), and complimentary valet parking. Please note that daytime admission to the Park and Super Nintendo World is not included.

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  • Halloween Horror Nights Early Access Ticket – Dying for a head start on all the horror? Add to your cart a Halloween Horror Nights Early Access ticket, and get a jump on the Chucky Madness and Killer Klown jump scares. This ingenious add-on ticket allows you early access to the select haunted houses 1.5 hours before the official event begins. Take note that this ticket only provides early entry and is not valid for Halloween Horror Nights admission, which must be purchased separately for the same date.

*This excludes the Mario Kart™: Bowser’s Challenge.
**Hours are subject to change.

One of the building inside the Universal Studio with creepy design.
photo credit: Halloween Horror Nights – Hollywood via Facebook

Multiple Night Passes

Think one night of zombies, creepy creatures, and demonic dolls won’t be enough? Opt for a multiple-night pass and extend your screaming for 30 + days:

  • Frequent Fear Pass – Forget about miles! The real scream freaks know it’s all about that Frequent Fear Pass. Master your Haunted House and Terror Tram itinerary, when you purchase the pass that allows you General Admission to this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event for up to 30 nights.*
  • Ultimate Fear Pass – Ready to put those scares on repeat? Relish more blood, mayhem, and nightmarish live shows, with the Ultimate Fear Pass. A free for all of terror, this pass provides General Admission to this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event for up to 38 nights with no Blackout dates.

*Blackout dates do apply and include October 7th, 13th, 14th, 20th, 21st, 27th, 28th, and the 29th

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights Discount

Pumpkin-flavored sweets, a flashy new Universal Studios Hollywood hoodie, plus a few Express passes can add up quickly. However Universal Studios Horror Nights Hollywood doesn’t have to destroy your Halloween budget.

Ensure you have plenty of leftover cash for costumes, candy, and maybe even a themed cocktail when you take advantage of the following discounts:

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night Military Discount

Patriotic passion is always a yes at Universal Studios. While you may not be able to score military discounts for Halloween Horror Nights online, U.S. military members can seek out special pricing in person by visiting your nearest base.

While it is not guaranteed that every base will carry discounted Halloween Horror Nights tickets, it’s worth consulting the list of bases provided by Universal here.

A dining area with a Halloween set up.Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night AAA Discount

Who rules the road? AAA members know that it pays to be savvy with roadside assistance. While we can put no price on a quick tow or tire change, thrill-loving ghouls and goblins will be pleased to learn that membership also affords them significant Hollywood Horror Night discounts. To learn more about the AAA savings click here.

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night Senior Discount

Does your favorite senior have nerves of steel? Give Grandma and Grandpa the fright of their life when you invite them to an evening of possessed scarecrows and mushroom-covered zombies. While we know the silver-haired set will be game for these immersive scares, at this time there are no senior-specific discounts being offered.

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night Local Discount

Lucky enough to call the Golden State or LA home? Thankfully you should already feel blessed to live in the company of palm trees and A-list celebrities. However, at this time there are no active local California ticket discounts being offered.

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night Group Travel Deals

Legend has it that you should never attend Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights alone, and we agree! Bring along backup for your after-dark adventure of creepy mazes and moaning Mexican witches, when you go as a group. To inquire about special group discounts for parties of ten or more call 818-622-1550 or fill out a group request here.

A bedroom with an interior Halloween set up.
photo credit: AttractionTickets.com via Facebook

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night Vacation Packages

Hold up there smart saver! Stop scrolling for coupons online. Our team of Universal Studios experts have scoured the internet and determined the best way to save on your Universal adventure is to bundle your tickets.

Squeeze out even more SoCal fun when you combine your daytime Universal Studios ticket with other top-tier Los Angeles attractions. From meetups with Goofy and Mickey at Disneyland to romantic Marina del Rey Dinner Cruises, there are endless ways to experience the charm of La La Land:

Hotels Near Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night

Is your Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night part of a grander California adventure? Don’t limit your exploration of SoCal to just Hogwarts and Haunted Houses. Make a reservation at any of our premier Los Angeles Hotels and relish the perfect pied-à-terre prior to your ‘scareactor’ encounter.

Delight in mountain views in North Orange County or for modern amenities and furnishings just minutes from Anaheim and the airport. From complimentary breakfast to 24-hour fitness facilities, we have options for every type of traveler. As always, make your booking worry-free knowing you are always guaranteed our lowest rates online.

close up of dinosaur at Indominus Rex ride at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, USA
photo credit: Universal Studios Hollywood via Facebook

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night Hotel Packages

Velociraptor encounters, Diagon Alley, and behind-the-scenes looks at your favorite movie stunts – this is the magic of Universal Studios Hollywood. From the Secret World of Pets to Jaws, there’s just never enough time to conquer every moment of movie madness.

Don’t limit yourself to just after-hours shrieking, plan to bundle your general Universal Studios Hollywood tickets with some superior Los Angeles and you’ll have even more time for thrill rides and Transformer battles.

Did we mention a Universal Studios Hollywood Hotel Package can also earn you savings of up to 11%?

Los Angeles Attractions

Already lost your voice due to too many dark alley encounters at Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights? Switch up your midnight rendezvous of monsters and mazes for some good old-fashioned California fun with any of our top Los Angeles attractions and activities.

Whether you are craving a refreshing frozen Dole Whip from Disneyland, or have your eye on a heart-pounding cycle through the picturesque neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach, we have you covered.

  • LEGOLAND California – Get those creative juices flowing when you build your own bricktacular masterpiece at LEGOLAND California. A haven for LEGO-loving tykes, this full-scale theme park contains over 60 rides and attractions. Spin, bounce, and drop with Unikitty or sharpen your warrior skills in the NINJAGO world.
  • Disneyland – Nothing compares to a classic Disneyland day! Trade in scowling jack-o-lanterns for princess meet and greets and It’s a Small World sing a longs when you make a detour for this Southern California staple. Fans of the Jedi Way should be sure to check out the Star Wars universe and come home with their own custom lightsaber.
  • LA in a Day Bike Adventure – Who says exercise and vacation don’t go together? Tag team sightseeing and scorching some calories on this LA in a Day Bike Adventure. Choose from a standard or electric bike tour and take to the SoCal streets for 6 hours of peddling and landmarks. From iconic Beverly Hills neighborhoods to beachy Santa Monica vibes, this immersive tour will allow you to explore some of LA’s most recognizable architectural sights and celebrity homes.

A photo of a kids enjoying the bubbles in the Halloween party

Insider Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night Tip

Stumped on what to expect from your very first Universal Studios Hollywood Horror night experience? While we can’t guarantee not peeing in your pants from petrifying fright, we can assuage your nerves with some top tips and advice:

  • Leave the tiny ones at home! Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights are no joke. Due to the intense nature of the scare zones and haunted houses, this event is recommended for kids 13 and older.
  • While we are sure your Freddy costume is positively gruesome, for the safety of all guests absolutely no costumes, masks, and/or face paint are allowed within the event.
  • Be aware that no food, drinks, bottles, recording/flash photography, flashlights, or laser pens will be permitted in the Mazes and Haunted Houses

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  • Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights is a rain-or-shine event, so please dress accordingly.
  • Umbrellas will be allowed within the park.
  • Do not touch or mistreat the “scareactors” in any way.
  • No line jumping or inappropriate behavior will be permitted within the park.
  • Need a break from the bloody lair of Vecna? No worries, as park re-entry is allowed so hold onto your park ticket and inquire about a hand stamp at the exit.
  • Want up-to-the-minute updates on your favorite Universal rides and live shows? Download the Universal app prior to your arrival and stay connected throughout your Halloween Horror Nights evening.

What to Bring

Wondering what to bring to prepare for your night of witchcraft, creepy scarecrows, and otherworldly evils? Thankfully it pays to pack light for Hollywood Horror Nights. We recommend just bringing along the essentials of cash, credit card, ID, and a light jacket.

Can I Bring Food into Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night?

Feeling famished after your blood-soaked battle with Dracula and the Mummy? As certified foodies, we have to agree that half the fun of a Hollywood Horror Night escape is sampling the amazing variety of seasonal treats.

While absolutely no outside food or drink is allowed within the park, you can go to town munching away on special Horror Night offerings such as craft cocktails, Killer BBQ from Space, and Beef Birria Tacos with Red Sauce.* There are even some quirky take-home snacks that double as souvenirs, such as the light-up Sugar Skull popcorn bucket.

Still not satisfied? For a full sit-down meal, you can always opt for a finger-licking good supper at CityWalk. Stuffed to the brim with both sweet and savory eateries, you can devour offerings from:

*These food item examples are based on last year’s menu offerings.

Tourist enjoying the mummy Ride at Universal Studios.
photo credit: Universal Studios Hollywood via Facebook

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights Parking

Beep beep! Want to ensure you can make a quick Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night getaway? If you are driving yourself into this den of depravity and horror, don’t sweat finding a parking space.

Universal Studios Hollywood offers multiple parking garage options and deals depending on when you plan to arrive. For a full breakdown of parking prices and choices click here.

Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night Reviews

Still unsure if Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights is right for you? Don’t just take our word for it, read real reviews from travelers just like you here.

After the sun goes down and Southern California plunges into darkness, wandering spirits and time-ravaged skeletons make their way to this epicenter of evil.

Witness the arresting transformation of your favorite theme park into a breeding ground for conspiracies, cackling warlocks, and serpent-inspired spells.

Like a nightmare come to life, there’s no escaping the tentacles of Vecna or avoiding the Haitian voodoo of a cursed babydoll.

Try to outsmart the hive mind of the fungi-infested Clickers, or summon every ounce of bravery to make your way out of the dilapidated Paris catacombs.

Reward your efforts with a strong Muerte Margarita or calm your shattered nerves with a hearty helping of piping hot Butterbeer.

From gravity-defying circus freaks to spotting real-life Death Eaters in the wizarding village, you won’t want to miss a second of Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights action.

Ready for Your Own Universal Studios Hollywood Hollywood Horror Nights Adventure?

Book your tickets today!

Have You Been to HHN before? Which haunted house Is your favorite? Haven’t been yet? Which house would you want to go through the most?

Leave us a comment below!

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Written by Isis Maya Nissman

A New York native, Isis-Maya spent most of her professional life working in TV production until a vacation whisked her away to Central...

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