Tripster, an Online Travel Company, Honors 10 Year Employee Anniversary

Tripster, a leader in travel reservations and booking solutions for travel suppliers for 13 years, honored Cary Aguilar June 1st for 10 years of service to the company. Cary, Tripster’s Accounting Manager, started with the company in June of 2004 and is the third employee to reach a ten year work anniversary.

Cary started as a call center agent for Tripster destinations.  During this time he attended Missouri State University in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.  In his third year with the company, a position opened in the accounting department of Tripster.  Cary quickly filled this position, and upon graduation was promoted as the company’s head Accountant.  As Tripster grew to include 10 destinations Cary was responsible for overseeing all product accounts, managing customer transactions and has taken the lead as human resources manager as well.  He is vital to both the supplier and customer aspects of Tripster, and has been a true asset to the company.

Noting his tenure, Cary stated “It doesn’t feel like 10 years, more like five.  Just goes to show time flies when you work for a company where you enjoy what you do.  Being a part of this company has allowed me to thrive both personally and professionally, for which I am grateful.”

“It’s been great having Cary on the team,” stated John Johnson, president of Tripster.  “His attention to detail and commitment to the company is what makes Tripster the reliable company it is today.” Tripster congratulates Cary on 10 years of dedicated service.

About Tripster

Tripster is a travel reservation technology company that focuses on specific travel destinations, offering local expertise and reservations for shows and attractions, as well as hotel reservations to vacationers, families and businesses. The company also offers fulfillment tools to travel suppliers and other regional travel resources. Tripster provides travel service in a variety of markets like Branson, Missouri; Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee; Orlando, St. Augustine, Panama City Beach and Destin, Florida; Williamsburg, Virginia; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; San Diego, California and  the Hawaiian Islands.