New Travel Magazine, Vacation Days, Showcases Regional Travel Spots in Popular Destinations and Focuses on Affordable, Family-Travel

Vacation Days Magazine, published by regional travel and reservation company, Tripster, is designed to reach everyday travel consumers when they are planning their vacations and trips. Like Tripster’s annual travel planner before it, Vacation Days includes listing times and information on hotels, attractions and theme parks, as well as theater and dinner shows for each destination Tripster supports. Currently, the newly enhanced magazine features interesting editorial content related to each destination, including full-length features and photographs, articles and columns on accessible travel areas.

Vacation Days started its initial distribution with its Spring/Summer issue to Tripster’s existing travel customers and travel agent network. And initial feedback from customers, travel suppliers and travel agents is extremely positive for increased distribution for the Fall/Winter issue of Vacation Days. “There has been a great deal of interest,” comments John Johnson, President of Tripster. “In fact, I received direct contact from a customer who called to personally thank me for finally providing a travel-related magazine that was practical enough for the everyday traveler to relate to.”

And considering the demographic of Tripster’s destinations, practical is important. “We are not servicing ‘fantasy’ vacationers dreaming of whisking away to South France or a private beach in the Caribbean. We cater to real families taking real vacations, and that is exactly the type of content we intend to always provide in Vacation Days,” Johnson added.

Among the columns and articles sharing unique travel experiences, the article entitled “Out Of the Ordinary,” which focuses on adventure-related activities, is a representative example of Vacation Days new direction to bring in-depth travel-related content to its customer base.

Vacation Days is a continuation of our overall goal to become more than a vital planning tool– it also can be a fun source of entertainment for the travel customers as well as a marketing partner to the destinations we serve,” said Johnson.

Although Tripster offers services in the destinations featured in Vacation Days, it’s clear from reading the magazine that the publication’s focus is on promoting travel to the destination itself and not just a promotional piece for Tripster. “The content is intended to motivate the customer to simply travel while providing some fun insight into what they can do when they’re there,” said Johnson. “I think that’s what’s missing in the industry.”

Tripster has been producing free travel planners for customers since 2002, and has been providing online reservation services since 2001. Tripster has processed over $25 million in online travel purchases in that time to over 140,000 customers and 4,000 travel agents including many AAA franchised agencies.