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The Hoover Dam is located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River and is a designated historic landmark, praised for its architecture innovations! This tour will take you to explore the extraordinary concrete arch-gravity dam, along with numerous other must-see sites in the area, in a luxurious air-conditioned bus! It’s a must-do if you want to learn more about the Hoover Dam.

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To begin the tour, you will climb aboard a luxury bus and ride from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam. Once there, you will get the whole Hoover Dam experience complete with a tour of the generator room underneath the dam. After this, you have a choice between visiting the Bypass Bridge next to the dam and then exploring Boulder City, or going to Lake Mead to enjoy an afternoon lunch cruise on the water. We make pickups easy by coming directly to your Las Vegas hotel on the Strip. This saves everyone time and allows the tour to run on time and smoothly throughout the day. Not to mention, it is much easier for you!

Your ride for the day is a luxury 55- passenger bus. Complete with individually-controlled air conditioning, adjustable seats, and an on-board restroom, we put your comfort first. On the drive out of town, your professional and knowledgeable driver and guide will give you information and history about the local area. When you get to the dam, you will be escorted to the Visitor Center. Here you will begin your Hoover Dam experience by walking through exhibits, models, and photos that will give you an introduction to the Hoover Dam. Then you will see a short film giving you more background on the man-made wonder.

Now that you have had an introduction, it is time to go deeper. You will ride the elevator 530 feet down through the canyon walls and arrive in the Hoover Dam Power plant. The first sight is of the large pipes that pump water from Lake Mead into the Hoover Dam generators. These pipes are 30 feet in diameter, making them able to pump thousands of gallons of water every second. Next, you will head to see the generators which create power from this water. There are 17 altogether, on this tour you will see eight of them. Your dedicated guide will share information and facts along the journey. Lastly, you will travel back up to the ground level for interactive exhibits and historical facts on the dam.

The final portion of the tour is the outside walking tour of the dam. Here you can learn about the buildings and statues that surround the dam, walk all the way across it for amazing views, and enjoy the wonder that is the Hoover Dam. Following your power plant tour, your luxury tour bus will be waiting to take you to the next location. Now there are two choices of how to continue on this tour.

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