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Aquatica - SeaWorld's Waterpark in Orlando, Florida


From high-speed water slides and exhilarating wave pools to tranquil beaches, Aquatica, voted USA’s #1 waterpark, delights all ages. Featuring 43 slides, rivers and lagoons and 84,000 square feet of sparkling white, sandy beaches, Aquatica offers exclusive attractions that promise unlimited fun and amazing undersea adventures. New in 2019 is KareKare Curl™.

Good To Know

from Ashley, one of our Orlando Travel Experts
  • One of the best waterparks in Orlando suited for all ages.
  • Ihu's Breakaway Falls™ is a must try for the thrill seekers.
  • Aquatica features a unique and quirky Pacific Rim theme with variety of water slides, wave pools and lazy rivers.
  • Wear lots of sunscreen to stay safe during your day in the sun.
  • Cashless wristbands are available at guest relations and may load cash or credit card; you may lock your wallet or cash throughout the day.
  • Buy lunch before noon to avoid long lines at any of their dining facilities.
  • Bathing suit thongs are not permitted.
  • Hands-free cameras may be used on certain attractions at Aquatica; all other cameras are not permitted.
  • Coolers are permitted, but they must be no larger than 16-quart size.
  • Drinking straws are not permitted nor used inside the parks.


from Aquatica - SeaWorld's Waterpark
From high-speed water slides and exhilarating wave pools to tranquil beaches, Aquatica, voted USA’s #1 waterpark, delights all ages and interests. This one-of-a-kind waterpark is home to some of the world’s most thrilling water rides, featuring 43 slides, rivers and lagoons and 84,000 square feet of sparkling white, sandy beaches. New in 2019 is KareKare Curl™. This new ride could be described as a "curve-shaped wave" which riders will experience when climbing the vertical wave wall. Aquatica offers exclusive attractions that promise unlimited fun, sending guests on amazing undersea adventures.

Aquatica by SeaWorld features:

  • New! KareKare Curl - A curve-shaped wave that gives you a weightlessness experience

  • Ray Rush - Award-winning family water slide

  • Omaka Rocka - A high-speed tubes and half-pipe funnel water rush

  • Whanau Way – Featuring quadruple slide towers

  • Dolphin Plunge – An aquatic rush that sends you racing through an underwater world in two side-by-side enclosed tubes

  • Loggerhead Lane – A Unique lazy river experience

  • Kata’s Kookaburra Cove – Beginner's body slide, water spouts and splashtastic rides for the little ones

  • Cutback Cove and Big Surf Shores – Two giant side-by-side wave pools

  • Roa’s Rapids – A free flow ride with high tides and gushing geysers

  • Tassie’s Twisters – A super fast ride that shoots you into a massive bowl before spinning back into the lazy river

  • Taumata Racer – A high-speed competitive mat ride
    where eight racers rip down a staggeringly steep hill, head first

  • Walkabout Waters – A 15,000 square foot area for kids, featuring the 60-foot tall rain fortress

  • Walhalla Wave and HooRoo Run – A thrill ride for the whole family with a 6-story maze of twists, turns, and tunnels

  • Animal exhibits at Aquatica Waterpark include the Fish Grotto and Commerson’s Dolphins, among others.

    The extraordinary experiences at Aquatica range from the serene to the extreme, making it the perfect Orlando Water Park for those of all ages.

    Orlando Customer Reviews

    45 Reviews
    marietta clark
    Ocala, FL
    1 Review
    Verified Traveler
    "Orlando Aquatica"
    July 2019 NEW
    Purchasing the ticket thru tripster was fast and very easy. I will assure you that I will use tripster again.
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    Tip: Expect to have a wonderful time and will enjoy every part of it.

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    Curry Brown
    Jacksonville, FL
    1 Review
    Verified Traveler
    "Aquatica trip"
    July 2019 NEW
    It’s was great! I will use tripster again and I didn’t have to wait in a long line and we went in the the water park smoothly! I loved it
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    Tip: Just make sure you have a good email address!

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    Orlando Customer
    Medina, NY
    1 Review
    Verified Traveler
    July 2019 NEW
    After having several issues with the Aquatica website I thought I would try to purchase tickets from Tripster. Never had dealt with them before but I'm glad I did. They got my tickets to me in a timely manner and also made me feel my purchase was secured.
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    Tip: This is a very secured site and customer service is extremely efficient.

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    Pedro Reyes
    Barceloneta, PR
    1 Review
    Verified Traveler
    "Excelente servicio"
    July 2019 NEW
    Excelente precio
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    Lucy Viruet
    1 Review
    Verified Traveler
    "Amaysing experience"
    July 2019 NEW
    My family and I enjoyed all day. I recommend it.
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    Shiemay Johnson
    North Port, FL
    1 Review
    Verified Traveler
    "First time goer"
    June 2019 NEW
    The lazy river and the free following river was to small. WAy to many people for that park. Did not get on the slides as the lines were way to long. Not a park that I would go to a second time.
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    Tip: Parking is very expensive

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    Orlando Customer
    1 Review
    Verified Traveler
    "Belle journée de vacances en famille ou en couple."
    June 2019 NEW
    Un parc d'attraction qui vous assure plaisir et des sensations fortes !

    Pour la sécurité de vos biens, un casier est disponible (15$). Le forfait de nourriture pour la journée est bien (40$). Il est possible de diner et souper tôt sur place. En collation, les fruits sont rafraîchissants par de chaudes journées. Pour ce qui est du stationnement, il est possible d'éviter les frais si vous prennez le service de transport en commun ( Trolley, Lynxs,...).
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    Aida Vazquez
    Casselberry, FL
    1 Review
    Verified Traveler
    June 2019 NEW
    Awesome experience! Was so easy and cheaper to buy the tickets online with Tripster to go to Acuática. I recommended my friends to do it with them because you save money and time.
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    Tip: No waiting in line to validate tickets you go right to the entrance after you print out your tickets or you can use your phone.

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    TripAdvisor Reviews
    TripAdvisor user image
    Juncos, Puerto Rico
    "Summer 2019"
    TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
    Reviewed July 19, 2019 NEW
    one of my favorite parks whenever I'm in Orlando I visit it, this time my family and I enjoy a hot day but the employees and the attractions and their roller coasters!! always make the difference I recommend it 100%
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    TripAdvisor user image
    Richmond, Virginia
    "I See SeaWorld"
    TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
    Reviewed July 19, 2019 NEW
    My husband and I didn’t have our grown kids or grandkids with us, yet we had a blast. I lived the shows and recommend that you get the all-day dining plan. It’s worth it!
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    TripAdvisor user image
    "We LOVE Sea World Orlando, but had one issue!"
    TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
    Reviewed July 19, 2019 NEW
    We had 2 day passes, it was me, my 2 daughters ages 6 and 3, and my niece age 16. We went Monday and Wednesday and spent the day and night there. We had a blast! We purchased the unlimited quick queues for both days. It stormed a lot, and rides were closed for 3-5 hours each day. So, we were kind of bummed. Wednesday evening, my mom and kids left. My niece and I stayed, hoping we could get our money's worth since we purchased the $50.00 passes to get to front of the line. We went and had dinner at Voyager's Smokehouse (my most favorite place ever to eat) We had the meal plan, which is SO worth it. So, after we ate, only indoor rifes were open. It wasn't raining or storming. We made our way and went to the indoor Artic ride. After that, we were still bummed because we paid so much and wanted to ride the big rides. We wanted and adventure, so we asked at Shamu Stadium where to sit, and we got SOAKED! It was a lot of fun. On the way out, we saw that MAKO was open! We were so excited, we could finally use our quick passes and ride! We rented a locker and got in the line, let me tell you there was NO line because it was 9:00! We didnt even need those, but we used them anyways, because we spent $50 each for them. Well, we rode it and LOVED it and did it like 5 times in a row. The manager, her name was Ashley, was SO SO SO RUDE to us. She made us feel unwelcome and was mad we kept riding it, again there was barely a line! We honestly were trying to get our money's worth, since rides were closed for 4-5 hours! It was almost closing time, and we didn't have the time to walk to other coasters so we said, let's just keep doing this. I have never in my life been treated as badly as she treated us. I know she is the manager because I asked the man at the front of the line, then we overheard her talking crap about us on her walkie to that man! I'm sorry we were having a blast and paid a lot of money to do this. She had no right in treating us in the way she did. Again, her name is Ashley, manager at MAKO. We had 2 amazing days at Sea World, but this was at the end of our trip and she left the worst taste in our mouth as we were leaving. She doesn't deserve the postion she is in, and I would love an apology. Overall. Sea World and all the other staff is AMAZING. We had the time of our lives, untl encountering this lady!
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    TripAdvisor user image
    Jesper W
    TripAdvisor user rating 1 out of 5
    Reviewed July 19, 2019 NEW
    Nothing was working and everything was delayed! Not a good experience for us as tourists, and the staff did not care about it!
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    TripAdvisor user image
    Isle of Man, United Kingdom
    "Let down very badly by All Day Dining Plan."
    TripAdvisor user rating 1 out of 5
    Reviewed July 19, 2019 NEW
    Our whole day was spoilt,by the all day dining plan,which we compared to Disney.We paid for four adults ,which was quite expensive but it was obviouse to us that the so called dining plan had not been thought through.We feel it would be better to stick to what they know ie Amazing Shows.Because of the way the Customer Service team have dealt with us we will not return.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Aquatica - SeaWorld's Waterpark

    How much is parking at Aquatica?
    Spaces are available for a variety of vehicles. Fees are listed below:

    • Cars & Motorcycles: $25
    • RVs: $30
    • Preferred Parking: $30
    Guests visiting SeaWorld or Aquatica, SeaWorld's Waterpark in the same day pay parking only once.

    What are Aquatica security’s procedures? 
    Aquatica security procedures may result in slight delays while entering the park. As a part of this process: All bags, backpacks, and packages are subject to inspection prior to entering the park. As a reminder, the following items are not permitted to be brought into Aquatica for the safety of our animals and our guests: weapons, glass bottles, cans, any other type of sharp objects, straws, large hard or soft coolers, and any hazardous items or materials. Please leave any unnecessary articles secured within your vehicle to expedite your entry into the park.

    Are coolers permitted at Aquatica?
    Coolers are permitted, but they must be no larger than 16-quart size; large insulated bags are available for purchase at Guest Relations. For guests with special dietary requirements, a limited number of daily lockers are available for rent for unlimited access/use. Two picnic areas are located at the bus drop-off area at the front of the park and guests may re-enter these areas as often as they would like during an operating day.

    What type of food and beverage items are not permitted at Aquatica?
    Picnic lunches or other family portion servings (such as large bags of chips, 2-liter sodas, sandwiches, hot dogs, slices of pizza, subs, fried chicken, etc.)  and alcohol are not permitted. Coolers may contain snacks in individual serving sizes (cracker packs, under 3 oz. bags of chips, fruit snacks, etc.), bottled water, baby food in plastic containers.

    What items are not permitted inside Aquatica?
    Glass containers, firearms, straight blade knives, large pointed scissors, pocket knives with a blade over two inches, pepper sprays, utensils and flammable liquids.

    Are strollers and wheelchairs available for rent? 
    Yes. These can be rented inside the park to the right of Guest Services.
    • Single Stroller: $15
    • Double Stroller: $25
    • Manuel Wheelchair: $12 
    • EVC: $50 

    How warm is the water at Aquatica?
    There is a state-of-the-art climate control system that adjusts the water temperature according to the weather so that it's always just right. The water can be heated up to 84 degrees.

    Are lockers available for rent? 
    A one-time locker fee gives you a full day's worth of unlimited access. Small lockers are $15 and large lockers are $20 per day. All locker rentals require an additional $10 refundable key deposit

    Are towels available at Aquatica? 
    Beach towels can be rented for the entire day for a $4.00 each. Towels can also be purchased at any of our shops throughout the park.

    What is your life vest policy?
    Safety is our No. 1 concern, therefore, all guests under 48" are required to wear life vests on most attractions. United States Coast Guard (USCG) Type III life vests in a variety of sizes and Type II for infants free of charge throughout the park. Only USCG Type II or III life vests may be worn; floatation devices such as noodles, swimmies, puddle jumpers, in-suit floatation devices, personal swim rings/floats and boogie boards are not permitted. Personal life vests that are in good condition and clearly marked approved by the USCG - Type II or III may be worn at Aquatica if approved and tagged by our staff.

    Are swim masks and goggles allowed at Aquatica? 
    For the safety of our guest swim masks are not permitted at Aquatica. Swim goggles are permitted.

    What is Aquatica’s smoking policy?
    For the comfort and safety of all of our guests, smoking is permitted in the park in designated smoking areas only.

    Is the park easily accessible for people with disabilities? 
    Aquatica is committed to providing a comfortable experience for all of our guests. The wave pool beaches are sand; however, the remainder of the park has paved pathways. All rivers and family attractions have beach entries (no steps). The park has five attractions designed with towers that do require stair climbing. The stairs are accessible by current ADA guidelines. Wheelchairs will be available for rental (first-come, first-served). Guests may reserve wheelchairs on-line prior to their visit.  Service Animals are welcome at Aquatica. Service Animals are limited to dogs and miniature horses that have been individually trained to do work or perform a task for the benefit of an individual with a disability. Service Animals are NOT permitted on any attraction at Aquatica.

    What happens if it rains?
    We offer a Sunny Day Guarantee for your Aquatica visit. Sunny Day Tickets are issued if rides are closed for more than one hour due to inclement weather and the guest has been in the park for less than five (5) hours. Guests who have been in the park for more than five hours may request a 50% off return ticket valid for 1 year from the date issued. Sunny Day tickets will be issued at the Guest Relations at Aquatica after one hour of ride closure until rides re-open. Guests must exchange their single day ticket before being issued a Sunny Day Ticket and may not re-enter the park. Sunny Day Tickets are valid for a return visit within 90 days from the date of issue. Aquatica reserves the right to change this policy without prior notice, some restrictions apply:
    • All Sunny Day Guarantee tickets will be issued at Guest Relations area near the park exit.
    • Parking, Lockers, All Day Dining, Quick Queue, Signature Seating, and other park amenties are non-refundable and not eligible for replacement under Sunny Day Guarantee.
    • Weekday Tickets will be eligible for a Weekday Sunny Day Guarantee ticket.
    • The following are not eligible for Sunny Day Tickets
      • Guests that have been in the park for more than 5 hours
      • Guests who leave without exchanging their ticket on the day of their original visit
      • Guests who do not have their original admission ticket
    • The following may not be eligible for Sunny Day Tickets and should check at guest relations for details
      • Promotional/discounted tickets
      • Multi Day tickets (Two, Three and Unlimited Visits are not eligible)
    What are the ride requirements at Aquatica?
    For information regarding Aquatica ride requirements, click here.