Where to See Celebrities in LA: The Top Spots

September 16, 2019

No matter when you’re visiting Los Angeles, you’re bound to bump into a celebrity or two.

While it may come as a surprise, celebrities are regular people just like us. You’ll find them eating at their favorite Los Angeles restaurants, shopping for their families, and seeing the sights around the city. If you’re wondering where to see celebrities in LA, you’ll want to check out these top spots.

Los Angeles Restaurants

Of the ways to spot celebrities in Los Angeles, dining at popular restaurants may be the easiest. It’s almost impossible to visit LA’s top restaurants without seeing a star or two. Considering that the greater Los Angeles area is massive, you’ll have your fair share of restaurants to choose from. However, for a chance to run into your favorite celebrity, visit these notable dining destinations.

The Restaurant at Chateau Marmont

The Chateau Marmont is a timeless destination for Hollywood’s stars. From top-billed directors and producers to the stars themselves, this hotel’s guest list is stacked. The intimate Restaurant at Chateau Marmont offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a late-night menu to accommodate guests. If you choose to make this restaurant your celebrity sighting spot, I suggest making reservations in advance. Why not stay the night as well?


Located in Venice, CA, Gjelina is an eclectic restaurant known to host many a celebrity. Their creative plates and extensive menu have made them a top choice among stars, tourists, and locals alike. Again, you’ll want to reserve your table ahead of time, should you choose to dine here.

Little Dom’s

For classic Italian cuisine with a side of celebrity spotting, head over to Little Dom’s. Right in Los Feliz, Little Dom’s features everything from breakfast to dinner all with a focus on iconic Italian flavors. Celebrities flock to this cozy restaurant for superb seafood, pizza, drinks, and more.

LAX is a great place to see celebrities in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Attractions and Destinations

Those searching for where to see celebrities in LA won’t need to look far. From the moment you arrive in Los Angeles, your celebrity spotting excursion has begun!


Everyone traveling in and out of Los Angeles uses the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), unless they choose to drive or take the train. Your favorite musicians, artists, and celebrities frequent this airport, too. Although the majority of stars stick to the private airline lounges, they still have to go through security or wait for their luggage at baggage claim. When traveling through LAX, keep your eyes peeled. You never know who you might run into!

The Grove

For excellent shopping and celebrity sightings, head to the Grove. This premier shopping destination includes top brands, designer boutiques, fine dining, and regular events. You’re bound to pass by a celebrity or two while shopping!

Runyon Canyon

If you’ve studied up on where to see celebrities in LA, then you’ll know that a hike through Runyon Canyon is sure to produce a few star sightings! Only two blocks away from the bustling Hollywood Boulevard, Runyon Canyon Park offers 130 acres of trails for guests to explore. While some trails offer leisurely strolls, others can count as your workout for the day! Be on the lookout for celebrities and unparalleled views of the city.

Beverly Hills Hotel

Located on Sunset Boulevard, the famous Beverly Hills Hotel is another great spot to find celebrities in Los Angeles. This 5-star hotel has served celebrities and tourists alike for just over a century. Complete with luxurious lounges, bars, restaurants, and immaculate guestrooms, the Beverly Hills Hotel draws in celebrities from all over the world. Although, they may retreat to one of the bungalows onsite for a bit of added privacy!


Even celebrities can’t resist the magic of Disneyland. While you’re in line for Dumbo the Flying Elephant or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, be on the lookout for a celebrity or two. After all, who doesn’t love spending a day at the most magical place on Earth?

Catch a glimpse of your favorite star at a Los Angeles movie premiere.

Movie Premieres

Naturally, movie premieres make the list of where to see celebrities in LA. If you’re set on spotting your favorite celeb while visiting California, check out these historic theaters during a movie premiere:

  • The Egyptian Theatre
  • TCL Chinese Theatre
  • Universal CityWalk
  • El Capitan Theatre
  • The Village Theatre

If you do manage to get a ticket to a movie premiere, look your best and be ready to impress! You’ll be coming face-to-face with a myriad of stars.

Celebrity Tours

To learn more about the celebrities living and working in Los Angeles, why not reserve your spot on one of the many celebrity tours around town? While celebrity sightings cannot be guaranteed, you never know who you’ll come across. Popular tours include the TMZ Celebrity Tour and Movie Stars’ Homes Tour.

Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremonies

Every celebrity dreams of getting a permanent star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Walk of Fame star ceremonies are free to attend and draw in quite the crowd! You don’t need a ticket or a reservation, either. Simply show up early enough to claim your spot and wait for the ceremony to begin. While you know which celebrity will be receiving a star that day, you can’t anticipate which additional celebrities will show up in support!

Since you’ll be there for quite some time waiting, bring comfortable shoes, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. And don’t forget to charge your phone and bring your camera for pictures!

Be Part of a Live Studio Audience

From Ellen to The Big Bang Theory, Los Angeles is the headquarters of many popular television shows. Several of these shows allow studio audiences to join in the fun free of charge. If you want a guaranteed celebrity sighting, get yourself a ticket to these shows!

Each show has their own way of distributing and selling studio audience tickets. To sit in the audience of your favorite show, use this guide to secure tickets.

Madame Tussauds Hollywood

If you don’t have the opportunity to see your favorite celebrity in person, you can always go to Madame Tussauds Hollywood and take a picture with their wax figure. Madame Tussauds Hollywood features everyone from Justin Bieber to Kobe Bryant!

Whether you see a celebrity on a tour or in person, follow these tips for the best experience.

Tips for Meeting a Celebrity in Los Angeles

Now that you know where to see celebrities in LA, it’s time to learn what to do when you see one. If you are fortunate enough to spot a celebrity in Los Angeles, follow these tips for a great experience:

Be Respectful

Always keep in mind that celebrities are human. They might be running an errand, having dinner with a family member, or doing something for their next project when you spot them. Do not bombard them while demanding an autograph or a picture.

Instead, politely approach the celebrity and greet them, only if they do not appear to be busy. If they’re at a restaurant or in the middle of a conversation, it may be best to wait or continue on your way. Assuming the celebrity allows you to have a conversation with them, then you may ask for a photo and/or autograph.

The Celebrity May Decline a Photo or Autograph

There’s no need to be a paparazzi. Do not take a picture until you have permission to do so. If the celebrity declines your request for a photograph or autograph, don’t be upset. Instead, thank them for their time and enjoy the rest of your vacation in Los Angeles.

You’re likely the millionth person that has asked for one that day. However, if you’re respectful of their time and space, they will be more inclined to take a picture with you.

Know Where to See Celebrities in LA

Now that you know where your favorite stars can be found in Los Angeles, you need to book your vacation! Start planning your trip by browsing the wide selection of attractions, activities, shows, and hotels from Tripster Los Angeles.

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