Ultimate Guide to the Empire State Experience: Coupons, Discounts, and Deals

February 9, 2022

From the flashing lights of Times Square to the lush rolling hills of Central Park and the glamorous shops on Fifth Avenue, there is nothing quite like a New York City getaway.

With hundreds of iconic attractions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ellis Island, and the Empire State Building. You could easily spend a lifetime exploring every inch of the city that never sleeps. Follow along with our ultimate guide to uncover the best coupons, discounts, and deals for the Empire State building Experience.

Of all of the city’s storied landmarks, none has captured the hearts and the minds of the world more so than the Empire State Building. Recently refurbished, this Art Deco architectural marvel shines brighter than ever.

While we may not be able to magically extend your NYC vacation time, we can help you make the most of your Empire State experience.

Guide to Discounted Tickets

Ready to answer the siren call of the Empire State? Before you embark on your journey 1,050 feet into the sky, you’ll need to pre-purchase your Empire State Building Experience tickets

Booking your tickets ahead of time ensures maximum savings and lets you bypass any extraneous booking fees.

Ticket Packages & Bundles

The Big Apple is just bursting with Broadway shows, bus tours, and more. Get your pick of the juiciest savings when you bundle your favorite NYC activities into one of our incredible NYC Vacation Packages

Whether you wish to pay your respects at the 9/11 Memorial or gaze in wonder at the giant Blue Whale in the Natural History Museum, we offer convenient vacation packages for every budget and desire.

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The Empire State Building and city skyline with a pink sunset in Manhattan in NYC, New York, USA

photo credit: Kit Suman via Unsplash


Towering over the public on 34th Street and Fifth Avenue, the Empire State Building is just a short walk from many popular hotels and is easily accessible by public transit.

The closest subway stops and directions are as follows:

  • The 123 or ACE lines - exit the subway at the 34nd Street – Penn Station stop and walk five minutes to the building’s entrance
  • The NQR or BDFM lines -exit the subway at the 34th Street – Herald Square Station stop and walk five minutes to the building’s entrance.
  • The 456 or 7 lines - exit the subway at the Grand Central Terminal stop and walk 10 minutes to the building’s entrance

Included in Your Ticket

Awe inducing scenic vistas are what’s on deck when you visit New York City’s fourth-tallest building. However, besides marveling at the Empire City from above, your Empire State Building Ticket  (encompasses) some incredible complimentary experiences, including:

  • All exhibits on the 2nd and 80th floors
  • The stunning Fifth Avenue lobby (also a designated historic landmark)
  • Self-guided audio tour

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Free Exhibits & Historical Retrospectives

  • The Site in the 1920s - explore the building through the eyes of the surveyors and discover what life was like on the streets of NYC in the roaring 1920s. 
  • Construction - snap as many selfies as you desire with the four life-like bronze sculptures of building workers from this time period. Marvel at the trio of copper building models showing the building at various points during construction.
  • Opening Day - extra, extra, read all about it! It’s 1931, and the Empire State building is finally open!
  • Modern Marvel - a greener future for tomorrow! This exhibit outlines the specific sustainable measures taken to ensure the Empire State building’s role as a leader in energy efficiency.
  • Otis Elevators - go for a ride in a replica of the Building’s original mast car, complete with initial hardware. Or feel the pure power of’ present-day elevator technology with a simulation of an elevator shaft.
  • Urban Campus - who works, lives, and pays rent in the world’s most photographed building?
Black and white close up of the Otis Elevator doors in the Empire State Building with an image of the building on them in NYC, New York, USA

photo credit Empire State Building via Facebook

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  • World’s Most Famous Building - from our favorite romantic comedies to Kit Kat commercials, the Empire State building is no stranger to the silver screen. Witness a pop-culture montage of over 600 clips from commercials, films, TV shows, comics, and games in this unique exhibit.
  • Kong - the beast from the jungle, is loose again! Touch Kong’s hands and feel them vibrate as he attempts to climb the tower.
  • Celebrity - celebrities, they are just like us-  in that they flock to the 86th-floor observation deck! Star lovers will flip over the plethora of signed memorabilia and photos from everyone’s favorite A-listers, sports talent, and pop icons.
  • NYC Above & Beyond - create your own dream NYC travel itinerary in partnership with NYC & Company.
  • Artistry and Light - dive inside the intriguing world of the building’s custom light and music shows with world-renowned lighting designer Marc Brickman.
  • Stephen Wiltshire’s Drawing - gaze in wonder at the incredible, recreated from memory, drawing of New York City’s aerial view by famed artist Stephen Wiltshire.
  • Scenes of NYC - utilize the iconic ​​​​​building’s classic viewfinders, and have a gander at the panoramic views of nine different famous New York locations from the 80th floor.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate the Fifth Avenue lobby’s completely refurbished atrium and marvel over the 12,000 ft of recreated historic glassware.

Close up of King Kong's hands breaking through the walls of the Empire State Building and his face on the other side of the window in NYC, New York, USA

photo credit: Empire State Building via Facebook

Guide to The Empire State Building Experience App

Conquer the Empire State Building like a true New Yorker with the handy official Empire State Building Guide App

With a wealth of Empire State Building knowledge in the palm of your hand, this free app lets you expertly plan your visit to this iconic Manhattan structure while you race to the top exhibits, accessing a library of tower light shows, image galleries, and Sustainability. 

Chock full of fun facts regarding the stately building’s history and architecture, the App also serves as a personal tour guide once on site. 

Maneuver your way from the ground floor, all the way to the sky-high Observation deck. Meanwhile, learning about the Empire State’s key landmarks and neighborhoods.

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Promos & Discounts

Is your journey to the Big Apple a full-on family affair? If you’re planning a visit with a group of 20 or more, you are eligible for some serious discounts! 

Bring Your Own

Level up your NYC savings with a pinch of planning and a sprinkle of forethought. Make sure to bring along your own:

  • Water Bottle
  • Stroller 
  • Camera/phone*
  • Your own binoculars 

**Please note professional camera equipment such as mono-pods, bi-pods, and tripods are not allowed in the Empire State Building. 

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Parking in a city that never sleeps is no picnic! We suggest arriving via Uber or public transit to reduce unnecessary stress, frustration, and parking fees. 

Ayn Rand stated, “I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York’s skyline.” 
Truly there is nothing more magical or more awe-inspiring than glimpsing at the Manhattan metropolis from above. 

Over four million visitors every year step foot into the ‘Heart of NYC’ to witness its spellbinding views. Meanwhile, delving into the fascinating history, and architectural prowess.

Celebrate 90 years of inspiration, hope, and artistry when you visit the Empire State Building today!

daytime view of new york city from top of the rock at rockefeller centerHave Anything to add to our Guide to the Empire State Building Experience?

Let us know in the comments below!

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