Ultimate Guide to LEGOLAND® Florida Coupons, Discounts, and Savings

June 27, 2020

Ready to see your kids’ faces light up?

LEGOLAND® Florida 150-acre family theme park, designed for families with children ages 2–12, offers more than 50 kid-friendly rides, shows and attractions themed around the legendary toy building brick—the LEGO®.

LEGOLAND® Florida Resort also features themed dining, shopping, botanical gardens, and The LEGO® World of Chima with an interactive water ride, 4-D movie experience and more.

Plus, guests can now visit the all-new THE LEGO MOVIE World where the immersive world of THE LEGO® MOVIE™ comes to life! 

There are multiple discounts, deals, and coupons available for this family adventure, so we put together the ultimate, step-by-step guide to save you money for your LEGOLAND® vacation.

Discounted tickets for LEGOLAND® Florida

Not going to need any lodging on vacation? If you only looking for cheap tickets, you can get a great deal by saving up to $15 per LEGOLAND® Florida ticket by pre-purchasing your tickets.

  • 2 LEGOLAND® tickets = SAVE UP TO $30
  • 3 LEGOLAND® tickets = SAVE UP TO $45
  • 4 LEGOLAND® tickets = SAVE UP TO $60
  • 5 LEGOLAND® tickets = SAVE UP TO $75
  • 6 LEGOLAND® tickets = SAVE UP TO $90

Not only will you save money, but you’ll save time. Get the most out of your limited vacation time and avoid as many long lines as possible. 

By purchasing your discounted tickets in advance, your mobile phone or printed voucher means you can skip the ticket line.

Even bigger savings for LEGOLAND® Florida

Want to instantly save up to 30% off on your LEGOLAND® travel itinerary? 

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Other people are wasting time searching for promo codes that don’t work or online coupons that have expired. You don’t need any of those headaches with Tripster.

Just simply book both your tickets AND hotel at the same time and Tripster will automaticallyreward YOU by discounting your purchase.

  • LEGOLAND ® + hotel = SAVE UP TO 30%



The biggest savings at LEGOLAND® Florida

Now for the biggest savings for your family because we want you to get the most value for your money when it comes to creating memories at LEGOLAND®. BIG SAVINGS on your tickets mean more money to make even bigger vacation plans.

In the past, you may have made the costly mistake of purchasing multiple amusement park tickets and lodging each on separate websites.

All of these different purchases on different websites can end up costing your family HUNDREDS of extra dollars


Because combining attraction tickets plus lodging in ONE great combo package can bring massive savings to your vacation budget.

Take a look at a few of these examples:

  • LEGOLAND® + Universal Orlando Resort + hotel = SAVE UP TO 17%
  • LEGOLAND® + SeaWorld + hotel = SAVE UP TO 26%
  • LEGOLAND ® + Walt Disney World + hotel = SAVE UP TO 30%

Saving up to 30% on your vacation! 

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Think of all the other things you could add to your vacation plans if you have a 30% savings on all of your tickets and lodging! 

No one wants to waste money, especially when it comes to something as important as creating family memories together. 


Food savings

It’s no secret that amusement park food can sometimes take a large amount out of your vacation budget and LEGOLAND® does not allow coolers or outside food to be brought in.

They do allow you to bring in snacks and bottled water, so be sure to pack your own to bring along. 

In addition, both your parking and admission tickets will allow you to leave the park and come back.

Therefore, you can pack a cooler to leave in your vehicle and have a picnic lunch in the car. Or you could drive, or even walk, to a nearby restaurant outside of the park.

However, even if you do plan on saving some money on food by bringing your own lunch, do NOT pass up the opportunity to try some of the parks’ amazing treats such as Granny’s Apple Fries and Berry Nutella Pie.


Parking savings

Many nearby hotels will offer a free shuttle service to and from the park. When you save money by purchasing a combo ticket and lodging package, be sure that a free shuttle is one of the hotel amenities. 

LEGOLAND® Florida parking has a Standard Parking option and a Preferred Parking option. The parking lot is fairly small therefore, you can save some money by skipping the preferred parking prices. 

If for any reason you would rather purchase the Preferred Parking, be sure to purchase your parking in advance. You can save $2 per car per day by booking online. 

Bring your own strollers

LEGOLAND® Florida will rent strollers for $14 per day for a single and $17 per day for a double. If possible, save yourself some money by bringing your own stroller if your child is too young to walk all day.

Have little ones? Check out these other great LEGOLAND® Florida tips for parents

Download the APP

Not only does LEGOLAND® Florida’s free app include a map of the park and wait times for rides, but it will also regularly have deals and coupons for in-park purchases. 

Ready to start saving?

Start your LEGOLAND® Florida vacation by saving today on your tickets and lodging. Have any savings tips we missed? Share them in the comments below.

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