Veselka in New York City

Veselka is an iconic Ukrainian restaurant in New York City's East Village, that serves classic specialty dishes like veal goulash and stuffed cabbage. Established in 1954 by Wolodymyr Darmochwal, the eating house recently celebrated their 67th anniversary.

Veselka is known for its famous Borscht and Pierogi, claiming they serve 5,000 gallons every year. The restaurant cooks the beets and the meat on separate days, leaving the ingredient to simmer for hours. This gourmet dumpling dish is just one of the menu highlights of the lower Manhattan Ukrainian eatery.

Since 1954, Veselka began serving heart-spun dishes from the same East Village restaurant. Then in 1966, the owners expanded to a new location on East Ninth Street, with a new additional space, referred to as the 'Blue Room,' an area for private dining parties.

Veselka, which means rainbow in Ukrainian,  has been serving its specialty ethnic cuisine to customers for over 67 years. The establishment is open 24 hours.

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