d23 Expo: 2023 In-Depth Guide

Mark your calendars for the biggest fan event of the year – D23 Expo is making its triumphant return, now taking on a whole new dimension as Destination D23! Revisit magical moments of the past and get an exclusive sneak peek into the future, while also honoring the remarkable 100-year Disney journey!

Celebrate three days full of wonderful performances, outstanding exhibits, exciting panels, character presentations, celebrity appearances, and special park announcements or live action projects. Destination D23, a visionary concept that invites you to embrace a whole new level of D23 Expo 2023 magic, is a fan event that also returns to kick off Disney100, the centennial celebration of the Walt Disney Company. 

Get a chance to meet the creators or voices behind your favorite Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars films. Plus, watch amazing concerts and performances by legendary Disney musicians, Broadway stars, and songwriters. It will be a magical, fun weekend filled with endless entertainment and joy.

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Still curious about this event? No worries as we’re here to answer the question “What is D23?” Join us as we explore the wonder and magic D23 Expo holds.

Destination D23 Tickets

D23 Expo or Destination 23 is not included with your Disney World tickets as this is exclusive to the D23 Gold Member level.

D23 Expo Ticket Prices:

General tickets: $329
Preferred tickets: $549

Package your Walt Disney World Tickets

Los Angeles is bursting with fun family activities and incredible destinations to explore. After you celebrate 100 years of Disney and connect with your fellow fans, upgrade your trip by bundling your Disney World tickets with these other attractions:

Destination D23 Highlights

Disney’s Origins

Step into the pages of Disney history alongside Director of the Walt Disney Archives Becky Cline and Disney Legend Don Hahn. Experience the great year of 1923 as they illuminate the inspiring journey of Walt Disney, who embarked on a quest to be with his brother Roy in The Golden Gate.

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Experience the earliest chapters of The Walt Disney Company from the founding of the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio to the remarkable escapades of Alice Comedies and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Plus, witness the birth of a superstar, as the most famous mouse took its first steps toward iconic stardom.

Table Reading

Step into a world of nostalgia and entertainment as you reconnect with the voices behind Disney’s most beloved characters. Bret Iwan, the voice of Mickey Mouse, Kaitlyn Robrock embodying the spirit of Minnie Mouse, and Disney Legend Bill Farmer lending his talents to Pluto and Goofy, come together for an uproarious “table read” session, revisiting the iconic scenes that have shaped Disney’s magical journey over the past century.

Weird Disney Moments

Buckle up for an unconventional ride with the Walt Disney Archives as they present 100 years of peculiar and extraordinary “weird Disney” moments. This centennial edition of Destination D23 promises a one-of-a-kind experience that celebrates the eccentricities that have defined Disney’s legacy.

Disney’s Legacy

Delve into the captivating narrative of Disney’s past, colored with optimism and innovation. Stand alongside the trailblazers, tracing their footsteps back to the boundless optimism and revolutionary creativity of Walt Disney.

Navigate forwards to meet the visionaries who are steering Disney’s ever-expanding future. It’s also the chance to acknowledge the cast members, crew members, Imagineer, and more who have contributed to the company’s legacy.

“Disney You Didn’t Know”

Prepare for an unparalleled adventure with the Walt Disney Archives as your guide. Journey down the rabbit hole to unveil the magic of the “Disney you didn’t know.” Brace yourself for astonishing revelations, unexpected ties, and lesser-known facts that will undoubtedly shift the way you perceive the boundless Disney universe.

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Witness history in the making as Walt Disney Studios commemorates 100 years of storytelling mastery. Accompany legendary animators and special guests in this grand tribute.

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Get an exclusive preview of their highly anticipated feature film, “Wish,” and be part of the cinematic journey.

Disney Cruise Line: 25 Years of Innovative Design at Sea

Disney Imagineers invite you to witness the inner workings of Disney Cruise Ship creation. Step into the realm of the newest fleet’s design with those who shape it. Then, uncover the intricacies of creating distinct spaces and unravel the complexities of the ship design.

EPCOT: Always in a State of Becoming

Uncover the visionary design and concepts that shape the new neighborhoods, attractions, and experiences within the park. Dive into the rich legacy of EPCOT and delve into the dynamic collaboration between Walt Disney Imagineering and Walt Disney World Resort that fuels this ambitious evolution. Plus. explore the treasures shown by the Marty Sklar Archives and the inspirations guiding the development of Disney’s first castle-less park.

Mickey’s of Glendale

The Walt Disney Imagineering campus store Mickey s of Glendale is back with a pop-up shop at the event, offering a curated collection of exclusive Destination D23 and Walt Disney merchandise for you.

The Walt Disney Company Store

D23 Gold Members on the East Coast are in for an unparalleled experience, as they gain access to a limited-time pop-up rendition of the esteemed Walt Disney Company Store.

Ink & Paint Marketplace

Attendees will also be granted the chance to shop at this marketplace showcasing exclusive Disney partners, offering a range of thrilling products from various corners of The Walt Disney Company.

D23 Exclusive Experiences

All guests are granted access to an exceptional lineup of experiences:

  • A spot in all the action at Destination D23. Guests can enjoy the assurance of guaranteed seats at every panel and presentation
  • Premium Shopping Access at Worlds of Disney Store
  • D23 Member’s Exclusive Ink & Paint Marketplace
  • Special Exhibit by Walt Disney Archives & Imagineering
  • Commemorative gifts

Destination D23 Livestream

Select presentations at Destination D23 presented by Lug will be streaming on Disney’s platform, D23.com. Regardless of your location, you’ll have front-row access to the excitement and engagement.

Destination D23 Details

Events and activities are still subject to change. Check back later for more D23 announcements and updates.

Destination D23 Venue

Located at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Walt Disney Resort, 4600 North World Drive. Lake Buena Vista, FL. 

Destination D23 Dates 

“When is D23” you may ask. D23 Expo returns from September 8, 2023, through 10, 2023.

Experience Destination D23 Expo

Enjoy a celebration highlighting Disney’s 100 years of bringing magic and excitement to all ages. See your favorite voice actors, filmmakers, and animators, or be one of the first to know special Disney announcements or updates from Marvel Studios and Pixar Animation Studios. Then, like D23 Expo 22, this year’s celebration lets you enjoy access to remarkable pop-up stores and get free merchandise. 

Step into a weekend of pure delight and enchantment, where your fellow Disney die-hard fans await – a collective celebration of shared passion and endless fun.

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Get your tickets now. While at it, why not take a vacation out of it with a vacation package?


Start Date:

September 8, 2023

End Date:

September 10, 2023




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