Puget Sound in Seattle

Puget Sound is a deep inlet in the coastal area of the Pacific Northwest that stretches over 2,500 miles of shoreline along the Washington coast.

Puget Sound has one of the richest ecosystems in the United States, with over 200 species of fish, 100 species of bird, and 13 types of marine mammals. Though it looks like a lake, the Puget Sound region is a 100-mile system of islands, channels, and inlets fed by the freshwater of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains.

Bordering Seattle and close to natural attractions like Mount Rainier, and Olympic National Park, Puget Sound is near the state's most visited tourist destinations. With a combination of nature meets urban beach-life, and with activities like boating, swimming, kayaking, and ferry rides, this hidden gem is fast becoming a Pacific Northwest paradise.

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