Orlando Vacation Tips for a Stress-Free Disney Experience

September 8, 2008

Walt Disney World Resort, is the largest recreational resort in the world, and contains four theme parks.

Owned and operated by the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, it is located in Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake, Florida, outside the city limits of Orlando.

In addition to the four main theme parks, the resort contains two water parks, six golf courses, a sports complex, an auto race track and numerous shopping, dining, and entertainment offerings. It even has its own fire department and a massive public transit system of buses, boats, and monorails. The 30,000 acre (120 km˛) property is the largest theme park resort in the world.

Walt Disney World Resort features four theme parks, each represented by an iconic structure:

· The Magic Kingdom (Cinderella Castle)

· Epcot (Spaceship Earth, the geodesic sphere.)

· Disney's Hollywood Studios (The Sorcerer's Hat; formerly the Earful Tower)

· Disney's Animal Kingdom (The Tree of Life)

Other Attractions include:

· Typhoon Lagoon

· Blizzard Beach

· Disney Boardwalk

· Disney's Wide World of Sports

· Downtown Disney

· Disney Quest

As illustrated from the facts above, Disney World is the only one of its kind offering unparalleled experiences and pleasure to anyone. A vacation trip to this property is a once in a lifetime and a truly mesmerizing experience. In order to achieve this, it’s important to keep this vacation stress free. That may be achieved if the following guidelines are adhered to.

Plan Ahead. Nothing creates stress faster than when you are forced to run around like a headless chicken. Make sure you book Orlando reservations in advance for accommodations and activities, and have confirmation information on hand prior to leaving on your trip. That way you avoid getting yourself worked up trying to find a place to stay at the last minute.

Pack Lightly. Remember, the more items you take with you the more you stand to lose should your luggage not reach your destination. Also, the more you take on vacation, the more hassle it will be to carry it from place to place.

Don't Over-schedule. The goal is to create a stress-free environment. Avoid treating your time off as though you're still at your office scheduling every single second of your day. It's wonderful to take advantage of the local attractions and interesting activities offered at the vacation destination, but it's also a good idea to balance your day trips with downtime. You want your vacation to be fun, not exhausting.

Be Flexible. It is very rare when a vacation goes exactly as planned. Chances are something will go wrong at some point during your trip, so anticipate it and be flexible. It also doesn't hurt to pack some patience and your sense of humor---and plan to use both when you run into these roadblocks.

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