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New Ripley’s Attraction open in Gatlinburg

Getting lost never became a fun, family oriented event until Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze and Candy Factory opened at the end of March.

With nearly 2,000 square feet of mirrored paths, three dead ends and false exits, one could easily find themselves stuck between mirrored images of themselves or a long hallway possibly leading in the wrog direction.

Light emitting diodes or LEDs power the maze’s walkways as the entire building is powered by Green Power. Folks can rest assured their curious minded children cannot hurt themselves wondering through the maze. One can literally stick their fingers in one of the maze’s light fixtures and not be hurt, though it’s not recommended.

The Mirror Maze can host an experience of about 20 minutes, but visitors are encouraged to revisit the maze as many times as they like, according to Ryan DeSear, general manager of Ripley’s Entertainment of Sevier County.

“One touring family waited so long to see the maze that I just had to give them a sneak peak and they really enjoyed the experience. I’m sure other families will too because it’s not your average T-shirt shop. Its a totally new concept in amusement design, providing a new experience every time you enter,” DeSear said.

The highly reflective mirrors allow guests to explore the endless hallways and paths with guaranteed surprises at almost every corner. As DeSear said, “its not your granddaddy’s house of mirrors.”

The maze is designed to appeal to children, teens and parents. Getting through the maze requires total concentration as there really are no clear paths of escape.

“We have a firm commitment to the customer, and this place is really one of a kind,” DeSear said.

After wandering through the maze, children and family can enjoy a variety of candies at the Candy Factory. The colorful candy store has all the favorites from old fashioned root beer barrels to Swedish Swordfish.

The Marvelous Mirror Maze and Candy Factory is now open in Gatlinburg on the Parkway. It took eight weeks to construct and DeSear expects utility costs to be only one-third of average costs for utility because of the LED light displays and use of Green Power.