SeaWorld Aquatica San Antonio - 2023 Insider's Guide

March 14, 2023

If you can’t get enough of the splash zone at SeaWorld, then make your way to Aquatica. It’s overflowing with ways to get wet ‘n’ wild!

Splashes galore wait at every twist and turn of the Aquatica San Antonio water slides. This tropical paradise next to SeaWorld San Antonio boasts 416 acres of splash zones in the form of sparkling teal pools, white sand beaches, and zipping water slides. With our Aquatica San Antonio tips in your back pocket, you’ll be in for a day of complete watery wonder.

Serving as SeaWorld San Antonio’s water park, Aquatica presents a whole new way to dive into marine mania once you’ve had your fill of shows, roller coasters, and aquariums at the drier theme park. For this waterlogged experience, you’ll need your swimsuit and goggles.

Before you get totally soaked, read our handy guide filled with Aquatica San Antonio tips to help you make the most out of your day in this H2O oasis.

Aquatica San Antonio Tickets

So we’ve convinced you to grab your sunnies and sunblock, but wait! You’ll need a ticket before you begin the journey to Aquatica San Antonio. Aquatica tickets are separate from SeaWorld tickets, but you can purchase packages that combine tickets for both parks, such as the SeaWorld Aquatica San Antonio vacation package. 

Additionally, Tripster offers discounted tickets, so you know you’re getting a good deal on your admission to Aquatica! As soon as you buy them, you’ll receive an email to print them off or simply show them on your phone once you get to the park.

Don’t waste precious time in line for tickets! Securing tickets ahead of time means you’ll get to jump in faster.

Family Riding WooHoo Falls at Aquatica in San Diego, California, USA

photo credit: Aquatica via Facebook

When to Go to Aquatica San Antonio

Currently, San Antonio Aquatica is open from April through October, but check the park calendar in case of schedule changes. The peak season takes place in the summer months of June, July, and August. During this time of the year, Aquatica is open daily. You’ll find the park open on weekends during the slower months. 

Insider’s Tips

Before you pack your beach bag and make the trip to Aquatica San Antonio, here are a few expert tips to make your visit as smooth as possible. 

Stock the Sunblock

Wondering what to take to Aquatica San Antonio and Sea World San Antonio?

Don’t forget to slather on some of that coconut-scented goodness before running off into the hot midday sun. Bring plenty of sunblock so you can reapply after you’ve spent a couple of hours in the water. You (and your un-burnt skin) will thank us later. 

Strategize Lunch Time

Most people get the munchies around noon, so the food lines are likely to be miles long at this time. If you’re more of an early bird, consider eating an hour early. If you think you can wait, swoop in after the noon lunch rush.

exterior of Mango Market restaurant during daytime with trees in Aquatica, San Antonio, Texas, USA

photo credit: Lauren Suzanne Renouf-Fornicola via Facebook

Secure Your Belongings

Better safe than sorry. Rent Aquatica San Antonio lockers in the Upper Plaza to stash your valuables so you can splash around and layout in the sun worry-free.

Aquatica hours San Antonio are from 11 AM to 6 PM, and the lockers are available for rent during these times.

Go Cashless

So the important stuff is all put away safely in a locker, but what do you do when you need some cash for lunch or a snack? Spare yourself the trek to the locker by loading money (cash or credit card) on a cashless wristband!

San Antonio Hotels 

There are few things as satisfying as hitting the sheets after a long day in the hot rays and cool waves. Looking for a stay for a steal?

Tripster offers deals on San Antonio hotels, too! One of our top picks is Best Western Plus Hill Country Suites

San Antonio Restaurants

Aside from water bottles, you’ll need to leave outside food and drinks behind before you enter the Aquatica San Antonio gates.

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Have you seen Aquatica San Antonio pictures of food and dining? Luckily, the water park features a tasty lineup of places to grab a snack or a full meal!

Each spot has different offerings, but they’re all delicious:

  • Waterstone Grill
  • Mango Market
  • Papa’s Cantina
  • And more!

Pro Tip: Purchase the All-Day Dining Deal to load up on all the tasty treats for one flat rate! Ward off the post-swimming cravings all day long.

close up of sliced smoked meat at smoke shack bbq in San Antonio, TexasTransportation & Parking

Aquatica San Antonio shares a parking lot with SeaWorld San Antonio. General parking costs $30, or opt to upgrade to up-close parking for only five more dollars. To save time, pay for parking online before you arrive!

Please note that Aquatica San Antonio hours are from 11 AM to 6 PM.

Wondering when does Aquatica San Antonio close? Good news for all seasons! The park has decided to stay open all year long, beginning in January 2021.

San Antonio Attractions

To fill up the rest of your San Antonio trip itinerary, we have a few recommendations you won’t want to pass up! 

SeaWorld San Antonio Texas

Ready to take a break from the water? Stay on dry land while still enjoying plenty of sea life wonder. Consider a SeaWorld San Antonio Aquatica vacation!

Breathtaking rollercoasters and equally impressive shows themed around majestic ocean creatures will leave you in awe at San Antonio SeaWorld.

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Pro Tip: Purchase a ticket option that gets you into both parks! Aquatica and SeaWorld TX San Antonio are right next to each other, literally side by side! Enjoy Aquatic Park San Antonio and Sea World water parks for a splash-tastic vacation! Don't forget, SeaWorld Aquatica lockers are available separately to secure all your belongings.

Close up of a group of people in a boat splashing into the water on Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld in San Antonio, Texas, USA

photo credit: SeaWorld San Antonio

San Antonio Aquarium

Can't get enough of San Antonio Sea World water park but you won't want to bundle Aquatica SeaWorld? If you’re going to SeaWorld already, why not bundle your tickets with tickets to the San Antonio Aquarium?

This beautiful showcase houses sharks, reptiles, exotic birds, and many other fascinating creatures. Feed the sharks if you dare!

Natural Bridge Caverns

Once you’re done with your SeaWorld theme park fun, go on a nature excursion at Natural Bridge Caverns. Yes, there’s a ticket bundle that includes this adventure, too!

It’s one of the largest show caves in the state of Texas. This attraction is sure to leave you in awe of the natural beauty.

Why You Should Go to Aquatica San Antonio

The reasons to slip ‘n’ slide and splash and play over to Aquatica San Antonio are numerous. First of all, adrenaline junkies will be racing to the water slide lines. Thrilling rides range from serene to extreme on slides like the new Riptide Race, the famous Stingray Falls, and the gravity-defying Walhalla Wave. Feel the rush of big waves or experience animal encounters with your favorite marine animals at your own pace.

Pro Tip: To spare yourself agonizing hours of anticipation in long water slide lines, purchase the Quick Queue upgrade! 

In addition, a lazy river, a wave pool, and three white sand beaches make the park a water bug’s dream. So drift along the cool blue waves and let your worries wash away.

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One thing that makes Aquatica San Antonio stand out from other water parks is that it houses some amazing animals, too! You’ll encounter unforgettable opportunities to meet stingrays and exotic fish. 

Photo Alert: If you opt to purchase the stingray encounter add-on, strike a pose in the pool! These majestic ocean creatures are sure to get all of the likes on your Insta.

People sliding down colorful slides on the Taumata Race Aquatica in San Antonio, Texas, USA

photo credit: Aquatica

Plan your visit today with our Aquatica San Antonio tips!

Ready for your day in water park paradise? Then it’s time to start planning! So snag your discounted tickets, load up on sunblock, and find your beach chair now! 

Have You Been to Aquatica San Antonio?

What was your favorite experience? Leave us a comment below!

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