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Welcome to your ultimate guide to San Antonio events in 2023! Get ready to discover an exciting mix of cultural festivals, music concerts, sports events, and much more. Let's dive into a year of fun, engagement, and memorable experiences in the heart of Texas.

Buckle up! Let's start the adventure.

Major Events in 2023

Bursting with color and life, San Antonio's events calendar for 2023 is set to be an extravaganza of culture, music, culinary delights, and sporting action. The Fiesta San Antonio leaps to mind, a city-wide festival in April that captures the city's rich, multicultural roots with its vibrant parades and traditional music.

The Summer Art & Jazz Festival, another key highlight, promises three days of fantastic jazz performances alongside a diverse array of local art exhibits.

Foodies shouldn't miss the Culinaria Wine and Food Festival, where the city's top chefs showcase their culinary skills paired with excellent wines.

For sports enthusiasts, the San Antonio Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in December will get pulses racing. And let’s not forget the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, known as the premier livestock event in the nation!

Family-friendly Events

In 2023, San Antonio will host a wide range of family-friendly events that are sure to entertain both the young and the young at heart. These include the San Antonio Children's Film Festival, featuring a collection of kid-centric movies from around the globe, and the city's annual Easter Egg Hunt, which transforms the sprawling Hemisfair Park into a festive playground.

Moreover, the San Antonio Zoo's "Zoo Lights" event promises a dazzling display of holiday lights and wildlife education.

San Antonio Nearby Attractions

Apart from its thrilling events, San Antonio also boasts a plethora of enticing attractions. With Tripster, your go-to travel partner, you can easily explore these mesmerizing spots in the city. With Tripster, all these attractions and more are just a click away:

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Natural Bridge Caverns
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San Antonio's 2023 Event Calendar is a Vibrant Tapestry of Lively Experiences

From high-energy festivals to intimate gatherings, the city's rich cultural diversity shines through, promising unforgettable activities. So, whether you're a local or a visitor, make sure to step out and explore the pulsating heart of San Antonio in 2023. See you there!