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5 Need-to-Know Facts about Kapau Plummet

Kapau Plummet is the newest and most daring attraction you’ll find at White Water Branson.  Designed to provide optimum thrills, the ride is a water slide unlike any other you’ve experienced before.  Ready to slide into adventure?  Let’s go!

These five facts about Kapau Plummet will give you the inside dirt (or should I say sand) on this adrenaline-inducing attraction.

1) Be prepared for an epic drop as this ride is all about the launch.  Riders stand on an acrylic floor, watching a clock countdown of “3, 2, 1…Kapau” until the floor beneath them drops out, creating a freefall at 70 degrees reaching speeds up to 26mph. Sound intense?  It is!

2) At the initial drop, you fall about two stories, or 40 feet, riding water until you level out.  But, the fun doesn’t stop there as you then spin around a horizontal loop.

3) Family and friends can watch as you drop, slide and slide as the entire length of the water slide tubes are translucent.  I’m pretty sure that makes the rocket-like plunge of Kapau Plummet a spectator sport!

4) You can launch with a buddy on Kapau Plummet as the attraction features two dueling 245-foot water slides.  Not brave enough to make the drop alone?  Bring a friend and take on the ride together!

5)  Kapau is a United States surfer slang for the next big wave.  With 1,000 gallons of water rushing through the ride per minute, you can definitely say White Water succeeded in creating the next big thing in Branson!

Dare the drop of Kapau Plummet at White Water before the summer season ends!  White Water will be open through Labor Day Weekend, September 1, 2014.