Reza Branson MO: 5 Ways to Save Up to 51% Off

Reza: Edge of Illusion, the best magic show in Branson delivers interactive magic and outstanding showmanship. As luck would have it, we have our own bag of tricks to save you money on this high-caliber, entrancing show!

Step into the mesmerizing realm of Reza Branson, the internationally acclaimed illusionist who’s dazzled over 30 million viewers in popular reality shows! Keep reading as we uncover the magic of scoring Reza Branson discount tickets.

Reza is a pioneer in the illusion industry, delivering innovative performances that redefine the boundaries of magic and spectacle. Prepare for an exhilarating evening at Branson’s Reza Live Theatre, where mind-bending magic meets interactive fun.

With groundbreaking, grand-scale productions and the chance to participate, Reza’s Edge of Illusion is a two-hour spectacle that promises to keep you riveted. Witness the magic of a prodigy who began his journey at seven and has since become a platinum-selling legend.

Ready for an unforgettable adventure? Let Reza Borchardt’s world of wonder sweep you off your feet!

Discounted Reza Magician and Illusionist – Edge of Illusion Tickets

Good news for military personnel, older citizens, and groups: Reza discount tickets are available to make your experience more affordable.

With him, the industry delivers innovative, engaging experiences that captivate audiences worldwide and set new standards in the world of illusion!

Additionally, you can also get Reza Edge of Illusion tickets through Tripster, so let the magic begin!

Reza Coupons and Discounts

Military Discount

If you’re in the military, you’re in luck! Reza Show generously offers a military discount. No need to search further for a Reza coupon code.

AAA Member Discount

Unfortunately, AAA member discounts are not offered at this time at the Reza magic show. However, discounted tickets can always be found through Tripster.

Reza on stage with motorcycle and performers at Reza Edge of Illusion Show
photo credit: Reza Illusionist Fans via Facebook

Senior Discount

Are you an older citizen looking for Reza Edge of Illusion magic show tickets? Reza Branson offers a discount that you’ll appreciate.

Group Discount

Traveling to Branson in a group of four or more? Great news! You could be eligible for a group discount.

Reza Vacation Packages

Amplify your experience at Reza with alluring vacation packages offered by Tripster.

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These packages are a steal, bundling up your tickets along with some more of Branson’s favorite attractions and hotel stays.

A wonderful way to savor your visit to Branson, wouldn’t you say?

Hotels Near Reza

Brace yourself for a thrilling escapade to Branson, and bask in the marvel that is Reza’s show Edge of Illusion performance! Don’t fret about lodging–your comfy sanctuary isn’t too far off.

Located near the captivating Reza Live Theatre, Dutton Inn promises a cozy retreat. This charming inn features comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi, and a daily breakfast.

Unwind in the serene lounge or explore nearby attractions with ease. Perfect for relaxing after a magical night at Edge of Illusion! Need more options? Check out these equally promising accommodations:

Whether you’re hunting for a budget-friendly room or craving a splash of luxury, rest assured, there’s an ideal spot just awaiting your presence!

exterior of Dutton Inn with large sign above entrance in Branson, Missouri, USA
photo credit: Dutton Inn via Facebook

Branson Attractions

Silver Dollar City

Nestled at 399 Silver Dollar City Parkway, this 1880s-style theme park offers a unique blend of old-time crafts and exhilarating attractions. Explore roller coasters that weave through the natural Ozark landscape and watch craftsmen demonstrate glassblowing and blacksmithing.

And catch live shows that entertain the whole family. Seasonal festivals transform the park throughout the year, making every visit a new adventure. Silver Dollar City is a must-visit for anyone looking for fun with a historical twist!

Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner

Experience the excitement of Dolly Parton’s Stampede Dinner, located at 1525 W 76 Country Blvd. Dive into a four-course feast while horse riders perform stunts and compete in friendly games right before your eyes.

The dazzling combination of music, dance, and impressive equestrian skills makes this dinner show unforgettable. Bring the whole family to cheer, feast, and be part of the action in this one-of-a-kind Branson highlight!

Hollywood Wax Museum

Step into the Hollywood Wax Museum at 3030 W 76 Country Blvd for a star-studded experience in the heart of Branson. Pose for photos with incredibly lifelike wax figures of your favorite celebrities from film, television, and music.

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Each meticulously crafted figure makes you feel like you’re standing next to Hollywood royalty. Don’t miss this chance to mingle with the stars and create lasting memories at this unique attraction!

Family looking at a zombie

Insider Reza Tips

As a seasoned magician, Reza knows how to stir the audience with every performance. Here’s how to elevate your experience at this extraordinary show.

  • First and foremost, arrive early. Not only will this save you from any last-minute rush, but it’s a great way to secure the best views as the theatre fills up quickly.
  • One of Reza’s fantastic qualities is his love of interacting with fans. He often meets fans in the lobby for photos, autographs, and a casual schmooze. So, don’t rush out when the show is over. Stick around and seize the opportunity to share a moment with this charismatic illusionist. You might even meet Reza Borchardt’s wife, or rather, his work wife and assistant. Have yourself some amazing Reza Magician and Illusionist | Edge of Illusion photos!
  • Don’t hold back on embracing the magic, either. Volunteer when Reza asks for audience participation. This is a unique chance to become part of the show and interact directly with Reza. You’re not just a viewer; you’re a participant in an evening of enchantment!
  • Finally, you should know that Reza’s shows are suitable for people of all ages. With a family-friendly atmosphere and jaw-dropping feats, this award-winning illusionist has something for everyone. Whether you’re coming as a family, a group, or a solo visitor, brace yourself for a magical experience that hits right on the edge of illusion.

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Just one more thing before closing. The “Reza Edge of Illusion” sells out often due to its immense popularity. So, it’s advisable to buy your Reza tickets in advance.

Can I bring food into Reza?

While Reza’s show buzzes with energy, outside food and drinks are not allowed. Venue rules ensure everyone’s comfort and safety. Enjoy delicious concessions on-site during your magical evening!

Reza with stage assistant performing a magic trick with a jet engine in the background and red colored stage smoke swirling around them
Photo Credit: REZA | Illusionist via Facebook

Reza Parking

Ample parking is available at the Branson Famous Theater, ensuring a stress-free visit to the Edge of Illusion. The parking spaces are designed to accommodate all types of vehicles, from compact cars to RVs.

An additional feature is the easy accessibility from the car park to the theater entrance, making it convenient for all guests.

Reza FAQs

Get ready for a magical rollercoaster because Reza's illusionist show lasts approximately two hours! Magic show Reza infuses awe-inspiring magic and interactive fun to keep you entertained from start to finish.

Settle in for a fantastic journey through illusion that's perfectly timed to keep the whole family engaged!

Reza is quite the celebrity in the magic world! His unique brand of illusion has landed him on popular reality shows across 31 countries. He has been showcasing his talent on a global stage and networks such as MTV. He's not just a hit in Branson but a recognized name that has astounded over 30 million with his spectacular tricks.

To get into it more, Reza has made waves across multiple platforms, from CW PBS Reelz CX Fuji, showcasing his spellbinding talent. Featured on networks like CW and A&E's Duck Dynasty, his performances captivate audiences with a blend of magic that's both innovative and engaging.

Notably, his appearance on "Penn Teller Fool Us" highlighted his ability to stun even seasoned magicians with his illusions. Reza has also graced international stages such as the Mundo Imperial Forum Acapulco and prestigious venues like Philips Arena Atlanta Villanova Pavilion Philadelphia, solidifying his reputation in the illusion industry.

His shows not only deliver breathtaking magic but also engage and inspire, proving why he remains a standout figure in the world of illusion. Would you believe that Reza's illusionist age is only 37? He's accomplished so much already!

Reza Reviews

Curious about what others think of Reza’s magical performances? Check out the latest reviews here to see why audiences are raving about his show!

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