Fat Ham Broadway – 2024 Discount Tickets & Reviews

Glittering and shimmering in the heart of the Big Apple’s theater district, where artistic brilliance thrives, there exists a theatrical gem on Broadway! Step into the mesmerizing realm of Fat Ham Broadway and witness Broadway magic.

Looking to meet your budget goals while on your New York getaway? Bring home the bacon with our ultimate guide to Fat Ham Broadway.

Witness how this 2022 Pulitzer Prize-winning show unfolds its spellbinding story defying conventions and liberating from societal expectations. Watch as Juicy, a black queer man played by Marcel Spears in this playwright by James Ijames and directed by Saheem Ali, navigates through a cookout of tragedy smothered in comedy.

Take in this soul-stirring delight where a meticulously crafted set, vibrant colors, and heady emotions commence. From every beat and graceful movement to the stellar casts and raw energy, Fat Ham cuts deep into the soul with its story and questions of identity.

Penny pinchers, rejoice! Keep reading to get the juiciest deals on this meaty performance filled with laughter, liberation, and discovery with our Fat Ham discount tickets!

Fat Ham NYC Discount Tickets

Lights, savings, action! Indulge in Broadway bliss as you behold show-stopping performances at Fat Ham play and snag a treasure trove of savings. Unleash the perfect mix of affordability and world-class entertainment when you seize these price-slashing steals!

Fat Ham Local Discount

Lucky enough to call the Big Apple home? While Fat Ham NY loves its locals, unfortunately, they do not offer local residents discounts at this time.

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Fat Ham Military Discount

Salute to all the brave military personnel! We sincerely appreciate your service and sacrifice. While Fat Ham currently does not offer military discounts at this time, we value your honor and commitment to our country.

Family sitting at a picnic table style meal, holding hands and prayingFat Ham AAA Discount

Hey there, road warrior! While AAA members make the roads safer for us all, at this time, Fat Ham is not offering any AAA discounts.

Fat Ham Senior Discount

An exhilarating show perfect for our beloved seniors! However, Fat Ham does not currently offer senior discounts.

Group Travel Deals at Fat Ham

Score the ultimate squad goal experience while saving some serious dough. Delve into a savory symphony of laughter with twists of emotion as your crew explores the delicious world of “Fat Ham” on Broadway. Enjoy a delectable feast of entertainment and a platter of fat savings to spice up your getaway!

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Get a special price for a group of 10 and above. Learn more about this special offer and get a quote through their inquiry form.

Fat Ham Vacation Packages

Revenge may be best served cold, but with Tripster, savory savings is what’s on the menu! We’ve cooked up an irresistible escape to the City That Never Sleeps. Combing theatrical fancy with other experiences, all while keeping your wallets full.

Say hello to Tripster’s perfectly seasoned vacation packages, perfect for savvy spenders! Experience affordable indulgence without exceeding your budget. Save up to 18% when you bundle Fat Ham with other New York attractions, such as:

Wide shot of Broadway at night with lots of traffic and lights in NYC, New York, USA
photo credit: Denys Nevozhai via Unsplash

Hotels Near Fat Ham

Be welcomed with a grand performance of hospitality! Fat Ham tickets offer the perfect ending to a day full of spectacle, belly-aching laughter, and Broadway artistry. Conquer this concrete jungle, one delectable hotel deal at a time!

From sleek and modern rooms to the timeless elegance of interiors, combine style, savings, and limitless possibilities in the heart of the city. Book confidently with Tripster’s hotel combo and discover wallet-friendly bliss!

New York Attractions

Broadway, budget, brilliance! Step into the limelight of Broadway with Fat Ham and soak up the iconic spirit of New York. Navigate through Times Square’s bright lights and epic sights to culinary delights in Chinatown.

Unlock the best-kept secrets of the City That Never Sleeps, ensuring your trip to the city receives a standing ovation!


“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We fought for these ideals we shouldn’t settle for less.” Embark on a revolutionary journey through the pages of history. Your NYC escapade won’t be complete without this spectacular Broadway show, Hamilton.

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Brace yourself for the electrifying fusion of musical scores and theatrical sensation about the untold story of Alexander Hamilton.

Actors on stage performing Hamilton on Broadway in NYC, New York, USA
photo credit: Hamilton via Facebook

Central Park TV & Movie Sites Walking Tour

Ready to uncover the movie magic that makes Central Park a star in its own right? Witness your favorite TV shows, and movies come to life as you follow the steps of iconic stars in the Central Park TV & Movie Sites Walking Tour.

Snoop around the real-life locations of Home Alone 2, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and more!

Big Bus Tours

Is there anything better than seeing the city that never sleeps from the top of a double-decker bus? Indulge in the explosive allure of the Empire City with a bang! Hop on the ultimate way to navigate the city’s iconic sights and hidden gems. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the breeze in Big Bus Tours and cruise through the bustling streets, vibrant neighborhoods, and savory cuisine!

big bus tour bus driving through new york cityInsider Fat Ham Tips

Broadway lovers, listen up! Indulge in a delectable backstage pass to the irresistible insider tips for Fat Ham. Make the most of your Broadway visit; please note the following:

    • The shows running time is 1 hour 35 minutes with no intermission.
    • The show features multi-talented casts; Opal Adrianna Mitchell and Larry Calvin Leon
    • Smith, Benja Kay Thomas, Chris Herbie Holland, Billy Eugene Jones, and Tedra Nikki Crawford.
    • It is held at the American Airlines Theater and previews at the Public Theater.
    • This is suitable for children aged 8 and up, and children aged 4 are prohibited in the theater.
    • The theater is wheelchair-accessible.
    • NO photo and video recording devices are allowed in the theater.
    • The production uses smoke and haze.
    • While some guests dress up, you are welcome to wear what makes you most comfortable, and as the theater is kept cool, we recommend you bring a sweater.

Can I Bring Food to Fat Ham?

Revel in the lavish and luxurious American Airlines Theater’s Penthouse Lobby space for your pre-show drink!

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Outside food and drink are not allowed. However, food and beverages are available to purchase! grab a bite in the theater’s concession area. Enjoy this exclusive perk for audience members, and have an overlooking sight of the heart of the theater district!

Cast of Fat Ham dancing on stageParking Near Fat Ham

While finding a parking spot in the busy streets of the theater district is a quest of its own, fear not! We’ve got you covered with the secret ingredients to finding prime spots and hidden parking gems!

Savor every deliciously funny moment of the show, knowing that your car is tucked away in a convenient and wallet-friendly spot! Here’s the juicy tidbit: Check out SpotHero and Icon Parking to find parking in various Midtown locations. The best part? It is raining discounted parking and parking coupons!

Experience Broadway Excellence in NYC

Bite into the theatrical feast about the juicy tale of revenge that will leave you craving more at Fat Ham. Taste the flavors of redemption in the captivating storyline, Don’t miss out on the chance to relish in delectable acts and sumptuous performances as you witness the sweet revenge of Juicy!

Enjoy this Broadway sensation’s delectable revenge plot with a side of saver’s paradise prices! “Ham it up” with dynamite deals and exclusive New York discounts to satisfy your cravings for revenge and wallet-friendly wonders!

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