Treat Your Brain to These Empire State Building Facts

January 7, 2016

Its spire rises prominently towards the New York City sky, creating a towering skyscraper known the world over.

The Empire State Building is synonymous with the Big Apple, not only for its exceptional views but for its historic and pop culture lore. It’s a can’t miss American Architectural marvel.

Why is this landmark so remarkable? Read these Empire State Building facts to find out. 

It was built in just 410 days during the Great Depression, at a cost of $41 million. More than seven million hours of labor went into the construction.

Over 10 million bricks, 6,400 windows and 328,000 square feet of marble were used.

The 102 story, 1,472 feet high Empire State Building has been open since 1931.

The top 30 floors of the building glow with different colors to honor holidays, special City View and The Empire State Building at Dusk - NYC, New York, USAoccasions, causes and organizations.

An antenna at the top of the Empire State Building was originally crafted as a mooring mast for ziplines.

The landmark has been featured in more than 250 Hollywood films, including favorites such as Sleepless in Seattle and King Kong.

On a clear day, you can see as far as 80 miles from City View from The Empire State Building at Night - NYC, New York, USAthe observation decks.

You can views the city that never sleeps late – the Empire State Building doesn’t close until 2:00am.

The limestone, art deco designed skyscraper is the second tallest in New York – coming in second to One World Trade Center.

To really understand why the Empire State Building is so remarkable, you need to see it for yourself. Stand outside in awe of its presence, then gape at the unparalleled, panoramic views of New York City from the 86th and 102nd floor observatories. With an Empire State Building ticket, you’re given access to history, scenery and an unforgettable vacation moment.

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