How much does it cost to go to Los Angeles
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How Much Does it Cost to Go to Los Angeles?

With pristine beaches, world-renowned theme parks, and historic film and movie destinations, a trip to Los Angeles is on everyone’s list. But, it’s not a cheap getaway. As a result, you’re most likely wondering how much will it cost to go to Los Angeles.

Truthfully, it’d be hard to give you a definitive number. Your total trip cost depends on several factors including everything from the flights you take to where you stay.

However, I can show you ways to reduce your overall costs and make your trip to LA an affordable one!

How much does it cost to go to Los Angeles via plane

How Much are Flights to LA?

When determining how much it will cost to go to Los Angeles, always start with the price of transportation.

If you are fortunate to have the option of driving, you’ll save hundreds of dollars by taking this route. For those who must fly, several factors will influence the cost of your flight, including:

  • Where you plan to fly out of.
  • Which LA airport is your destination.
  • How many bags you plan to check.
  • The time of year you will travel.
  • Which ticket type you purchase.

While you may not have much control over where you fly out of, you can choose from several LA area airports including:

  • Ontario International Airport
  • John Wayne Airport
  • Hollywood Burbank Airport
  • Long Beach Airport

Of course, there’s also Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). But, it never hurts to check prices on flights to and from the smaller airports as well. Plus, you’ll skip the lines and madness at LAX in the process!

Also, consider visiting Los Angeles during the off-season for cheaper flights. The best time to visit Los Angeles is between March and May or September and November. Flight prices will fluctuate throughout the year, so be sure to set a travel alert for discounts!

As most travelers also know, the more bags you bring, the greater the total cost of your flight. The same principle applies to where you sit on the plane. If you have airline points to upgrade to a higher class ticket, go for it! Otherwise, you’ll be just fine in coach or economy.

Getting Around LA

Your first instinct might be to rent a car. If you plan on venturing outside of the city during your trip, this option works but will add to your overall cost to go to Los Angeles.

And who wants to deal with all that traffic anyway? Instead, take advantage of the many affordable ways to get around Los Angeles without a car.

Discover how much it will cost to go to Los Angeles including hotel rooms

How Much Does a Los Angeles Hotel Cost?

The price of a Los Angeles hotel will vary depending on the type of trip you plan to take.

If you’re the adventurous type who doesn’t plan to spend much time lounging in the hotel lobby, you can easily find hotels starting at $80-$100 per night. For those who want to pamper themselves with the finest amenities, hotels starting at $250-$300+ per night are also available throughout the city.

Those who don’t want to spend the majority of their travel budget on a hotel can save by keeping a few tips in mind:

Travel in the Off-Season
During slower travel periods, hotels need to keep their rooms booked. As a result, they’ll offer special promotions or discounts to entice travelers to book. Keep an eye out for these deals!

Know What Amenities You Need
Traveling for work? For fun? Depending on the type of trip you’re taking, you’ll need specific amenities at your hotel, like free WiFi or a fitness center. Review the hotel’s list of amenities prior to booking. The last thing you want to deal with is an extra fee you weren’t expecting!

Knott's Berry Farm

What Does it Cost to Go to Los Angeles Attractions?

Los Angeles is home to a myriad of iconic and historic attractions, from Disneyland theme parks to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The cost to visit these two destinations varies drastically!

As you prepare your Los Angeles travel budget, consider what attractions you’d like to visit and activities you’d like to do. Fortunately, there are several free and affordable things to do in the city.

Los Angeles Theme Parks

If you’re a theme park fan, Los Angeles is the place for you. From Universal Studios Hollywood to Knotts Berry Farm and everything in between, you’re in for a vacation full of thrills.

However, you can plan to spend a minimum of $80+ per person on tickets. To save money on Los Angeles theme parks, buy your tickets in advance and take advantage of online deals! And, remember to also budget for:

  • Parking
  • Food & Drinks
  • Souvenirs
  • Miscellaneous Expenses

If possible, bring snacks and a water bottle to the park to reduce your overall price for the day.

Los Angeles Outdoor Adventures

If you’d rather spend most of your vacation outdoors, you’re in luck. Los Angeles has everything from scenic hiking trails to picture-perfect beaches. And best of all, most of these outdoor adventures don’t cost a thing!

Expenses you may incur include parking and sunscreen if you forgot to include it in your packing list.

Los Angeles Tourist Attractions

When figuring out how much it will cost to go to Los Angeles, remember to factor in a visit to Los Angeles’ top tourist attractions. From the Hollywood Sign to the Sunset Strip, these destinations are worth the trip. And, best of all, many of them are either free or affordable to visit!

How to Save on Los Angeles Attractions

In addition to buying your attraction tickets online, there are several ways to save money and reduce the overall cost to go to Los Angeles.

Bundle it!
Since you’ll need to book a hotel, why not save even more money in the process? Bundle your hotel reservation with your Los Angeles attraction, tour, and activity tickets and receive an extra discount. It’s a win-win!

Buy a Go Los Angeles Multi-Attraction Card
The Go Los Angeles Multi-Attraction Card is your pass to all of the city’s fun and top attractions. For the price of one pass, you’ll receive access to over 30 attractions in the Greater Los Angeles area. Choose from 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7-day cards to make the most of your LA vacation!

Instead of racking up a huge travel bill at each attraction, just get an LA Multi-Attraction Card for one low price. It’s easy and cheap!

So, How Much Does It Cost to Go to Los Angeles?

While the cost to go to Los Angeles will vary from person to person, there are several ways to make it more affordable. Keep our tips in mind for a frugal, exciting trip to Southern California!

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