Colonial Williamsburg for Kids: How History is Made Fun

March 5, 2020

When planning a family vacation, many parents look for activities and attractions that provide edutainment. For those who don’t know, edutainment is exactly what it sounds like — education and entertainment combined.

When your family visits Colonial Williamsburg, your children won’t realize they’re learning thanks to all the fun they’re having. Considering all of the exciting things there are to do at Colonial Williamsburg for kids, your family may never want to leave.

Check out these educational (and fun) activities to do at Colonial Williamsburg for kids:

Boy in Colonial Williamsburg Hat

Rent a Costume

Is your child a hands-on learner? If so, help your child discover more about the past by renting a colonial costume. Your child can choose the costume he or she desires and wear it all throughout the day. Costume rentals can be found at the Visitor’s Center and at the open-air market in town.

If your child falls in love with the costume, don’t worry. You can purchase costume items, accessories, and more at the many shops in Colonial Williamsburg.

Visit Kid’s Corner

Planning a trip to Colonial Williamsburg for kids is a breeze thanks to the many kid-friendly activities available throughout the town. Kid’s Corner is a small cabin filled with games, crafts, activities, and exhibits designed exclusively for kids. Kids can write on slates, play with colonial toys, and ask the interpreters questions about life as a child in Colonial Williamsburg. For many children, this area is the highlight of their day at Colonial Williamsburg.

Find a Plant in the Colonial Nursery

Who said that children only learn about history while on a vacation to Colonial Williamsburg for kids? Throw some earth science into your educational adventure by exploring the Colonial Nursery. Your children can roam through the flowers, wreaths, and herbs and find the perfect one to bring home and plant. This is a great opportunity to teach children about the importance of plants and farming!

Tour Great Hopes Plantation

Great Hopes Plantation demonstrates how residents lived during the Revolutionary War. Kids will love seeing the livestock, exploring the cabins and buildings, and learning about the different trades. Great Hopes Plantation offers a wide variety of hands-on exhibits and activities for children to interact with, too.

Reserve a Carriage Ride

A trip to Colonial Williamsburg for kids isn’t complete without a horse-drawn carriage ride. Ride through Colonial Williamsburg in the comfort of an authentic carriage while you see the historic buildings and learn more about the past of our great nation.

Parents will love the opportunity to sit down for a bit and relax, while children can’t wait to watch the horses pull the carriage.

Participate in a Mock Trial

The Revolutionary period was an influential time for our nation, to say the least. Many crucial decisions about the laws of the land were made in the courthouse. Your family can take part in a mock trial at the Courthouse where you’ll hear cases for rights, liberty, property, and other notable issues.

Order in the Court’ is an interactive mock trial that helps teach children about the history of our judicial system. Many children are also shocked to learn what was considered to be a crime way back when. Due to the nature of the mock trial, this is best for children ages 8 and up.

Try Not to Be Frightened on the Tavern Ghost Walk

The best way to learn about the famous residents of Colonial Williamsburg is to meet their ghosts! Okay, hear about their ghosts….

The Tavern Ghost Walk is a friendly ghost tour around Colonial Williamsburg at night. The tour is spooky enough to give children a little fright, but not scary enough to create nightmares. While you never know if you’ll encounter the paranormal, the ghost tour is a great way to spend the night in Colonial Williamsburg for kids. This experience is recommended for children ages 6 and up.

little girl in colonial williamsburg

Engage with the Interpreters

A trip to Colonial Williamsburg for kids will transport your entire family back in time thanks to the many interpreters and actors onsite. Kids and adults alike can interact with these trained professionals by asking them questions or participating in the many available activities. Go ahead and give it a try!

Play Colonial Games at the Benjamin Powell House

Let your children get a glimpse at what life in Colonial Williamsburg for kids was like by playing games at the Benjamin Powell House. Kids can play with other children, interact with interpreters, and even learn about the chores (gasp) children did during the colonial times.

Plan Your Trip to Colonial Williamsburg for Kids

From interactive games to participating in a court trial, there are so many ways for kids to learn at Colonial Williamsburg while having the time of their life. Plan your Colonial Williamsburg vacation with help from Tripster Williamsburg for discounted tickets, bundled hotel packages, and more travel benefits.

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