Be Our Guest Restaurant Invites You into the World of "Beauty and The Beast"

December 31, 2013

Be Our Guest Restaurant brings the magic of “Beauty and The Beast” to life at the Magic Kingdom.

The new Disney attraction, located within Fantasyland, makes guests feel as if they have entered Beast’s Castle. The opulence of the grand dining hall ballroom, along with adjacent rooms featuring beautiful scene-inspired tapestries and paintings, and, of course, the magical rose and torn painting of young Beast, create a spectacularly immersive environment.

Dining Hall Ballroom

What makes the Be Our Guest Restaurant at Disney World so unique is the combination of storytelling, theming and food inspired by the classic film.When you dine at Be Out Guest, you don’t just get to eat – you get to experience life inside Beast’s Castle and see numerous elements from the beloved film.

Torn Painting of the Prince

The experience begins by walking through the ruins of an old gateway to a stone bridge, at the end of which you enter through a large doorway into the inner sanctum of the castle. As noted before, three main rooms create the restaurant: the Ballroom, West Wing and Rose Gallery. The grand ballroom, where guests dine of their delectable lunch and dinner choices, recreates the elegance of the film’s scene in which Belle and the Beast whirl around the dance floor. From the floors to the ceiling, and everything in between, the Imagineers at Disney did not miss a single detail. A fresco of clouds and cherubs paint the ceiling, which is also adorned with ornate chandeliers, while the entire room is surrounded by a balcony lined with sashes. The far end of the room features 18-foot tall arched windows giving view to the French countryside and lightly falling snow.

Enchanted Rose

In the mysterious West Wing, guests find the glass jar containing the enchanted rose and the portrait of the young prince in human form, which was slashed by the Beast in a fit of rage. Through the magic of special effects, when lightning flashes the painting changes from Prince to Beast. The West Wing room captures the ominous and dark tones of the emotion behind the Beast, and it was brought to life in superb fashion.

Over in the Rose Gallery, a delightfully upbeat setting welcomes guests. The centerpiece of the room is a nearly seven-foot tall music box with Belle and the Beast twirling atop. Beautifully designed tapestries and paintings recreate scenes from the classic movie and decorative roses can be found throughout the room.

As the Beauty and The Beast is set in France, French-inspired cuisine is served at the restaurant. At lunch, guests order from touch-screen menus and get a rose that they take to their table; the rose tells the food cart where to find the table. At night, it becomes an upscale sit-down, table-service restaurant with wine and beer available. Menu items at lunch reflect a French Bistro theme, while dinner is a more elegant affair with entrees paying homage to classic French cuisine. Of course, there is a kids menu available too, complete with a meatloaf shaped like Mickey Mouse. Full menus are available here.

As you leave the Be Our Guest Restaurant, a beautiful mosaic of Belle and the Prince dancing adorns the wall. Straight from the movie, it is the perfect parting glimpse into the world of Beauty and The Beast.

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