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Akaka Falls is a Big Island Natural Wonder

Akaka Falls is one of the natural wonders of the Big Island. Located in the aptly named Akaka Falls State Park, which is located about 11 miles north of Hilo, Akaka Falls is an impressive 422-foot waterfall that is easily the island’s most famous.

To get to Akaka Falls you’ll need to travel north from Hilo, then go west of Honomu off Route 19. From there, Akaka Falls is located at the end of Akaka Falls Road (Highway 220), about 3.6 miles southeast of Honomu. It is quite easy to find due to its popularity.

A bonus of traveling to Akaka Falls State Park is you’ll see two stunning waterfall on one short hike. During the hike, which is about 1 mile roundtrip and on a paved footpath, you’ll see the 100-foot Kahuna Falls before discovering the towering Akaka Falls in all its glory. Plunging into a steam-eroded gorge, Akaka Falls is beautiful, natural sight aided by the scenic vista points highlighting the scenic surroundings. Plus, the short hike is pleasant and takes you through lush rainforest with wild orchids and bamboo groves, adding the splendor of this Big Island experience. Even better, Akaka Falls is known for its rainbows so keep your eyes open and cameras ready.

There is a small fee to enter Akaka Falls State Park. Walk-ins are $1 and cars are $5.

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