Tripster Offers Travelers A Way To Book A Complete Orlando, Florida Vacation Through One Comprehensive Website And Travel Service

Orlando, Florida is one of America’s premier vacation destinations, but travel consumers have been challenged to find a wide selection of lodging choices when booking their ticketed attractions with one travel company. Travelers often have to search many websites to find trustworthy sources for their ticketed attractions and shows, and then begin yet a new search to find the right lodging choice at the right price. Travelers who would rather work with one trustworthy, professional source for vacation items can now use Tripster.

In October 2006, Tripster, an Internet travel technology company, launched Orlando, providing complete travel packaging for the Central Florida region, offering a la carte packaging functionality and real-time booking. With the special arrangements with Orlando area theme parks, dinner shows, family attractions and many hotels, condos and vacation homes, a travel customer can book their entire vacation with Tripster. The customer can simply print their vouchers straight from their own printer and submit these vouchers at the chosen gates of attractions or hotel front desks in the area, further streamlining vacationers’ travel plans.

“Although Orlando is an international destination that sees over 40 million visitors a year, there are proportionately few points of sale where the traveler can make a complete vacation package that includes lodging and tickets to the many world-renown theme parks and dinner shows,” said John Johnson, President of Tripster. “The booking engine that Tripster is based on has been a proven tool in making peoples’ vacation planning more fun and less stressful for several years, and that experience makes the difference here in Orlando.”

“Of course, Orlando’s core visitor segment is similar to our existing customers in markets we currently serve, so the customers seeking wholesome, family-friendly destinations in the Ozarks and Smoky Mountains will surely enjoy the family fun of Orlando and the Central Florida area as well,” Johnson added.

Tripster, based on the strategies and more than five-year internet-travel experience, succeeds in the market because it places equal emphasis on lodging as well as shows and attractions, unlike the nationally-branded travel websites. “That way, we can convert lodging at a higher rate than the national websites because most travelers are going to Orlando for the attractions and shows,” stated Johnson. “The place they stay, while a part of their vacation is not the reason they are traveling.”

Orlando will add to Tripster’s five-year history of providing over 120,000 orders and $19 million in travel revenues for its destinations and registered travel agents, including many AAA franchises.

“By offering complete itineraries with real availability, families can take the guesswork out of planning their vacations. We have the functionality, ease-of-use, and reliability of the national travel websites but with the charm and flair of the local products,” said Johnson, “The nationally-branded travel sites aren’t equipped to offer travel consumers the variety of ticketed attractions we can when travelers are making their lodging reservations.”