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Waikiki Trolley is not currently available.

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Offered by E Noa Tours, the Waikiki Trolley lets guests enjoy unlimited boarding and re-boarding while discovering historic sites, breathtaking scenery, world-class shopping and more in Waikiki. Guests can choose between the Green Line, Red Line, Pink Line and Blue Line trolley rides, featuring unique experiences like the Historic Honolulu Sightseeing Tour, the Panoramic Coastline Tour and more.

Good To Know

from Ashley, one of our Honolulu Travel Experts
  • Enjoy unlimited boarding and re-boarding opportunities.
  • Choose the trolley line that suits your sightseeing desires.
  • All trolley lines are wheelchair accessible.
  • Servicing Waikiki, Downtown Honolulu, and the Eastern Shoreline in Oahu.


from Waikiki Trolley
Discover historic sites, beautiful scenery, and world-class shops and restaurants aboard the Waikiki Trolley. Enjoy unlimited boarding and re-boarding privileges for as long as your pass is valid.

GREEN LINE - Scenic Diamond Head Sightseeing Tour
Discover sightseeing attractions and scenic spots around Diamond Head, Hawaii’s most famous landmark, including The Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium, Diamond Head Hike, Kahala Mall Shopping, Surf & Whale Lookout, the now famous “KCC Farmer’s Market” on Saturdays, and more!
Daily: 8:30 am - 3:19 pm

RED LINE - Historic Honolulu Sightseeing Tour
See Honolulu’s cultural, architectural and artistic past on the Red Line. Key stops include the State Capitol / Iolani Palace, Aloha Tower Marketplace, and Chinatown. You can also use the Red Line to access shopping destinations such as DFS Galleria, Royal Hawaiian Center, Ward Warehouse, Ward Centre and Ala Moana Center.
Daily: 8:30 am - 5:47 pm

PINK LINE - Waikiki/Ala Moana Shopping Shuttle
Experience Hawaii’s largest mall, Ala Moana Center, a multi-million square foot open air mall that includes just about everything including luxury goods, department stores, boutiques, bars, restaurants and food court. The Pink Line also services other favorite shopping destinations including DFS Galleria, Royal Hawaiian Center, Waikiki Beach Walk and Hilton Hawaiian Village.
Mon - Sat: 9:00 am - 10:06 pm
Sun/Holidays: 9:00 am - 8:16pm

BLUE LINE - Panoramic Coastline Tour
Experience some of Oahu’s stunning coastline sceneries! The Blue Line shows off Oahu’s southeastern coastline and highlights magnificent views of white sand beaches, dramatic cliffs and if you’re lucky, perhaps whales and dolphins!
Daily: 7:30 am - 2:31 pm

Tripster Customer Reviews

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TripAdvisor Reviews
TripAdvisor user image
"Red line - open trolley - not fit for bad weather!"
TripAdvisor user rating 3 out of 5
Reviewed March 15, 2020
Well, the driver was excellent! Very funny, nice and informative. And we got the ride for free (we're five!), perhaps because it was really poor weather or bca it was his last tour for the day or bca he was 30 min late according to schedule, and he hadn't got the time to serve us. BUT don't go in a rainstorm!! The trolley had completely open sides, and it was SO cold, and the wind and rain was crazy. We hadn't dressed for rain bca as typical it started very abrubtly. Also the route got changed so instead of doing the palace first, he drove up the mountains to the cemetary first - and we hadn't planned to go that far - especially in this weather. There was a nice view over Honolulu towards Diamond Head from the cemetary. If we had paid it would have been way too expensive bca of the looong route. But now we got to see quite a bit of Honolulu's back side, and we got to see that it really isn't just a beach/vacation paradise. It really is a big city. I rate it 3½
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TripAdvisor user image
Sydney, Australia
"Waikiki Trolleys, great way to explore the city"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed March 11, 2020
This was my second visit to Waikiki and I didn’t realise how convenient and easy it was to take the trolleys to explore the city. Stopping at major hotels and landmarks around the city and reasonably priced, we used them to visit Pearl Harbour(purple line), Diamond Head (green line) and also for shopping trips to Ala Moana(pink line). The drivers have great information and friendly and the maps are very easy to follow. You can pre buy your tickets or pay as you board the trolleys. They are fun and easy way to go exploring.
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TripAdvisor user image
Oakland, California
"Find Other Options"
TripAdvisor user rating 2 out of 5
Reviewed March 05, 2020
The drivers earned 5 stars, but the company and value deserve ZERO Stars 1. An all day pass with the local bus system is cheaper AND faster. 2. Their online purchase option is not really online. You still have to go to their main office (only one office) to get a paper ticket. 3. Their website is difficult to maneuver when a irritating floating "click me" add gets in the way of reading the options 4. The 24/7 phone line/text option is useless. I texted questions to them and I am still waiting for an answer...3 days later My advice....GET A BUS PASS
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TripAdvisor user image
Ann Arbor, MI
"Why I Hate These Trolleys"
TripAdvisor user rating 3 out of 5
Reviewed March 02, 2020
Prior to arriving in Honolulu on a Princess Cruise, I asked the shore excursion staff on-board if there were any issues getting a seat on this Waikiki trolley, since we've hopped off these hop-on, hop-off trolleys in other cities and could never re-board due to overcrowding. The Princess staff said there should be no problem. So we bought two passes for $90 then boarded the blue line which gives you a tour along the coast including Hanauma Bay where I thought I might hang out, even snorkel possibly before re-boarding another bus. Nope. The driver informed us that if we didn't re-board the bus after a photo stop it would be a $500 fine. Seemed a bit extreme, but okay. Stayed on the bus then the whole time and got off near Waikiki Beach to hang out there. Plans were to reboard the 'red bus' when it came by Waikiki as that was the only bus to return to the cruise ship terminal. By the end of the day, however, the red buses end their runs, while the double decker pink buses with lots of empty seats made multiple stops at Waikiki. After waiting an hour in the hot sun for the red bus to arrive at its appointed time, it didn't. We called Waikiki Trolley office and were told that the red buses had finished for the day. Where was the last one then? They said we could check its GPS location on our smart phone. What??? When we protested we had no clue how to do that, they gave us a 1-800 number instead. Bottom line, the red bus would be there in a few minutes. It did come but it was full. We tried to get on and stand but the driver implored us to take a city bus instead. So we lost $40 by not riding the red bus (if you only ride once, it's $25 per person), plus paying another $5.50 to take the city bus instead. And that's why I hate these trolleys. P.S. After hearing our plight, the people at Waikiki Trolley reached out to me and adjusted our bill accordingly. It was very much appreciated and actually quite unexpected in this world of diminishing customer service. Kudos to them for this and they now have a recommendation from me of their business.
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TripAdvisor user image
Chris H
Columbia, Maryland
"Liked using it"
TripAdvisor user rating 4 out of 5
Reviewed March 01, 2020
Observations on using the Waikiki Trolley in early February: Two adults purchased the 7 day trolley pass via phone and saved 10% off the $75 cost before we left home but had to go to their central location to pick up our passes. No issues as we just hopped on a pink line trolley near our hotel, showed the driver the email confirmation, and arrived at their hub in about 10 minutes. The hub was a madhouse of people waiting for various trolley tours. We were able to get our passes right away and got reserved seats on a blue line trolley leaving in about 20 minutes. Leaving from the hub guarantees you a seat. You board based on the ticket number you receive. We were 48 and 49 of 60 some people. Blue line trolley (actually one of their double decker buses): a 2 ½ hour round trip along the coast mostly to the Sea Life Park. Great scenery. Several photo stops along the way. You can hop off at the Sea Life Park and take a later trolley back. No one did but a couple of people got on. Quick ride back stopping at two shopping centers. Open sided (no windows) trolley-don't know how they handle rain. Stacey was a great tour guide and talked/joked for about 90% of the tour. On another day we hopped on a pink line trolley to the central location and then took the red line historic tour. We road to Iolani Palace and spent 3 hours there and then caught another red line trolley to the Foster Botanical Gardens. Two hours there and we caught a red line trolley back to our hotel. Worked really well. Note that the Blue, Red and Green line trolley tour guides/drivers were all super friendly and cheerful. The couple of pink line drivers we encountered were either surly or unhappy and not very friendly. Trolley map booklet could use some upgrades to make the trolley times more readable. Their app worked fairly well and really is a download you should have if you use the trolley, as they usually miss the posted times due to heavy traffic delays. Purple line to Pearl Harbor. Pickup near IHOP/Hilton Hawaiian Village went fine. Driver gave good tour all the way to PH. We spent all day at PH, so return was the last trolley of the day. Pickup was 25 minutes late but the app showed us he was coming. Enough people wanted to get on so it was SRO on the trolley. Heavy traffic so it was really slow going. Not many more people could have fit on the trolley. The Green line to Diamond Head was also fine. Shorter length than Blue or Red lines. Could have used more trolleys on the red and purple lines.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Waikiki Trolley

Red Line Schedule:

Trolleys arrive every 40 minutes. Allow 80 minutes to ride as a circle tour.
Waikiki to Chinatown
8:30 am
4:34 pm
8:45 am
4:45 pm
03: Moana Surfrider ****
8:48 am
4:48 pm
8:51 am
4:51 pm
8:54 am
4:54 pm
9:08 am
5:08 pm
9:13 am
5:13 pm
9:21 am
5:21 pm
9:27 am
4:07 pm*
Chinatown to Waikiki
9:32 am
4:12 pm*
9:39 am
5:39 pm
9:41 am
5:41 pm
13: Ala Moana Center (ocean side)
9:47 am
5:47 pm

*Red Line trolleys do not stop at the Chinatown and King Kamehameha Statue stops after their last scheduled stops at 4:07 pm and 4:12 pm.

**NOTICE: As there is no Waikiki Trolley stop sign available from this stop, please wait in front of the hotel property for the trolley.

*** Final drop-off at the ‘Ilikai Hotel at 5:54 pm and DFS Galleria Waikiki at 6:05 pm.

**** Moana Surfrider stop is by-passed daily between 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm due to traffic regulations.

Blue Line Schedule:

Tour duration: 2 hours and 18 minutes.
1st Tour
2nd Tour
3rd Tour
Hilton Hawaiian Village
8:30 am
T Galleria by DFS**
8:42 am
11:00 am
1:30 pm
Duke Kahanamoku Statue
8:45 am
11:06 am
1:36 pm
Hanauma Bay*
9:25 am
11:46 am
2:16 pm
Halona Blow Hole*
9:45 am
12:06 pm
2:36 pm
Sandy Beach
Drive-through only
Sea Life Park
10:00 am
12:21 pm
2:51 pm
Hawaii Kai Lookout*
10:15 am
12:41 pm
3:11 pm
Kahala Mall***
10:35 am
1:01 pm
3:31 pm

* 5-minute photo stop only; no disembarking.
Hanauma Bay is closed on Tuesdays and is therefore skipped.

** DFS Galleria Waikiki pick-up location is along Royal Hawaiian Avenue.

*** Kahala Mall pick-up location is at the Kilauea Avenue bus stop.

Green Line Schedule:

Trolleys arrive every 35 minutes. Allow 70 minutes to ride it as a circle tour.
Waikiki to Kahala Mall
8:30 am
3:30 pm
02: Moana Surfrider ****
8:34 am
3:34 pm
8:37 am
3:37 pm
8:40 am
3:40 pm
8:43 am
3:43 pm
8:48 am
3:48 pm
8:58 am
3:58 pm
Kahala Mall to Waikiki
9:10 am
4:10 pm
9:15 am
4:15 pm
9:17 am
11:37 am
9:19 am
4:19 pm
9:29 am
3:19 pm

* Courtesy stops at Hilton Hawaiian Village at 8:30 am and 8:55 am daily.

** Final drop-off at King Kalakaua Plaza (4:29 pm) and DFS Galleria (4:40 pm)

*** KCC Express trolleys every Saturday: DFS Galleria (8:15 am), Moana Surfrider (8:19 am) and Duke Kahanamoku Statue (8:22 am)

**** Moana Surfrider stop is by-passed daily between 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm due to traffic regulations.

Pink Line Schedule

Trolleys arrive every 10 minutes. Allow 1 hour to ride it as a circle tour.
Waikiki to Ala Moana Center
Monday – Saturday
Sunday & Holidays
9:00 am
9:19 pm
7:18 pm
02: Moana Surfrider***
9:02 am
7:21 pm
9:00 am
9:25 pm
7:24 pm
9:07 am
9:27 pm
7:26 pm
9:10 am
9:30 pm
7:29 pm
9:07 am
9:35 pm
7:34 pm
07: Courtyard by Marriott
9:09 am
9:37 pm
7:36 pm
08: King Kalakaua Plaza (Olohana Street)
9:12 am
9:40 pm
7:39 pm
9:14 am
9:42 pm
7:41 pm 
9:18 am
9:46 pm
7:45 pm
9:21 am
9:49 pm
7:48 pm
12: Ala Moana Center – Nordstrom (drop-off only)
9:27 am
9:55 pm
7:54 pm
13: Ala Moana Center (ocean side)
9:19 am
10:04 pm
8:03 pm
Ala Moana Center to Waikiki
Monday – Saturday
Sunday & Holidays
9:31 am
10:00 pm
8:10 pm
9:34 am
10:03 pm
8:13 pm
9:36 am
10:05 pm
8:15 pm
17: Hard Rock Cafe (Eggs ‘n Things)
9:37 am
10:06 pm
8:16 pm

*NOTICE: As there is no Waikiki Trolley stop sign available from this stop, please wait in front of the hotel property for the trolley.

** Final drop-off at DFS Galleria Waikiki is 10:15 pm (Monday through Saturday) and 8:28 pm (Sundays and holidays).

*** Moana Surfrider stop is by-passed daily between 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm due to traffic regulations.