Ultimate Guide to Blue Man Group New York Coupons, Discounts, and Deals

November 17, 2021

Giant GiPad’s, a symphony of LED lights, and of course a monstrous Drum come smashing together to create a live musical performance like no other, with the Blue Man Group New York. 

The rhythmic pulsating beat of PVC drumming fills your body as you watch three very bald and very blue men do their thing.

For over 30 years and throughout 25 countries, this vibrant trio has entertained audiences by (literally) beating to their own very unique drum.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the first Blue Man performance at the Astor Place Theater in New York, we want to take a beat to spill all the (blue) paint on how to score the best coupons, discounts, and deals on your Blue Man New York performance.

One of the members of the Blue Man Group hyping the crowd up at their concert in NYC, New York

Discounted Tickets New York

Last-minute Broadway snafus? We don’t know her! Do away with booking fees and long ticket queue lines when you pre-purchase your discounted Blue Man Group NYC tickets ahead of time. 

Ticket Packages & Bundles New York

The city that never sleeps remains true to its name by providing a never-ending flow of world-class museums, landmarks, tours, and more. 

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Enjoy more of the Big Apple than ever before when you explore all of our New York City Vacation Packages. From catching a Broadway musical spectacular to soaking in the view from the Empire State Building, we offer the most diverse array of attractions and entertainment.

Keep your checkbook firmly out of the red when you book a Blue Man Vacation Package and enjoy savings up to 19% OFF*

**travelers have saved this much and more depending upon their travel dates.

New York City Hotels

Just one night is never enough time to take a proper bite out of the Big Apple. So level up your Empire dreams by spending two or more nights in New York City. 

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Whether you choose to nap on luxurious Frette linens in Tribeca or enjoy the hustle and bustle of the theater district, we offer several options when it comes to New York City Hotels

Rest and relax in your lodgings with confidence, knowing you are always guaranteed our lowest rates. 

Blue Man Group playing drums with red, yellow, and purple paint on them in concert in NYC, New York

Group Discounts & Promos NYC Blue Man Group

The more, the merrier! Spread the Blue joy all-around when you reserve a group booking for the Blue Man Group in New York City. An ideal interactive group activity, the thrilling Blue Man Group musical performance makes a thoroughly out of the box event for any:

  • Corporate trip
  • Scout retreat
  • School matinee
  • Private performance

Groups of 10 or more are eligible to receive exclusive discounts, avoid online service fees, and receive priority booking before dates go on sale to the general public. 

Pro Tip: Have a pressing question about creating a group reservation? The Blue Men have your back, with a dedicated Group Sales team that can answer all your queries and even allows you to hold reservations and modify them until a few weeks before the performance.

Transportation to NYC Blue Man Group

If there is one thing not to feel so blue about, it’s the transportation options in NYC! The Astor Place Theater is easily accessible by public transit.

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The closest subway stops and directions are as follows:

  • The six train - exit the subway at the Astor Place stop and walk approximately two minutes to the theater’s entrance
  • The R and W train - exit the subway at the 8th St. station and walk approximately one minute to the theater’s entrance
  • The A, B, C, E F, or M train - exit the subway at the West 4th St Washington Sq stop and walk approximately 10 minutes to the theater’s entrance.


Home of the Blue Men since 1991, the Astor Place Theater is conveniently located at 434 Lafayette Street, New York, NY.

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Those who require parking before the performance can reap the savings by parking at one of two locations between 403 and 410 Lafayette Street and utilizing a special Blue Man Parking Promo Code!

Pro Tip: We highly recommend booking your parking ahead of time, as this is an extremely popular activity.

One of the members of the Blue Man Group hyping the crowd up at their concert in NYC, New YorkBring Your Own:

Imagination, a sense of wonder, and a healthy love for all things Azure are the suggested mood and mindsets required to enhance any NYC performance of the Blue Man Group.

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However, to make the very most of your Blue Man experience, don’t forget to bring:

  • A camera and/or phone to snap some selfies with the Blue Men post-performance
  • Comfortable clothing, especially if sitting in the Poncho section
  • Earplugs if you are super sensitive to loud noise, as the music will reach rock concert levels!

Are you ready for an over-the-top, multi-sensory experience complete with Drumbones, paint drums, and vibrant globs of neon-colored paint?

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Blue Man Group member and concert crowd playing in streamers at their concert in NYC, New York

Embrace the weird, the wild, and the wacky, with a performance of the Blue Man Group in New York City. 

In this sacred locale that birthed the worldwide Broadway sensation, you’ll forge a deep, intimate connection with the silent cerulean men that make this trio. 

Can’t wait to live your life in full (blue) color? Book your Blue Men New York City tickets today!

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