10 Irresistible Reasons to Visit Hawaii

It doesn’t take a lot of convincing for most people to start planning a vacation to Hawaii. However, if you need a little nudge to visit paradise, here are the reasons why it should be near the top of your travel bucket list!

World-class beaches, pristine rainforests, and sizzling volcanoes are just a few things that make Hawaii a happening hotspot for tourists. Every Hawaiian Island has its own draw, making this state one that is filled with adventure and luxury no matter which way you turn. The irresistible reasons to visit Hawaii are numerous.

There are eight different Hawaiian Islands, four of which are the most popular in the tourism industry. The most traveled of all is Oahu, which boasts an exciting surf culture. The Big Island is about 200 miles away and is well-known for its diverse landscapes, including active volcanoes. Both Maui and Kauai are fan-favorite spots with great beaches and hiking. However, they’re more laid-back and less crowded than the touristy Oahu.

Hawaii is the perfect destination to kick back and relax. So it’s time to say, “Aloha!” to living life on island time. Keep reading for even more irresistible reasons to visit Hawaii, the Paradise of the Pacific!


Not one of the islands is without miles of stunning coastline. Stay shoreside on the sultry sand with a book in hand beneath the shade of a swaying palm tree, then dive into the crystal clear deep blue seawater. Regardless of how you choose to do beach days, you’re going to catch plenty of rays. So, don’t forget to slather on the sunblock!

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In Oahu, Waikiki Beach takes the crown as the most popular beach. Similarly, Kauai’s beachy claim to fame is Poipu Beach. In Maui, Kaanapali Beach is the winner. Hapuna State Beach is the Big Island’s star.

Pro Tip: If you’re tired of the beach by the time mid-afternoon rolls around, how about a shopping spree? Hawaii is brimming with farmers’ markets and shopping malls, filled with souvenirs to suit every taste. Many beaches have them nearby!

People walking along Kaanapali Beach - Maui, Hawaii, USAHiking

You can only soak up the sun and surf for so long. But, once you’re ready to try something new, luscious tropical rainforests are teeming with adventure in Hawaii. So, lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails!

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The islands of Maui and Kauai are especially known for outdoor excursions through wild jungle land. You’ll be seeing green where the wild things are! 

Pro Tip: Wondering which island is the best one for you to travel to? There are many things to consider. Our handy Hawaiian Island guide can give you some insight and help you narrow down the options.

A sandy trail through some palm trees with a mountain in the background at sunset with clouds in the sky in Oahu, Hawaii
photo credit: Jessica Wong via Unsplash


In a word, Hawaiian cuisine is fresh. Think fresh fish and fresh fruit. A vast array of local ingredients means much of the fare is farm-to-table, so you’ll be dining like royalty. In addition, a lot of the food is inspired by Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and other Asian influences. 

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Food trucks are also popular here. They’re a more casual way to sample the flavors of the islands! For instance, some food truck favorites are Elena’s Lunchwagon, Jawz Tacos, and Kauai Poke Co.

Looking down at a white table full of different dishes at 53 By The Sea in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
photo credit: 53 By The Sea via Facebook

Whale Watching

We can’t talk about Hawaii without mentioning the magnificent marine life. Sea turtles, dolphins, and whales, oh my!

Did you know Maui is known for some of the world’s best whale watching? Humpback whales migrating South from Alaska are frequently seen from November to May. So, book a sailboat whale tour today!

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Close up of a whale and he calf swimming through the water at the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary near Oahu, Hawaii, USA
photo credit: Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary via Facebook


It’s party time! No one parties like Hawaii. Exciting entertainment paired with a delectable feast is the trademark of a classic luau.

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Fire-knife dancing, poi-ball twirling, and interactive storytelling are all common activities on luau itineraries. 

Here are some of our top picks for local luaus:

Three hula dancers in bright red and yellow costumes dancing on stage at Chiefs Luau in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
photo credit: Chief’s Luau via Facebook


Luaus are exciting, but not in the same way that volcanoes are. However, Hawaii has those too! As the home of several active volcanoes, Hawaii is erupting with natural wonder.

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Photo Alert: How often do you get to see an active volcano? We’re guessing it’s not an everyday occurrence. So, snap as many photos as possible to capture these magnificent landforms! 

In Maui, you can even bike down a volcano! Moreover, the Big Island boasts the world’s most active volcano: Kilauea. So, visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to get in on the explosive fun! 

Night view of an active Volcano with smoke in HawaiiBlack Sand Beaches

Speaking of the Big Island, another one of its cant-miss features is its portfolio of rare black sand beaches. There are nine total on this island! 

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Is the sea turtle your favorite marine creature? Then you’ll have to pay Punalu’u Black Sand Beach a visit! Hawksbill sea turtles and green sea turtles like to hang out here.

Pro Tip: Black sand mixed with the hot sun? Ouch! These beaches can get a little extra toasty, so be sure to bring some shoes to spare your feet.

Wide shot of Punalu’u Black Sand Beach with lots of palm trees and the ocean in the background on the Big Island, Hawaii, USASnorkeling

One of the best Hawaiian views? Underwater.

A sea of clear blue dotted with cool green seaweed and splattered with vibrant hues in the form of fish and plants is a sight to behold. 

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There are many water activities that allow you to catch this breathtaking sight.

One of the best ways is to take a snorkeling tour. In addition, you can go scuba diving if you’re wanting to dive a little deeper into the ocean.

Woman snorkeling through a group of orange fish in Maui, Hawaii, USASurfing

Surfing is practically synonymous with Hawaii. It’s a widespread activity throughout all of the Hawaiian Islands, but Oahu is perhaps the most well-known for surfing.

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The surfing competition Vans Triple Crown of Surfing takes place each year on Oahu’s North Shore. Here, you can try your own hand at hanging ten. Or, simply sit back and watch the pros make it look easy!

Close up of two children with surfboards walking into the ocean on a sunny day.History

Hawaii is far more than just a beachy surf culture rich in paradise. It’s rich in history, too! Of course, the most notable historic site may be Pearl Harbor in Oahu.

The site is still an active military base today. Visit Pearl Harbor to honor and learn about those who gave their lives in the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.


View looking down on Pearl Harbor during the day and there appears to be some oil in the water in Oahu HawaiiAre You Ready to Plan Your Trip After Reading These Irresistible Reasons to Visit Hawaii?

By now, we’re guessing you’re ready to pack your bags and head out the door! Planning your first trip ever to Hawaii? Use our guide to learn about everything you need to know for your first visit.

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Lastly, if you’re planning your trip on a budget, Tripster is here to help. Book everything from activities to luaus to hotels and resorts with us for a great deal. The Aloha State awaits!

What’s One of Your Top Reasons to Visit Hawaii?

Let us know in the comments below!

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