Mario World Universal: Rides, Height Requirements, & More!

Mama mia! Ready to level up your amusement park experience?

Welcome to our in-depth dive into the wondrous, pixel-pumped world of Super Mario at Universal Studios Hollywood. We’re going to explore everything from catapulting yourself into the epic universe of the Mushroom Kingdom to interacting with your favorite characters and even mastering real-life Mario Kart races.

We’ll share all the secrets! So tighten your seatbelts, stomp on that iconic green pipe, and get ready to embark on a magical tour through the ultimate guide to Super Mario World.

Exploring Super Mario World at Universal Studios Hollywood

Hey there, superfan! Get ready to buckle your Warp Pipe travel seatbelts as we journey through the ultimate, glorious, 3D version of those 8-bit worlds we all know and love; welcome to Super Mario World California at Universal Studios Hollywood! Your old gaming chair was never this exciting!

Cast aside those controllers, folks. Here in Super Mario World, you are the power-up clad hero, ready to stomp on Goombas, for real. No Game Over screens to fear here, just pure, unforgettable adventure.

The magical warp pipe at the theme park entrance serves as your key to this mushrooming realm. Not even the disaster-prone Princess Peach could get lost, with Toad and his cartographically-gifted friends waiting to guide you through the immersive Land of the Mushroom Kingdom.

The augmented reality attraction officially opened on February 17, 2023, becoming a source of boundless joy for fans worldwide.

The stellar transformation of these beloved video game staples into immersive, tangible environments is nothing short of a dream come true! So ride Mario Kart Bowser’s Challenge ride, take Yoshi for a spin, and let’s dive into the pixellated magic of the physical Super Mario World!

Exterior door of a castle with grey brick walls and additional mario cartoon themed buildings in the backgroundStep into the Mushroom Kingdom: Immersive Attractions and Interactive Experiences

Put yourself in Mario’s shiny shoes and experience the Mushroom Kingdom like never before with immersive attractions and interactive experiences that’ll leave your heart racing faster than a Starman-fueled Mario.

Let’s start by mapping out the must-see spots.

Peach’s Castle: Start your adventure with a stately visit to Peach’s Castle. Step across the drawbridge and you’ll find yourself in a dizzying world of color, from sparkling chandeliers to larger-than-life portraits. It’s a picture-perfect way to kick off your journey.

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Bowser’s Castle: When you’re done playing nice, channel your inner King Koopa and storm Bowser’s Castle, a towering fortress that’s as ominous as it is enthralling. Just watch out for the fire-breathing turtles.

Yoshi’s Island: Need a breather? Take a relaxing stroll around Yoshi’s Island, a peaceful paradise decorated with iconic red flowers and inhabited by adorable, friendly Yoshis. You might even get a chance to partake in fun mini games.

In Super Mario World Universal Hollywood, the magic isn’t just in reaching the flagpole; it’s in the exhilarating journey that gets you there. So don your red cap, step into those big Mario shoes, and let’s get this adventure started. 1-Up mushrooms not included.

Meet Your Favorite Characters

Take a stroll with us as we journey into the colorful world of Super Mario, getting some face time with the veritable who’s who of the Mushroom Kingdom.


The star of the Super Mario Bros show, the all-time favorite, the Italian plumber in red and blue – yes folks, it’s Mario! Prepare to meet him in the flesh – or rather, in the mascot. Whether you grew up playing Mario on your NES or Switch, meeting this legendary character is surely a highlight of all Super Mario World Universal California visits. Don’t miss an opportunity to click a photo or two!


And where would Mario be without his faithful sidekick and brother, Luigi? Dressed in his signature green and blue, this taller and sometimes overshadowed character stands ready to meet you and pose for some playful photos.

Princess Peach

This ever-resilient damsel, often in need of rescue in the games, now stands ready to greet her loyal fans. Don’t forget to ask her for a spot of afternoon tea ‐ she does live in a castle, after all!

From Mushroom Retainers to Goombas, the entire band of Super Mario characters is here to greet you. And who knows? You might even run into an amiibo or two… or three.

Note to families: Kid-friendly interactions are a priority at Universal Studios Super Mario World, so don’t worry about any rogue Koopa Troopas causing trouble. The character experiences are designed for everyone to be fun and hassle-free!

Before you hit warp speed towards Universal Hollywood’s Super Mario World, keep in mind that your favorite characters make their star-studded appearances at specific times throughout the day.

Typically, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach greet guests from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, with a midday siesta between 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (even heroes need lunch breaks!).

These times may change seasonally or on special occasions, though. So, grab a park guide or check online for the most accurate character meeting schedules.

Interior of a castle with grey brick walls and white pillars with a yellow ceiling and a skylightDiscovering the Rides and Attractions of Super Mario World

Catch that Starman, and sail into the wild blue yonder with Yoshi’s Island Adventure, a color-drenched voyage through a tropical paradise that’ll have you grinning like a happy Koopa! Flying through the air with the greatest of ease, you’ll hitch a ride on the back of our favorite green dino, through exotic locales lifted right out of the Super Mario video games.

Moving on to Thwomp’s Downhill Rollercoaster, brace yourself for a thrilling dive into Bowser’s backyard, packed with power-ups, steep drops, and hairpin turns. Yes, you’ll hurtle past those iconic Thwomp foes — don’t worry, they can’t actually squish you in this version.

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Then there’s The Underwater Odyssey, a mesmerizing, immersive experience that’ll make you feel as though you’ve dived into one of those underwater levels from the game — minus the pesky Bloopers. This submarine-like ride will transport you to a vibrant underwater world teeming with familiar sea life from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Power-up Playground

Not all the fun in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios is high-flying and high-speed, mind you. Avoid the Thwomps and Goombas, and make your way to the Power-up Playground, an entire area devoted to feats of Mario-esque physical prowess.

Try your hand at coin block-smashing, Goomba-stomping, and finally grab that elusive power star at the end of a demanding obstacle course. Better start working on your jumping skills; those boxes aren’t going to hit themselves!

Mushroom Kingdom Carousel

For the younger fans – or just the young at heart – the Mushroom Kingdom Carousel is an adorable journey into the world of Super Mario that no visitor should miss. This fanciful merry-go-round spins you around on some of the most iconic characters, like Donkey Kong, from the Super Mario universe.

Remember, every coin counts! Throughout the park, you’ll see golden coins hovering just out of reach. Fear not – Nintendo wouldn’t tease you like that! Reach out, touch those coins, and watch your digital score skyrocket. You’ll find these collectible goals scattered through the entire park, turning each visit into a fun-filled scavenger hunt!

Height & Age Restrictions

Great news! The big league fun at Super Mario World may feel like it’s reserved for giants or wizards, but the folks at Universal Studios Hollywood have made sure it’s accessible to heroes of all sizes.

However, there are a few attractions with restrictions in place for safety reasons.

Take the astounding Mario Kart Ride, a high-speed, heart-pounding, real-life Mario Kart experience. For this thrill-a-minute adventure, guests must be at least 42 inches tall for the Super Mario Kart Ride height requirement.

Are we ready to storm Bowser’s Castle? For the Super Mario World height requirements, guests must be at least 36 inches tall, and kids between 36 and 48 inches must be accompanied by a supervising companion.

For attractions like Yoshi’s Adventure Ride or the Mushroom Kingdom Carousel, there’s no height restriction in place. But little munchkins under 36 inches height require an adult guardian to hop on for the ride.

As for age restrictions, most Mario-themed fun requires children under the age of 7 to be accompanied by a supervising adult. Taking into account the complexity and interactive challenges at some attractions, this ensures a safe, enjoyable experience for the youngest visitors.

Entrance to Super Nintendo World with a green tunnel surrouned by animated green hillsHidden Gems in Super Mario World

Uncovering the secrets in this park requires more than just keen eyes.  Super Mario Green Tunnel, Mario grey brick, and Super Mario trace, oh my!  It’s time to unleash your inner-gaming prowess and level up your detective skills.

If there’s one thing we know about Nintendo, it’s that they love surprising their fans. Super Mario World at Universal Studios Los Angeles is chock-full of delightful secrets and Easter eggs! Just like a hidden warp pipe or a secret coin block in a Mario game, these little surprises deepen the experience and level up the fun. So, are you ready to unlock these secrets? Here we go!

Hidden Pixel Art: Keep your eyes peeled for colorful tile mosaics around the park. These are not just decorative artwork. They’re classic 8-bit characters and items from the franchise!

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Koopa Troopa Dance-Off: Ever thought you’d get to witness a turtle dance-off? Only in Super Mario World. Show up at the character stage on certain afternoons and you might get to see the Koopa Troopers bust a dance move or two.

Pirhana Plant Power: Look around the corner, and you’ll find our not-so-friendly neighborhood Pirhana Plant near the entrance of the park. Try snapping a selfie without waking this hungry character up! Do you have the quiet ninja moves Mario would be proud of?

Hidden Yoshi Eggs: Remember all those hidden Yoshi eggs in the games? They’re in the park too. See if you can find 20 of them scattered around!

The Excitement of Mario Kart in Real Life

Step right up, racers! Yes, you heard it right – the legendary Mario Kart comes alive here at Super Mario World! No longer confined to your console, you get to zip, zoom, and blast your way through a physical track filled with twists, turns, and yes, those pesky banana peels.

No need for a driver’s license – just bring your game face!

Feel the adrenaline rush as you find yourself seated in your very own kart, grasping the wheel in anticipation. Listen to that classic Mario Kart countdown music – Ting, ting, ting… let’s-a-go!

Expect a surprising twist at every corner with mystery boxes throughout the course. Collect a Power Star for temporary invincibility, unleash the heat with a Fire Flower, or get an instant speed boost with a Super Mushroom – and watch out for that tricky blue shell. Buckle up, it’s time to hit the tracks of Super Mario World!

Super Mario World Dining

Well, all those epic adventures are bound to work up an appetite, aren’t they? Luckily, Super Mario World boasts a cavalcade of whimsical dining options, inspired by the diverse worlds and characters from the Super Mario universe, where you can refuel and get back to the gaming action.

First stop, the delightful Yoshi’s Snack Island, where you can chow down on delicious themed treats like Yoshi’s Special Fruit Salad or Koopa Troopa Calzones. Delicious! And for the sugar fans, you need not worry – feast your eyes (and taste-buds) on an array of Mushroom Kingdom sweet delights that will surely give you the power-up boost you need.

Now, if you’re the kind of hero that loves a sit-down meal, head straight for Toad’s Cafe. This full-service restaurant serves a varied menu of Mushroom Kingdom-inspired meals. Whether you’re craving a hearty hero’s breakfast, or a Princess Peach pie for dessert, they have it covered.

Mixing it up between every epic run and jump, you might want to keep things light and healthy. And Toadstool Cafe got you covered! With options, such as Luigi’s Fresh Veggie Pasta, Mount Beanpole cake, or Toadstool salad, you won’t have to sacrifice your love for tasty food with your desire to keep your gamer energy high and waistline slim.

Can I Bring Food and Drinks into Super Mario World?

No, picky eater, don’t pack your lunchbox just yet! Sorry to burst your bubble(wrap), but Universal Studios Hollywood has a no outside food and drink policy. Before you go all Bowser on us, the reason is to make sure there are no food safety issues or unwanted surprises. After all, who knows what might be lurking inside a mystery mushroom sandwich?!

Some exceptions do exist for the savvy traveler. A few of these include:

  • Baby food and formula: Baby Mario and Luigi are fussy eaters, so we get it! Food for infants and toddlers is perfectly fine to bring along.
  • Medicinal needs: Like an extra life, sometimes we need a little help. If you have a specific medical dietary requirement, accommodations can be made.
  • Water bottles: Staying hydrated in the heat of battle is key. You won’t be turned away for carrying a clear, unopened bottle of water.

Exterior view of Toadstool cafe, a red and white mushroom in a mario world cartoon settingTips and Tricks for Maximizing Your Time at Super Mario World

Planning a day in the magical and immersive Super Mario World at Universal Studios Hollywood might feel like a challenging level but fret not, we’ve got you covered. All you need is a sturdy pair of shoes, a solid strategy. So, let’s power up and dive into our gaming tips and tricks!

Early Bird Gets the Warp Whistle

As they say in the Mushroom Kingdom, “the early Koopa catches the Starman.” Arrive early, preferably just before the gates open. Like in any great video game, getting the lay of the land before things get too chaotic is always a smart move. Plus, park opening times are when lines are likely to be shortest, allowing you to score big points on all your favorite rides.

Fast Passes are your Fire Flower

Be smarter than a Boo and take advantage of the priority queues where available. Fast or express passes are like the Fire Flowers of Universal Studios, letting you zoom past the hordes of Goombas (read: other park visitors) to enjoy your favorite attractions with minimal wait time. They do cost extra but trust us, it’s worth splurging if it means more time racing Mario Karts or exploring Princess Peach’s Castle!

Level up with Power-Up Band

Stay on top of your Super Mario game progress with the Power Up Band. Collect digital coins and keys throughout the land and determine if you’re winning or losing by keeping tabs on your score compared to other teams through the app.

Super Mario World FAQs

Super Nintendo World in Hollywood is jam-packed with immersive experiences, but when it comes to actual rides, the only ride at Super Nintendo World is Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge. Despite this, the park offers a plethora of interactive activities and themed attractions that keep visitors entertained. So, while there's just one ride, the overall adventure is anything but limited!

Curious about whether Super Mario World costs extra? Good news! The ticket price is included in the price of entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood. That means you can enjoy all the fun and adventure without any additional fees.

Adventure Awaits at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Super Mario World

So, are you ready to take the plunge into the pixel-colorful world of Mario and friends? Head on over to Tripster and secure your Universal Studios Hollywood tickets today. With them in hand, you’re set for an unforgettable journey into Super Mario World and a deluge of delightful memories.

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