Trailblazer Pass Silver Dollar City: Everything You Need To Know

Headed to Silver Dollar City? There’s a way to enjoy all your favorite rides without having to wait in line!

Silver Dollar City is often on every Branson visitor’s bucket list. Monday through Sunday are always busy times of the week at this world-class theme park, which leaves many in want of an option to skip the lines at their favorite SDC rides and attractions.

If you’re one of the people looking for a way to enjoy a day at the theme park without having to worry about waiting in long lines, you’ll be interested in purchasing a Silver Dollar City Trailblazer Pass!

Follow along as we share everything you need to know about the most coveted Silver Dollar City Trailblazer Pass.

Silver Dollar City Trailblazer Pass

It’s been said that “time is something that money can’t buy.”

While there is wisdom in that statement, it certainly does not apply at Silver Dollar City, especially during peak season! A fast pass Silver Dollar City, otherwise known as the Silver Dollar City Trailblazer Pass, will help you skip long hours of waiting in line at the most popular theme park in Branson.

The Trailblazer Pass was introduced as an add-on option for guests in 2009, after several years of receiving numerous requests from guests. This is not surprising as the world-class theme park has over 2 million visitors per year! The wait times for the most popular rides at the park can take over an hour.

Today, Silver Dollar City still offers the Trailblazer Pass as an add-on who would like to shell out more cash in exchange for spending more time enjoying more rides.

If you aim to maximize your day at the Silver Dollar City, be a VIP with the SDC Trailblazer Pass! Skip the lines and experience the park’s thrilling attractions at your own pace.

close up of Wildfire roller coaster loop at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, USATypes of Trailblazer Passes

You can wait in line or purchase the best Silver Dollar City Trailblazer pass for you! Pay extra for a pass to skip long hours of waiting in line:

  • Trailblazer Pass – 8 uses in 1 day
  • Super Trailblazer Pass – unlimited uses in 1 day
  • Trailblazer Season Pass – Unlimited uses until the end of the year

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The Trailblazer Pass is recommended for visitors who only plan to skip the line for one ride once during the day. If you think you might want to skip the line for a ride more than once a day, get the Super Trailblazer pass!

Are you planning several trips to Silver Dollar City this year? The Trailblazer Season Pass is the right pass for you! Get unlimited skip-the-line passes to all eligible rides until December 30!

Need more answers to your Trailblazer Pass questions? Follow along as we answer more frequently asked questions!

People riding Mystic River Falls at Silver Dollar City - Branson, Missouri, USA
photo credit: Silver Dollar City via Facebook

Trailblazer Pass Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Eligible Rides for Trailblazer Pass?

While Silver Dollar City offers 40 rides and attractions for every age and thrill level, the Trailblazer Pass only gives the pass holder skip-the-line powers to 14 rides. These are the most popular rides that often have long lines where a Trailblazer Pass would be most useful:

  • Outlaw Run®
  • WildFire®
  • Powder Keg®
  • FireFall
  • The Giant Barn Swing
  • Thunderation
  • Fire In The Hole
  • The Flooded Mine
  • Electro Spin
  • Magnificent Wave Carousel
  • American Plunge
  • Time Traveler®
  • Mystic River Falls*

*All TrailBlazers include one ride per visit to Mystic River Falls.

Close up of the Time Traveler Coaster full of people going sideways on a sunny day at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, USAIs Trailblazer Pass Worth it?

Are you planning to visit Silver Dollar City on a weekend, any day during the summer, or during the holidays? If yes, then getting a Trailblazer Pass is seriously worth every single penny!

Are you someone who wants to experience the most popular thrill rides that Silver Dollar City has to offer without waiting in line for hours? The Trailblazer Pass was made for somebody like you! No matter how long the lines are, get first in line at the most insane attractions like the Time Traveler and WildFire, two of the wildest roller coasters in Branson.

Ultimately, how you want to spend your time in this world-class theme park will decide if the Trailblazer Pass is worth it for you.

large drop on the Outlaw Run roller coaster in Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, USACan I Buy a Trailblazer Pass Anytime?

The Trailblazer Pass is offered as an add-on option when you purchase Silver Dollar City admission tickets online or in person.

While it is possible to purchase a Silver Dollar City admission ticket anytime, please note that Silver Dollar City only offers a limited number of Trailblazer Passes each day. Only 75 to 100 visitors per day are granted the Trailblazer Silver Dollar City. If you want to skip the lines, get your passes as early as possible!

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Can More Groups/Families Share one Trailblazer Pass?

While we wish we have better news, we regret to inform visitors that one Trailblazer Pass can only be used by one person on the day of the visit.

A Trailblazer Pass holder will be asked to wear a wristband to let the ride operators know that they can skip to the front of the line. Anyone else who is not wearing the intact wristband will not be allowed to skip the line.

outlaw run roller coaster at silver dollar city in Branson, Missouri, USAWhat Happens if I Lose my Trailblazer Pass Silver Dollar City?

TrailBlazers are non-transferable, non-refundable, and not replaceable if forgotten, lost, or stolen.

Notify the Park immediately if your season pass is lost or stolen as it needs to be deactivated. Stolen passes will be replaced free upon presentation of a police report.

Does Trailblazer Pass Include Admission to the Marvel Cave?

Silver Dollar City evolved around the entrance to one of nature’s greatest wonders, Marvel Cave. Imagine a damp limestone cave, complete with formations that are still alive and growing!

You don’t need a Trailblazer Pass to visit the Marvel Cave! Shows, rides, and cave tours (except Lantern Tours) are free with your Silver Dollar City theme park admission.

People Riding Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City - Branson, Missouri, USAMore Silver Dollar City Vacation Packages

No trip to Branson is complete without a visit to Silver Dollar City! Plan your vacation with Silver Dollar City packages so you can bundle theme park admission tickets with other Branson attraction tickets.

In addition, there is an option to bundle all the Silver Dollar City tickets that you need with your choice of Branson hotels.

Get your Silver Dollar City tickets today to experience the thrilling attractions, entertaining shows, and exciting festivals you can only find in Branson.

Which Ride is Your Favorite at Silver Dollar City?

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4 comments about “Trailblazer Pass Silver Dollar City: Everything You Need To Know”


July 11, 2023 at 8:52 pm

Hello. I purchased a Trail blazer pass at Silver Dollar City…It says to show the pass on my phone at the ride entrance…BUT, then on the website it says phones are not allowed on the ride? So very confusing. Anybody have a thought?

avatar of Teresa in blue tripster shirt


July 26, 2023 at 8:15 am

Hi David! You will be able to stash your phone after the ride attendant checks that you have a valid Trailblazer pass. Enjoy your time at SDC!


March 18, 2024 at 9:53 pm

On the 1 – day ticket it says ticket is valid for (1) visit within 5 operating days of the date selected. Is that the same for the trailblazer day passes?

avatar of Teresa in blue tripster shirt


April 18, 2024 at 3:34 pm

Hello Lyndsey! The Trailblazer Pass is date-specific; you will need to purchase it for whichever day you’ll be enjoying the park.

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