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Ride the 120-passenger Aerial Tramway year round and enjoy spectacular views of the Great Smoky Mountains and a mountain of fun for the whole family at Ober Gatlinburg Ski Area and Amusement Park. The Tram departs every 20 minutes for the 10-minute journey up the mountain. Ober Gatlinburg offers activities including indoor ice skating, Wildlife Encounter, Alpine Slide, and Scenic Chairlift.

Good To Know

from Ashley, one of our Gatlinburg Travel Experts
  • Few seats so expect to stand if busy.
  • Arrive early for less crowded tramways.
  • Tram departs every 20 minutes.
  • Rides last 10 minutes.
  • Fantastic views of the Great Smoky Mountains.
  • Provides easy access to Ober Gatlinburg attractions.

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Chad W.

You will enjoy great views on the way up along with plenty to explore at the top, including an animal sanctuary where you can buy tickets to see bears, otters, and other wildlife up close. If you’re feeling daring, you can even buy an additional ticket to ride a chair lift to the very top of the mountain.

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from Ober Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway
Ride the 120-passenger Aerial Tramway year round and enjoy spectacular views of the Great Smoky Mountains and a mountain of fun for the whole family at Ober Gatlinburg Ski Area and Amusement Park. The Tram departs every 20 minutes for the 10-minute journey up the mountain.

Ober Gatlinburg offers activities for all ages including shopping and dining, indoor ice skating, Ski Mountain Coaster, Wildlife Encounter, Alpine Slide, Scenic Chairlift, Rock Wall, Kiddie Land and Rides, winter skiing and snowboarding, and much more. (Additional fees apply for these activities.)

Tripster Customer Reviews

99 Reviews
Nestor S.
Saint Charles, MO
2 Reviews
Verified Traveler
"Nice natural adventure"
December 2019
Was cool experience visiting the mountains and ride until the ice place, even enjoyable pizza and shopping some clothes also.
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Tip: Nice staff will assist you if you have handicap family member

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Brian Spraker
Decatur, IL
4 Reviews
Verified Traveler
"Always A Good Time"
November 2019
Always a good time at Ober Gatlinburg. We have went in Easter for the past two years but went in November this year to see the leaves changing colors in the mountains. Tram ride has great views of the mountains and Ober Gatlinburg offers many options for entertainment.
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Susan Justice
Hendersonville, NC
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Needs updating"
September 2019
I went on Labor Day weekend so the crowds were ridiculous. Tram was packed. Up top, the stores are a little tired and outdated. It seemed like a mini mall of yesteryear.
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Tip: Buy tickets online and save. Lots for kids to do but shopping isn’t that great for adults.

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Brian Spraker
Decatur, IL
4 Reviews
Verified Traveler
"Fun Activity / Decent Pricing"
March 2019
Fun activity for the family. Get to see the mountains on a ride on the tram. Up in Ober Gatlinburg, the pricing for food and activities is very fair compared to many other places we went.
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Valerie Caldwell
Roanoke, VA
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Beautiful views"
March 2019
Myself and seven others from my immediate family were able to enjoy riding rhe tramway together. The worker who rode up with us was hilarious and added some useful info. It was a warm and enjoyable ride on a cool day. Unfortunately we were unable to ride back down as there was a wind warning. Ober Gatlinburg was quick to provide shuttles and get us safely down.
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Sarah Condra
Rock Spring , GA
1 Review
Verified Traveler
"Aerial Tramway"
January 2019
Buying the tickets online was pretty easy. I printed the ticket which was 1 page for 5 people and it wasn’t a problem at all. Our group didn’t have to wait long in line to board coming or going.
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Tip: If you’re scared of heights you should keep in mind that the tram is suspended by cables and takes you up a mountain. You can look out and see just how high up you are.

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Mary Long
soddy daisy, TN
2 Reviews
Verified Traveler
"It was fun"
January 2019
Bought tickets expecting to go snow tubing but once we arrived there the whole weekend was sold out online so you did have a chance on going unless you bought them off there website. Go there and all the rides where closed due to weather so basically it was just a ride up and down the mountain
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Tip: Buy tickets to tube or ski from Ober Gatlinburg online.

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Joyce Driskell
Debary , FL
2 Reviews
Verified Traveler
"The views!"
January 2019
So we had bad timing and did not have any snow, but I’m really glad we divided to take the team to Ober mountain because the guide on the way up cracked jokes the whole time and had everyone laughing. And the views were amazing too!
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Tip: Ice skating can get crowded so be prepared. Make sure to go outside even if your not partaking in snow activities because it’s beautiful

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TripAdvisor Reviews
TripAdvisor user image
Marilyn K
TripAdvisor user rating 1 out of 5
Reviewed September 14, 2020 NEW
Over priced. It cost $17.00 to ride the tram and then once you get to top it's $39.00 for bracelet and everything else. Not worth it.
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TripAdvisor user image
Atlanta, Georgia
"Tons to do but over priced"
TripAdvisor user rating 3 out of 5
Reviewed September 14, 2020 NEW
There's tons to do up there now, but it's overpriced. Get a coupon or spend the whole day to make it worth it. Food is terrible so plan ahead or leave the mountain to eat. Limited seating if you get tired too
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TripAdvisor user image
"Just taking a ride up and down"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed September 13, 2020 NEW
We loved it! The ride up in the gondola is amazing! On the wayup we saw a wild bear (not the one at the top)! There is so much to do at the top. We went up to just sight see.
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TripAdvisor user image
West Bloomfield, Michigan
"Not Fat Friendly. Body shaming at 3000 feet."
TripAdvisor user rating 1 out of 5
Reviewed September 10, 2020 NEW
If your feeling good about yourself you may want to avoid this one-way lift to Mt. Thinmore. I’m a 6’5 305lb man relatively proportional given my height. I’ve never really looked in the mirror and said, you really shouldn’t venture out today, you’re just too damn fat. That all changed when the cardio counselors at Camp Oberg trapped me atop their mountain. The ride up was basic enough. I didn’t snap any cables or put the rest of the gondola riders in any danger with my morbid obesity, so that was a great sense of accomplishment. When I entered the Bavarian sports compound atop this Smokey mountain hill, I was even able to restrain myself from stopping at the 23 various carnival food stations enticing me with the sweet aromas of Elephant Ears, Funnel Cakes, Gummy Snakes, and Jelly Pigs. Nope not one stop. I was hear to conquer the outdoors and savor every fun ride this place had! I was giddy with excitement as I bought my amusement tickets from the unintelligible Russian teen behind the counter. I could already picture enjoying the mountain air, the sun kissing my face, the wind blowing my hair as I raced down Thigh Master Gorge on that sleek blue beautiful mountain coaster. The anticipation was building as I walked the 4 story uphill curved ramp to get to the empty maze of line rails. One after another, I twisted through the barren rails, not another tourist in site. The end was near. There are the blue coasters all lined up, waiting for my on this wonderous track. The young Ecuadorian woman was pleased to see me coming and nodded as I shook my ticket in the air in triumph! With my oustretched hand I couldn’t give it to her soon enough, one leg already in the air ready to jump into my blue mountain racer! Her hands down by her sides she looked at me, with a glimmer in her eye, and said: “Step scale pwease”. Stunned, I stopped in my tracks. “What?” I replied. “Step scale pwease”! She pointed down at this long rubber mat that was the only thing keeping me from that shiny blue cart. I looked down again, and what I was about to get on looked like something out of a livestock auction. The type of scale you see when you turn off the highway thinking it’s a rest area only to realize it’s a weigh station. What about my physical presence demanded such a Biggest Loser contestant submission? I obliged, but just to be on the safe side I put the outer edge of my foot on the adjoining floor to throw off that Toledo scale. This wasn’t my first time weighing in and trying to get those weight lower of the week fudge ice bars from Jenny Craig. Hopefully this would put an end to this madness and I could jump on the cart. She looked at the digital output, looked at me again with a long slow head to toe look over. “Foot not on scale” pointing angrily at my size 14 New Balance that had found its way off the reservation. “Twy Gan”. So with my last ounce of integrity I went all in. Threw myself to the laws of gravity. Praying the altitude might somehow make me lighter in the loafers. But alas, “You too fat. 300 pound Max!” Shaken, but not deterred I began emptying my pockets of cell phone, wallet, keys, dignity. Anything that could makeup that 5 pound difference. “No retwys. No ride for you.” Defeated, I did the walk of shame back to the Winter Olympic outpost. Maybe that ice bumper ride would cheer me up and lift my spirits? With unbridled enthusiasm I raced down the rubber ramps, through the ice skate locker room that smelled of dead skin and rejected dreams, and right to the front of the line of the bumper tubes! The Ukrainian gentlemen at the turnstile looked at me. I could tell he wanted to say something, but what would this great icebreaker be?? Suspense filled the cold refrigerated air... “Dah, You too fat. Veight limit 300 kilos. Here, step scale.” In my wildest imagination I never thought I would have been too fat for a giant inner tube atop a 4 foot block of solid ice. Dejected, I showed him my handful of unused ride tickets and asked where I could get a refund, he pointed towards a Guest Services sign that was located just behind the Cotton Candy machine and before the fried Twinkie stand. As I entered the SportsPlex’s Principals office I was greeted by a friendly 419 lb woman that insisted I call her Biscuit. I showed her my hand full of unused tickets. Not exactly the kind you want to be holding, like those of a Skeeball champ ready to reclaim a He-Man eraser at the prize checkout. Nope the tickets I had in my hand were those of a real loser. Those tickets were the Scarlet Letter. “F” for Fat. Cordially she refunded my money and sent me on my way. Whimpering like I just got slapped in the ass by a quarterback’s wet towel, I walked directly back to the Gondola. My 23 minutes of fame atop Heartbreak Hill were over. It was back to get on the tail end of my $100 Gondola ride. As the doors opened to the indoor lift, the Albanian operator slowly looked me up and down...
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TripAdvisor user image
Sherrodsville, Ohio
"Over ride"
TripAdvisor user rating 5 out of 5
Reviewed September 10, 2020 NEW
It was a very nice ride.. you're able to get some very nice pictures of the town and you're able to see what all got burned up a few years ago...
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Frequently Asked Questions about Ober Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway

Can I bring food or alcohol to Ober Gatlingburg?
Outside food and beverages, including alcoholic beverages, are not allowed on to the Aerial Tramway or Ober Gatlinburg premises. Beer is available for consumption in Ober’s Snack bar, and alcoholic beverages are available in the Seasons of Ober Restaurant and The Loft Lounge.

Does Ober Gatlinburg rent strollers and wheelchairs?
A limited number of single and double strollers are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. Single strollers are $4.00 per day, and double strollers are $6.00 per day. Unfortunately, we do not rent wheelchairs at this time.

How much is parking?
Parking is $8.00 CASH per standard-size vehicle. Parking is not available on the mountain for buses and over-sized vehicles on weekends and holidays. Sorry, all parking must be paid with cash – no credit cards accepted.

How often does the aerial tram leave?
The Tram leaves every 20 minutes, taking you on a beautiful 10 minute, 2.1-mile long ride between our downtown tram terminal and our resort on top of the mountain.

Is there an ATM located at Ober Gatlinburg?
ATM machines are located in the Downtown Tramway Mall next to the River Road entrance, and in the Ober Gatlinburg Mall near the hallway entrance to the Ober’s Snack bar (ATM 1) and to the left side of the Fudge Shop (ATM 2).

What is the pet policy at Ober Gatlinburg?
Pets are not permitted in the Tramway Mall, the Aerial Tramway, or on any premises at Ober Gatlinburg. Service animals for guests with disabilities are permitted.

Where are the first aid stations?
Ober Gatlinburg staffs the Operations Office with medical personnel during operating hours. The Operations Office is located at the end of the walkway near the Alpine Slide/Scenic Chairlift entrance.

Additionally, in the winter months, the Ober Gatlinburg Ski Patrol is available during all slope hours. The Ski Patrol consists of approximately 60 paid and unpaid volunteers all trained in Outdoor Emergency Care – a certification course in first aid, CPR, and other pre-hospital care and treatment for possible injuries – and are part of a larger international organization, the National Ski Patrol System (NSPS) which includes almost 30,000 patrollers.

What activities are located at the top of the mountain?
Ober Gatlinburg Ski Area and Amusement Park offer activities for all ages. Shopping and dining, indoor ice skating, Wildlife Encounter, Alpine Slide, scenic chairlift, Kiddie Land and Rides, winter skiing and snowboarding, a Rock Wall, Ski Mountain Coaster, and so much more are offered at the top of the mountain.

Does it cost money to participate in the activities at the top of the mountain?
Yes, while at Ober Gatlinburg, you may purchase a wristband or attraction tickets that will allow you to participate in the activities at the top of the mountain. 


  • Basic Wristband: Includes the Scenic Chairlift, Alpine Slide, Blue Cyclone Rapids, Lightnin’ Water Ride, Shoot-the-Chute Water Ride, Amaze’N Maze, Rock Wall, Chair Swing, Mini Golf, Kiddie Rides, and Carousel.
  • Premium Wristband: Includes the Scenic Chairlift, Alpine Slide, Blue Cyclone Rapids, Lightnin’ Water Ride, Shoot-the-Chute Water Ride, Amaze’N Maze, Rock Wall, Chair Swing, Mini Golf, Kiddie Rides, Carousel, Wildlife Encounter, 3 Hours of Ice Skating, and 1 Ride on the Ski Mountain Coaster.


  • Alpine Slide - Weight limit of 300 lbs, ages 6 and under ride with an adult.
  • Scenic Chairlift - Weight limit of 600 lbs, ages 6 & under ride with an adult.
  • Carousel - Children under 36" must ride with an adult.
  • Chair Swing 
  • Mini Golf 
  • Amaze'N Maze
  • Kiddie Rides and Kiddie Land 
  • Wildlife Encounter 
  • Ice Bumper Cars - Must be 7 years or older to ride alone. Ages 3 – 6 years must ride with adult (18 yrs or older). Riders cannot exceed a combined weight of 300 lbs.
  • Rock Wall - Climbers but be a minimum weight of 45 lbs.
  • Ice Skating - Includes 3 hours of continuous session and skates.
  • Ski Rental - Includes skis/boots/poles and equipment breakage insurance.
  • Snowboard Rental - Includes board and boots.
  • Ski Mountain Coaster

What are the ride restrictions for the ski mountain coaster?

  • Children under 3 years of age are not allowed to ride.
  • Pregnant women “should not” ride (manufacturer recommendation).
  • Must be 9 years or older to ride alone.
  • Children under 9 years are only allowed to ride with someone 18 years or older, who has been given the responsibility by the person responsible for the child’s supervision.
  • To ride double, the brake controller must be 18 years or older.
  • No food, gum, drinks, cameras, recording devices, or cell phones are permitted on this ride.
  • Shoes required, secure on feet during the ride.
  • Loose items are not permitted on this ride.
  • Brake controller must be able to operate both levers.
  • Minimum height: Rear, 52" – Front, 36".
  • Maximum Combined Weight per Cart: 300 lbs.

For skiing and snowboarding, when does the area open/close for the season?
We usually open around mid-December, and our typical closing date is early to mid-March. We open as soon as we have made enough snow to cover most of the trails. The opening and closing dates vary depending on the weather.

What are the mountain statistics of the Ober Gatlinburg Ski Area?
Ober Gatlinburg offers 10 ski trails serviced by two quad and one double chairlift, which keeps you out of lift lines and on the slopes. When temperatures drop, our snowmaking equipment blankets 100% of our slopes. Slopes are maintained with the latest in snow-grooming equipment to provide a smoother, more consistent surface creating enjoyable skiing conditions.

  • Summit Elevation: 3300 feet
  • Base Elevation: 2700 feet
  • Vertical Drop: 600 feet
  • Longest Run: 5000 feet
  • 10 Trails and 1 Terrain Park
  • 2 Quad Lifts, 1 Double, 1 Handle tow

    Are ski/snowboard tickets available for purchase at Ober Gatlinburg?
    Yes. Ski area tickets give you access to the ski slopes for one session of skiing or snowboarding. Tickets are good for unlimited use of the ski slopes during your session. Everyone must have a current valid Ski Area Ticket (and ski/snowboard equipment) at all times to enter the slopes.

    Ticket prices vary based on age and day/night time. 

    Can you rent ski clothing?
    Yes, you can rent snow pants, ski jackets, and helmets for a fee, with a deposit. All items are rented on a first-come-first-serve basis.

    May I bring our sleds and use them on your slopes?
    Sorry, sleds are not allowed on our slopes.

    What should I wear for skiing, snowboarding, or tubing?
    The best way to dress for winter is to wear layers. This gives you more flexibility to add or remove layers, depending on the weather and your activity. Turtleneck shirts, sweaters, long underwear, and footless tights work well as under-layers. Wear one pair of socks. Ski boots and snowboard boots have liners. Wear appropriate hats, goggles, gloves, sunglasses, etc. for the weather conditions.
    Be sure to wear pants or jackets/shirts with a hole or loop to fasten the lift or tubing tickets such as a zipper pull, button-hole, or belt loop.

    What size are ski/snowboard boots offered at Ober Gatlinburg?
    Ski boot rentals run Child’s 6-13, Junior 1-3 and Adult 4-16. Snowboard boot rentals run Child’s 11-13, Junior 1-3, and Adult size 4-14.

    Is Ober Gatlinburg open on holidays?
    Yes, we are open on every Holiday of the year, with extended hours on and around many of these. The only exception is shorter hours on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but we are OPEN both days.