Complete Guide to Magic Bands for Disney World

As if the Most Magical Place on Earth wasn’t already enchanting enough, MagicBands take Disney World trips to a whole new level.

Adding Disney World Magic Bands to your Walt Disney World experience is like sprinkling a little bit of pixie dust on the entire vacation. Disney wristbands make wandering through the wonder of everything the Walt Disney Company has to offer even better.

Read on to discover what are Disney magic bands, magic band benefits and perks, and how you can get your hands on one to use on your Disney vacation!

Magic bands for Disney World are like bracelets or watches and even come in various colors and themes, so you can wear one that suits your taste. Keep it simple with a solid color, or show off the extent of your Disney loyalty with a Mickey Mouse-themed band. There are plenty of options to rep your personal Disney style!

Disney World wristbands are far more than just a fashion accessory, though. Among many other things (we’ll tell you about those later!), you can use your MagicBand to:

  • Get into the parks
  • Unlock your hotel room
  • Make store and restaurant purchases

Pro Tip: Disney Genie has now replaced the former FastPass+. This free service helps you plan your day at the park by making itinerary suggestions based on your selected Disney interests and current wait times. Genie+ is an upgrade that allows you to make ride reservations for an additional fee each day you use it. This service works in tandem with Disney MagicBands.

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What Are Disney World Magic Bands?

Wondering how do Disney MagicBands work? Like we said earlier, Disney MagicBands look a lot like bracelets or watches. However, what makes them unique is that they have an RFID chip that allows the MagicBands to sync with your My Disney Experience account. 

Pro Tip: Disney is dedicated to protecting your data. Privacy controls are in place so that you can use your MagicBand with confidence. 

Wondering, “can I buy magic bands at Disney World?” Yes! The cost for MagicBands varies, as there are many different styles available. The slap bracelet style, for example, is typically around $30. Limited edition bands cost approximately $40.

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The magic band battery life is at least two years, and the bands are waterproof. So, you can wear them carefree throughout the parks and water parks. Plus, reusing magic bands is encouraged! MagicBands are good for multiple trips! We’ll explain where to buy one and how to set it up later on in this article. 

Lastly, if you opt to bypass the ease and convenience of using a MagicBand during your time at Disney, some alternatives don’t require dropping extra cash on a band. The My Disney Experience app allows you to take advantage of the same features. All you’ll need is your smartphone!

Pro Tip: If you’re prone to getting a little lost in massive, wonder-filled mazes like the Disney parks, don’t fret. While magic Disney bands are not GPS-based, an interactive map is available on the My Disney Experience app to help you navigate. However, keep in mind that the Magical Express service is no longer available, so you will be responsible for navigating from the airport to Disney World on your own.

Now you’re an expert! Never wonder how do magic bands work at Disney again!

Close up of a cluster of magic bands, all the colors of the rainbow, on a white back ground for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, USA
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Perks of Disney MagicBands

So, now that you know exactly what a Disney wristband is, it’s time to dive into what they can do for you. MagicBands serve as an all-in-one pass that allows you to unlock the magic of Disney with the flick of your wrist. So, forget finding a magic wand. You’ll have the magic touch on you at all times!

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Read on for all the ways Disney MagicBands work like magic. You can use them to:

Get into the Parks

Forget shuffling park tickets between backpacks and hands. Instead, you can use your Disney magic wristband to get into all four theme parks! Enter Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios with ease so you can skip to the fun faster. 

Pro Tip: Book your park tickets with Tripster for dreamy Disney deals!

Unlock Your Hotel Room

Walt Disney World Resort guests can do away with key cards! Instead, simply unlock your room door with your MagicBand to spare yourself the hassle. It’s as easy as saying, “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo!” 

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Make Purchases

What’s better than leaving your hotel key card behind? Leaving your credit card behind! With the use of MagicBands, Disney resort guests can forgo the pesky task of taking out wallets repeatedly. Instead, with a simple tap of your wrist, you can charge purchases at stores and restaurants.

Fun Fact: As a bonus, MagicBands unlock special, personalized surprises throughout the park!

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View Your Photos Instantly

Once a Disney photographer snaps your photo, they can link it to your MagicBand so you can access it online with Disney PhotoPass within minutes! Long gone are the days of waiting for images to develop.

Whether you’re posing with a cast member or having the time of your life on a ride, capture all your Disney photo memories in one convenient location.

Photo Alert: How often are you able to get photos with beloved Disney characters? Take the chance to see how many photos you can get with cast members throughout the parks!

Disney Magic BandsHow to Get and Set Up a Disney MagicBand

So, now that you know what MagicBands are and what they can do for you, how do you get one? You have two options. First, purchase and set up your MagicBand when you get there.

Or, get ahead of the game and order your MagicBand online before your trip. Disney recommends you order at least six days in advance if you will be shipping it to your resort. Or at least ten days in advance if you will ship it to your home. 

Pro Tip: MagicBands should be secure when worn on your wrist. However, if you happen to misplace yours, don’t worry. Instead, visit Disney Guest Relations or your hotel’s Lobby Concierge to deactivate it. They can provide you with a replacement card or help you set up a new MagicBand if you choose to buy a replacement band.

You won’t be able to use your MagicBand without park tickets! Once you choose how many days you’ll be hitting the parks and land those discounted tickets from Tripster, you should receive an email with your My Disney Experience code.

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Create an account on the My Disney Experience website or app. Go to the “My Profile” section under “Memberships and Passes.” Insert the code from your email in the ticket ID number box.

Next, you’ll need to link the MagicBand to your My Disney Experience account. To get the process started, go to the Disney World website page that says “Let’s Link Your Reservations and Purchases.”

Click on the “MagicBand” option. This will prompt you to enter your My Disney Experience login information. Lastly, you will be asked to insert the code on the inside of your MagicBand. After this, you’ll be all set to start using your band!

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Magic Bands for Disney World FAQs

One of the commonly asked questions by visitors is, "Are MagicBands reusable?" Indeed, the MagicBand+ and MagicBand from Disney are designed to be reusable - a feature that offers both convenience and sustainability. So, if you've been pondering whether you can reuse your current MagicBand+ or MagicBand, the answer is a resounding yes.

If you have been wondering "Are MagicBands still free at Disney World?" then you should be aware that there has been a change in policy. As of now, MagicBands are no longer complimentary for Passholders or Disney Resort hotel Guests. While they can still be purchased, they are not included freely with these particular Disney benefits anymore.

How Will You Use Your Disney MagicBand?

With all of your questions answered, like “where can I buy magic bands Disney World” and “what are disney magicbands?” and a MagicBand on your wrist, you’ll be ready to explore the Disney parks all day (or week!). So whether you’re hitting the ever-popular Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or stocking up on souvenirs at all your favorite stores in Disney Springs, your band will take half the hassle out of your day. 

For the best deals on Disney World tickets, visit Tripster and let us weave some magic!

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